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Powerpoint Sample For Class

  1. 1. The Lakota Sioux Nation A Social Studies Presentation Created by Mr. Curry’s 5 th Grade Vinci Park School
  2. 2. The Dakota Sioux lived in the flat open prairie of what is now Nebraska and South and North Dakota . The Environment of the Lakota Sioux Their environment is composed of hard rock soil with long cold winters and long dry summers. There are vast grasslands on which the bison (also known as buffalo) would graze.
  3. 3. Way of Life The Lakota Sioux depended almost completely upon the bison (buffalo) for survival. They were a nomadic tribe from Spring to Autumn as the followed the herds of bison. In the winter time, they would return to their winter lodges. The men were the main hunters. The boys were taught hunting skills and eventually took their place. Men would also be the warriors when tribes fought wars against each other (often over hunting territory) or against the U.S. Army. Women were the gatherers of fruits, grain and wood. They also did much of the work of using all of the buffalo into food, clothing, shelter and tools and they were the ones who cared for the young.
  4. 4. Food The Sioux survived off of the hunting season’s meat and the other produce that was gathered. During the winter, they would eat dried buffalo meat and small game.
  5. 5. Clothing The Sioux would use animal skins to make clothes and shoes. They would use the guts of the bison to make thread to stitch the clothes together and shatp bones as needles.
  6. 6. Shelter Since the Dakota Sioux were nomads and followed the bison herds most of the year, they would sleep in tents that could easily be put up and taken down as they moved. The women would follow the hunters with the supplies and they would set up and break camp In winter, they lived in wooden lodges.
  7. 7. Sitting Bull Tribal Leaders Red Cloud Crazy Horse
  8. 8. Culture and Beliefs The Sioux believed in the spirits of nature. They depended upon the elements of nature for survival and that was a large part of their belief system. Much of their art shows symbols of that belief system.
  9. 9. Conclusion Much of the Lakota Sioux way of life was based upon their survival on the prairie which was not great for farming. Instead, they depended upon hunting, especially of the bison for their survival.
  10. 10. Bibliography Webshots www.webshots.com I got images of Sioux scenery and art Bigchalk www.bigchalk.com I got information about the Sioux World Book Online 2000 World Book, Inc http://worldbook.bigchalk.com/512040.htm I got the background on the Sioux tribes