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Group Writings (Native American Tribes)

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Tribe writings

  1. 1. Native American Tribes of the United States Written by: Mrs. J’s 5th Grade Class 2011
  2. 2. Eastern Woodlands Written by Jeremy, Nicole & Makayla The Eastern Woodlands lived in homes and clothing made to fit the climate werethey live. They lived in the southern climates, people built houses without walls. These homeshad just a roof for shade and it help to protect them from rain. People made light clothing wovenfrom grass and other things to wear into the hot weather. Farther north, the American Indiantribes needed protection from the cold and they wore clothing made from deerskin. TheHauennosaunee also know as the Iroquois built longhouses for shelter. Most Eastern Woodlands Indians were farmers. They cleared fields and the foresttrees by burning the area. They planted crops between the trees stumps. Their main crops werecorn, beans and squash also known as the “Three Sisters.” Some woodland indians grew thesethree plants together. When the corn stalks grew they would help to support the vines of the beanplants. The shade from the squash leaves would help to kept the weeds from spreading. The Eastern Woodlands tribes were located on the east side of America by theAtlantic Ocean. Their villages were located on hills and grasslands so they were able to planttheir food. There were some tribes located close to swamps. They had close allies in the PlainsIndian tribes.
  3. 3. Northwest Coast Written by Jocelynn, Thomas & Vernon The Northwest Coast tribes lived in the northwest coastal area. This area rangedfrom Alaska to Northern California. They lived in plank houses made from cedar logs thathelped to frame the homes. The tribes primarily ate foods from the ocean which consisted of seals, sea lions,fish such as halibut, cod and flounder. One whale could feed a whole village for a month. Theywould also hunt during certain times of the year. They would hunt deer, bison, elk andsometimes bear. Every part of the animals were used. They would eat all of the meat and thenthe rest was used to make clothes out of the animal hides and the bones were used to makejewelry. For entertainment the tribes would have potlatches. Potlatches are importantcelebrations. They would be performed with the marriage of a chief or when a new chief waschosen.
  4. 4. The Plains Indians Written by Payton, Kaitlynn & Justin The Plains Indian tribes lived in earth lodges. The earth lodges were made out ofbark, earth and grass. Earth lodges protected people from cold and stormy weather. With theanimals the Plains people hunted and killed, they would make designs to put on their house. Theearth lodges were built similar to wigwams but are much bigger in size. Mats and wood screensdivided the long houses into separate rooms. Each house would hold an entire clan, as many as60 people. The great plains are located in the center of North America. The plains stretchfrom the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and from Texas to Canada. The dry land ofthe western plains made farming different than other tribes. The Plains Indian tribes would farm in the spring and fall. They were able tofarm because they had good rainfall in these seasons. They also hunted buffalo in the summerand winter because these seasons were not the best times to farm. They would leave their homesto go and hunt buffalo to help feed their families. For entertainment, they would play a gamecalled shinny. Shinny is a game with two teams and the goal is to get the ball past the otherteams goal posts, almost like soccer.
  5. 5. The Great Eastern Woodlands Written by Isabell, Bryce & Samantha The Eastern Woodlands Indians lived in the eastern part of the United States.There it had hills, mountains, plains and valleys. These areas got plenty of rain creating a smallrainforest. This rainforest was known as the Eastern Woodlands. It once stretched from theAtlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River and from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes. Thewoodlands were made up of cedar, oak, maple, pine and birch trees. These Eastern Woodlands people ate mostly crops. They would clear the forest bysetting the forest on fire. Corn, beans and squash were some of the crops that they would growtogether. They would plant the squash in shaded areas to help keep weeds from growing. SomeEastern Woodlands people also hunted deer, bears and rabbits for food. They would make syrupfrom the sap of trees and they found and planted wild rice. As part of their entertainment, the Indians would make rattles from deer toes. Fordances and celebrations, they would make masks from clay and tie their legs together when theywould dance. Most of the celebrations were to help celebrate marriages.
  6. 6. Southwest Indians Written by Juanta, Nick & Brittany The early Hopi tribes used irrigation to grow beans, squash and corn. Corn wastheir most important crop and was part of every meal The Hopi grew yellow, blue, red andwhite corn. They grew enough to last the whole year and they would keep it in storage in roomsin their pueblos. The very first Southwest tribes hunted mammoths until they became extinct.Then they began to hunt buffalo as well as collecting wild plants for food. The Southwest Indian tribes entertainment was to make different things out ofclay. The Hopi tribes would make pots, jewelry and items they needed by hand. The modernday Hopi tribes still have ceremonies and dances to celebrate important events. Ceremonies arespecial events that let the people express their beliefs. They would have dances to ask their godsfor a good harvest and for good food. Their homes were made out of sticks, stones and clay. The clay was called adobe.They would build their homes on the top of steep mesas.
  7. 7. The Northwest Pacific Indians Written by Jakob & Davante The Northwest Pacific Indians lived in large houses. The materials that they usedto build their homes were boards cut from cedar trees. In the spring and summer, thousands offish would fill the streams. During these months the Indians caught so many extra salmon thatthey dried and ate it all year long. Dried salmon was part of everyone’s diet but it was not theironly food. They also ate shellfish, whales and seals. In the forest, they gathered berries and fernroots along with hunting deer, elk and bear. The way they would celebrate was by having a potlatch. A potlatch is a type ofcelebration or formal ceremony. Some of the reasons why they would have a potlatch was thedeath of a chief, marriage of a chief and other important events in their chiefs life.
  8. 8. The Plains Indians Written by: Michael, Lilly & Josh The location were the Plains Indians lived was a very large piece of property.They all lived in teepees on their large land. Hunting was the main way they got food for theirtribe. They had great weapons and surroundings that would allow them to hide while theyhunted for food. Their main form of shelter was a teepee. They were made out of the skins fromthe buffalos. The teepees were made to be able to be carried easily and transport if needed. Thetop of teepees were open and that would let the smoke from their fires escape along with allowingthe fresh air to come in. Since their main source of food was the buffalo they used all parts of the animal.They used the meat for food, the skin for clothing and teepees and their bones for weapons andjewelry. They did not waste any part of the buffalo.
  9. 9. The Northwest Tribes Written by: Darine The Pacific Northwest was a coastal area that stretched from Alaska to NorthernCalifornia. The region is bordered by mountains to the wast and ocean to the west. Thecoastline had island and bays and the thick forest covered most of the land. Several AmericanIndian groups lived in this region when Europeans first came to North America. Many still livethere today. In spring and summer, thousands of these fish filled the streams. During thesemonths the Indians caught so much extra salmon that they dried and ate it all year long. Driedsalmon was a large part of everyone diet but it was not their only food. Northwest Indians, alsoate shellfish, whales and seals. In the forests, they gathered berries and fern roots along withhunting geese, deer, elk and bears. The Northwest Indians built large houses using boards cut from cedar or sprucetrees and they would decorate it with special carvings. Families held potlatches to celebrateimportant events such as a marriage or the building of a house. A potlatch was a large feast thatcould last for several days. At a potlatch, the host served huge amounts of food and gavevaluable gifts to the guests. At times the potlatches were like competitions. Families would try togive the largest and most expensive potlatches to show their wealth.