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  1. 1. Northwest Native Americans Plateau Tribes
  2. 2. Culture The Plateau Indians worshiped Puha as their god.They also thought that shaman another god would heel them.The lapwa culture thought that many gods would give them strength or power over all the world.The games they played were the stick game,racing horses,diving and tossing beaver teeth.Wyakin was there god to them .
  3. 3. Celebrations / Holidays In the beginning of winter , the smaller tribes regrouped for the winter camps. These camps were located by rivers lakes and streams witch could pay for water and shelter. Most of winter was spent watching ceremonies, visiting and trading things of high expense to show how much money they have.The search for a guardian spirit began when a child reaches the age of puberty.The salish word for guardian spirit is “sunmesh.” The plateau people decorated their cloths and fathered head dresses for celebrations and holidays. The time ball was a calendar in memory of events and happenings were recorded with knots and beads.
  4. 4. Housing The Native Americans had two houses one was called a pit house and the other was called earth loges. Well the pit houses were for in the winter and sometimes they used buffalo for their houses.Also in the pit houses they also dug shelter for old people and kids. Now they had earth loges for the summer and also they used woven mats on a frame.Also in the summer plateau people would make there houses out of framework and slender poles. Also sometimes their house were 15 wide and 60 feet long. Also some mats were for certain house hold needs. The poles they used were flat on the bottum and a small opening at the top. Some of their houses were made out of willows, reeds, grasses, and mud.
  5. 5. Names of tribes Some of the Native Americans that lived in Washington and on the plateau were the Palouse tribe, the Kalispel Tribe, the Spokane Tribe, the Klickitat Tribe, the Modoc Tribe, the Nez Perce Tribe, the Sanpoil Tribe, the Coeur d’ Alene Tribe, the Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribe, the Colville Tribe, the Yakima Tribe,the Cayuse Tribe,the Klamath Tribe,the Amatila, Tribe,the Walla Walla Tribe, and the Kootenai Tribe. One of the people in one tribe A women from another tribe
  6. 6. Food The Native Americans had a hard time finding food.They gathered food in the old way.They traveled over the mountains to gather food.Root and berries which we gather for our family needs.They stored foods such as roots,nuts,berries,fish and meats.Brown camas ( an onion like root) was eaten whole or cooked with meat or fish.White camas was ground up for flour.
  7. 7. lands Lands Lands for the plateau only went to the Cascade Mountain to the Columbia River. Land was clamed by Yakima's was 10.8 million areas . The lands were used by plateau Indians four hunting. Eastern washing ton was home of the plateau people. Plateau people had rots,barreys ,fish,dear,elk,and also antelope . The plateau people only toke from thar lands.
  8. 8. Celebrations/Holidays The Plateau Native Americans had ceremonies and holidays such as deaths, new-born and reaching the age of puberty.At the parties they would decorate their clothes and make headdresses.The search for a guardian spirit began when a child reaches the age of puberty.When a child reaches puberty it is said that the boy becomes a man.The salish word for guardian spirit is ‘’Sunmesh’’.Some celebrations have two tribes come together and socialize with each other called ‘’Pow Wows’’.Also berry picking and root digging was apart of celebrations.Tribes would join other tribes in one general area.They also made Ti-pi’s ‘’Tee-Pee’s’’ for a big part of holidays.And at every birth they would give the new-born a strange name.Sometimes at celebrations they would tell stories
  9. 9. Like Storm boy and Raven.They also decorated they’re horses too.So that was it bye. Oh yeah The End. www.spokane
  10. 10. Culture The plateau Native Americans play the stick game other rations included of throwing stakes, racing horses, diving and hosing bearer tooth ore bone dice.They work i0n order not to lose their work if they did not work in order they would lose their work so they work in order all the time they did not get that much money so they wore poor .
  11. 11. clothing During the winter they wore buffalo, elk, and deer skins. And they wore moccasins,with fur in winter.they got leather shoes from the animals that they killed.Puget sound women made their own yarn for weaving and had looms which were made of wood. The plateau people made blankets out of animal fur.In the winter they wore moccasins.