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  • 1. What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process ofconstructing this product?
  • 2. LaptopMy home laptop was very useful in working on my courseworkfrom home. I am able to work on documents which are formattedon word, PowerPoint or generally writing on my blog. I can notwork on my documents that are on InDesign due to the fact I donot own the InDesign software. Tweaking my coursework fromhome also enabled me to get rid of any faults in my coursework.
  • 3. Memory stickMy memory stick was used to transfer my schoowork to my home laptop to enable me tocomplete coursework at home.
  • 4. CameraMy camera was used to take pictures for my FC, CP andDPS. It was also used for taking picture o my locationrecess and for my constant reference .My camera waseven used for parts of my final evaluation.
  • 5. BloggerFor my project I used blogger to present mywork in a professional way. I uploaded all mywork in an specific order to make sure it flowedin chronological order.
  • 6. Slide ShareSlide share was a new website which enabled me to upload andpresent my PowerPoint onto my blog by uploading it to myaccount of slide share and then copying the URL onto my blog.This was a very important website for me as it enabled me to notprint screen each individual PowerPoint slide and instead uploadthe whole PowerPoint.
  • 7. InDesignInDesign was a program that I had had a smallamount of experience with previouslyhowever I did have to re learn many of theskills to use on creating my mock up and finalFC,CP and DPS.
  • 8. WordWord is a simple text writingprogram which I used to writemy feedbacks, evaluations andother documentation whichneeded simple text.
  • 9. Power PointPowerPoint is a presentation softwarewhich I can present a range of documentsand information .This was used to presentmy front cover, content page and doublepage spread analysis, due to this easymovement and editing of the text boxesand pictures
  • 10. ConclusionOverall I have developed my skills of technologybuy learning how to use new programs andusing ones I had previous experience with. Thecoursework has enabled me to use myknowledge of technology and apply it to arealistic situation ( Magazine).