Prometheus marking campaign


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Prometheus marking campaign

  1. 1. Prometheus Marking Campaign Matt Mosey
  2. 2. Introduction Prometheus being a SI-FI film attracts a large number of a specific audience. Film experts and enthusiasts are often mainly interested in Si-Fi films, therefore this film is very popular among people who are likely to participate in activities and marketing outside of watching the film itself. The director of the film Ridley Scott is also very famous among the si-fi fans due to his earlier making of the film Alien which became very popular among people in the si-fi community due to its marketing campaigns and the level of special effects it ad for its time in the 1970s. Ridley Scott also director blade runner which again has a similar affect on the fans of si-fi films.
  3. 3. First stages The first stages were the most basic ones that most films use which involved releasing sneak preview pictures of the film and the back sets of the film. However, for Prometheus ones these have been released more were leaked onto the internet and fans got a little look at how the film is being made and what kind of style certain aspects of the film are.
  4. 4. Later stages After the premier of the film fans were handed business cards with a web address on them. This gave the fans a detailed look into the corporation which plays a massive part in the film. Most dedicated fans were given the web address first ( ones who attended the extended trailer premier) and then later the web address was released to the rest of the public.
  5. 5. Uunvieling The big push for the film came with the viral spreading of the extended trailer at WonderCon. As the trailer finished, underneath the credits, text reading was shown. The site reveals a password protected home screen that has been the subject of intense debate over at the films official Facebook page. This vies the fan community something to debate and talk about. The sense of community is important for fans because they feel like they are getting more out of the film than jus the film itself; they are also being part of a community.
  6. 6. Further stages While the passcode was trying to be decoded by the fans on the Facebook page, more and more hints and tips were being given by status update by the makers on the film on Facebook. The statues gained a huge number of comments and likes and again started large debates that continued for hours about how to crack the code and how to enter the site.
  7. 7. Why are marketing campaigns useful? The more time and thoughts that the audience spend on the film the more important it comes to them. Therefore they are much more likely to go and see the film after the marketing campaign, the marketing campaign also sets up a easily relationship between the audience and the film itself.