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At the Digital Media Dinners you will learn hands on, tactical tips on how to implement and incorporate social media into your marketing strategy immediately. You will walk away with implementable knowledge on how to get started, strategies for building a strong community for your brand, no matter how big or small, and ultimately how to convert your community into evangelists for your business.

This first event will focus on the two most popular networks, Facebook and Twitter. Social Media Strategist and Consultant Melodie Tao will give an educational presentation on how to get started on these networks. This will be followed by a panel discussion with prominent business owners and marketing executives successfully using social media for their business or organization. The panelists will provide insight on how their business/organization is excelling through social media. The event will then conclude with audience Q&A.

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Digital Media Dinners- Facebook & Twitter for Business

  1. 1. Digital Media Dinners: Facebook & Twitter for Business Tuesday Nov. 9th, 2010 Jasmine Seafood Restaurant, San Diego, CA
  2. 2. Professional: •My company: Marketing Melodie  Social Media Strategist, Speaker & Educator • Marketing Instructor  Platt College San Diego Background: •Interactive marketing : Radio, outdoor, events, promotions •Online agency experience •Featured speaker at National & International marketing and online conferences/events Expertise: •Community Building •Brand Development Location: •San Diego, California About Melodie Tao If tweeting about the event My Twitter handle is: @MyMelodie Event Hashtag #DMDinner1
  3. 3. Getting Started in Social Media
  4. 4. Social Media Monitoring Social Media monitoring is the first step in creating an effective Social Media Strategy. It’s important to LISTEN and LEARN about your consumers needs and concerns before diving into social media: • Educates you on what questions and concerns your consumers have about your business • Provides you with knowledge to lead conversations • Allows you to locate and reach out to bloggers and industry leaders who are creating buzz around your industry • Empowers you with information to customize content that is engaging, compelling and educational for your audience.
  5. 5. Social Media Strategy Social Media is a long term engagement. This ensures an ongoing strategy with campaigns and promotions working toward the overall marketing goals. A solid strategy is the foundation for success. After listening to your audience there are still things to consider when creating your Social Media Strategy: • Consistently post useful tips • Be an industry leader status by writing relevant articles and blogs • Ask your community questions that prompt replies and encourage user generated content • Create buzz through strategic promotions • Overall strategy- With the continued changing landscape in social media your strategy must constantly be reviewed and modified to meet the needs of the consumer
  6. 6. Social Media Design & Setup Your Social Media design will strengthen your brand recognition around the web. It’s important that your business is branding itself consistently throughout all networks. • Design elements are consistent with the look and feel of your website • Design elements drive traffic back to your original website/blog to increase conversion • Design elements encourage and prompt user generated content and participation • Cross promotion of your other networks, blogs, websites, etc
  7. 7. Social Media Promotions Social Media promotions will create buzz and provide value to your consumers. The following are social media promotional ideas: • Contests that give away cash/gift card prizes • Contests that request consumers to submit photos and videos on a specific topic regarding your business (user generated content) • A charity campaign that results in your company donating money by users participating. allowing the winner to donate money to their charity of chose • Blogger outreach by rewarding bloggers for their contribution
  8. 8. Facebook
  9. 9. When reaching out to consumers through Facebook your interaction should be personal. Think about how individuals you’re targeting will benefit from using your products or service. To run a Facebook business page, you must have a personal account. Examples on how to personalize your Facebook interaction: • Photos of employees in casual office settings or facilities • Photos of employees and customers interacting. • Trade show photos • Photos of employees working on community service projects • Company executives speaking, accepting awards, etc • Favorites of resellers or channel partners • Articles about industry news • Status updates with tips Facebook Page for Business
  10. 10. Default Tabs Application TabsFBML Tabs Facebook Page Tabs Facebook is one of the most flexible networks for customization. Although it does not accept all codes, a maximum of 6 tabs can be viewed and many customized • Recommended all 6 be visible and optimized to serve your audience • Application tabs allow 3rd party programs such as YouTube • FBML tabs (Facebook Markup Language)- Developed and designed to match your audience’s needs • To change your page’s tabs add FBML application to your page. Then, go to your page manager, find the FBML tab and click ‘edit’. Within the box that opens, you will be able to change the tab name and add code
  11. 11. Facebook Page Welcome • Have a landing/ welcome page for new visitors to see and experience first. Set this up in your admin page • People who are already fans of your page, will see the “wall” first when they enter the page • The welcome page is an informational page for new visitors that should provide an incentive for joining
  12. 12. Your custom Facebook page should be designed to educate your audience on important matters about your industry, and build relationships that lead to your Facebook audience to convert to customers • Review, define, and improve content organization of the tab structure. •Review, define, and improve content layout of the various page types under each tab. •Branding of Fan Page assets (images, placement, multimedia) that appeal to the intended target audience. •Editorial review, widget creation and/or refinement of content used throughout the Page. Facebook Page Customization Cisco incorporates videos into their Facebook Page
  13. 13. Customization (Example) • International Delight understands that drinking coffee is an expensive habit • They understand many consumers want to save money • They customized their page to provide an interactive calculator to show your savings • Savings is something that fans want and appreciate
  14. 14. • Your profile photo for your page can be as large as 200 x 600 pixels. • A larger picture offers more visibility. You can include a logo or promotional banner • Preview ideas to decide what’s best for your goals • Important to have your name displayed in the thumbnail (200px by 200px) because this icon is your brand image on Facebook comments and posts. Facebook Page Profile Photo
  15. 15. Facebook Privacy Settings • Create lists • Sort new friends as you add them • Customize who can view your wall post • Account > Privacy Settings > Search • Account > Privacy Settings > Applications and Websites > What your friends can share about you
  16. 16. Twitter
  17. 17. • In what subject matter do you want to be an expert? • What type of resource are you?  Customer service?  News?  Industry specific? • How do you plan to measure success?  Set a standard for success indicators and be specific: Coupon code, traffic on website  Twitter specific promotions  Analytics through URL shorteners  Track #hashtags • Create your tweet schedule  Plan ahead for a tactical approach Establish Your Goals
  18. 18. • Follow established people in your industry to gain insight on how others are utilizing Twitter for their business  User Directories   • Follow people creating buzz and tweeting about your area of expertise  Use Twitter Search  Set up Search alerts on Hootsuite, etc Follow Strategy
  19. 19. • Listen to the conversations  Reply to people with insights/questions about your subject matter with valuable information  ReTweet from other subject matter experts • Tactics  Use keywords in your replies so they come up in searches  Ask open ended questions that prompt replies  Create interactive promotions Interaction Strategy
  20. 20. Case Study 1: @theedatingcoach Subject Matter Expert: Dating Professional Dating Coach working with people on how to enhance their dating techniques and maximize their dating opportunities •Success indicators:  Number of people who hire DeAnna as their dating coach through Twitter Number of people who contact DeAnna for media opportunities through Twitter •Here’s how DeAnna uses Twitter…
  21. 21. Case Study 1: @theedatingcoach Subject Matter Expert: Dating Interactive Promotion Useful Tips Question that prompts replies
  22. 22. Twitter Background & Profile Twitter is a great platform to syndicate all of your content including new blogs, activity on Facebook, promotions, etc. • Allows you to provide real time information about your industry • Builds trust and authority with constant stream of relevant information. • Setting up your profile properly is important so you will be found by those searching for your industry • A custom Twitter background is important to strengthen the credibility of your brand and cross promote your other networks.
  23. 23. Twitter Page Customization Your custom Twitter page will be designed so it connects your followers to all of your other networks. • Sizing: Always best to design for the largest resolution monitor people will be using. 2560x1600 the largest, at least 1920x1200 will work • Set up bio so it’s keyword focused • Brand the background to include logo website, blog and social media information to cross promote your other networks/blogs/website • Create customized Twitter lists with Twitter accounts that are relevant for your followers to follow ie: Employee lists, partner list, resource list • Souplantation has a great example of a design that promotes that blog, website and Facebook, with images that relate to their restaurant
  24. 24. Twitter Page Example Image has logo and connects to other networks
  25. 25. Thank You If tweeting about the event My Twitter handle is: @MyMelodie Event Hashtag #DMDinner1