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Social Media Strategy for Your B2B Business - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn


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A thorough presentation on using social media and designing an effective profile by Astek employee's John Armstrong and Rachel Yeomans. It contains advice for businesses to save time and money on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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Social Media Strategy for Your B2B Business - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

  1. 1. Social Media: For Your Business Rachel Yeomans - @rachelyeomans John Armstrong - @johnequatro Astek - @astekweb
  2. 2. Basic Themes and Theories LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Google+ Tools Measurement / Analysis
  3. 3. Social media is… FREE
  4. 4. Time is money… “I keep my mind on my money, my money on my mind.”
  5. 5. “Where did the day go?” • Information research • Image and video creation • Reading articles • Reading community posts • Getting approval from the boss • Writing and publishing posts • Replying to your community
  6. 6. Time Savers • Technology and tools • A schedule • Content strategy • Attainable goals • Interns Still, like a good crème brulée, good social media takes time.
  7. 7. Clever promotion is primarily how businesses make money on social media. B2B social media is a top-of-funnel channel through which you offer value to, and converse with, a customer.
  8. 8. Let’s repeat… Social media is only useful if you’re having a Hint: I couldn’t make that font any bigger… way conversation.
  9. 9. An apple a day… …keeps your audience from dwindling away. •Consistency sets expectations of value •Brings customers back on their own volition •Reduces the need for promotion •Less promotion leaves room for more value •Makes important promotions MORE POWERFUL
  10. 10. Otherwise…
  11. 11. Focus, Focus, Focus Choose the most relevant platform and… master it. •Practice takes time •Time builds experience •Experience builds confidence •Confidence breeds authenticity •Authenticity builds audiences •Audiences buy stuff
  12. 12. Let’s get started…
  13. 13. LinkedIn
  14. 14. Why LinkedIn is Important Personal Branding: • An optimized profile means optimized Google results • Stand out among others in your field • Show you’re an “expert” - Recommendations - Group and Discussion Involvement Result: The next time someone searches using industry keywords, they find YOU – and when they find you, they’ll be impressed.
  15. 15. Why LinkedIn is Important • Networking – People use LinkedIn for professional growth & development. They are looking for you! – More importantly, you may be looking for them and their connections as well. • Result 1: – Search – Connect – Enforce Relationships • Result 2: – Existing Connections – Introductions
  16. 16. Why LinkedIn is Important
  17. 17. Why LinkedIn is Important • Education – LinkedIn boasts the largest professional Question and Answer forum – Ask questions and get them answered – Answer questions and become recognized • Result: – When your connections receive their LinkedIn Activity emails, you’ll be near the top above everyone else, therefore reminding them of you and your business
  18. 18. The Profile Makeover
  19. 19. Your Headline
  20. 20. Personalization
  21. 21. Contact Info Choose “Other” for websites to label them properly!
  22. 22. Fill Everything Out • Keywords, keywords, keywords!
  23. 23. Sections Skills & Expertise: List them! Choose specific phrases that people would actually search for and understand… Avoid duplicates or closely related-terms.
  24. 24. The Order of Things • Summary • Contact Info: Twitter, Blogs, Business Websites • Choose Skills & Expertise • PDF, whitepapers for any job you’ve held • Video that shows your expertise or projects • Publications (if applicable) • Experience • Volunteer Experience & Causes (if applicable) • Recommendations • Education • Additional Information • Personal Information • Patents
  25. 25. The Routine of Things • Update your status daily • Post and/or comment in at least one group daily • Ask for recommendations after every project • Write recommendations for others (reciprocate)
  26. 26. To-Do List • Update your headline • Personalize your website/contact information • Personalize your LinkedIn URL • Fill in your Profile • Ask for recommendations
  27. 27. Time Management
  28. 28. Yes, You Do Have Time… • All it takes is 10 minutes – 5 minutes: Post one Profile status update – 5 minutes: • Comment on one Group Discussion post • Post one Group Discussion post • Like someone’s post or comment on it
  29. 29. Status Updates
  30. 30. Status Updates • Links to informative industry articles • Links to your business’ blog • Opinions/questions about a work topic • Breaking news of any kind • Business Thank Yous • Links to press about your company Well thought out opinions are powerful avenues to credibility and awareness!
  31. 31. Status Updates •Place the link URL in the status box •Edit the website description that appears below (if needed) •Delete the URL in the status box. •Write your own thoughts in the status box •Hit “Enter”
  32. 32. Groups
  33. 33. LinkedIn Groups • Extend relationships with existing network – Alumni group, Association, Company, or Non-Profits • Gain Awareness and Credibility – Offer knowledgeable opinions – Start an important discussion – Comment on and Like good posts – Use one-on-one networking opportunities • Reply privately Above all, provide value to an audience.
  34. 34. Groups Use the dropdown menu to… - Find your groups - Create a new group You can find existing groups to join in the search field.
  35. 35. Example Group: eMarketing Association Network
  36. 36. Search It’s a powerful function that allows you search LinkedIn’s 200,000,000 profiles by: • Job titles • Industry keyword • Name • School • Company • Groups • Email contacts • Relationship • Company • Location • Past Company • Groups • Years of Experience • Degree • Interested In…
  37. 37. LinkedInQuestions?
  38. 38. Impact! There’s 1.2 billion people on Facebook… Beat through the noise!
  39. 39. Your Strategy / Goals What immediate actions do you want from your audience? Who is your audience? What do they want? VALUE. • Example – A Restaurant – Stronger brand relationship • Yummy imagery • Casual conversation • Community connection – Coupon use – Share with friends
  40. 40. Your Strategy / Goals • Example – A Roofing Contractor – Gain Trust • Employee Stories – Return often for info • Post Articles/Papers – Consider referrals • Tag collaborators • Converse with others
  41. 41. Your Profile: Cover Image Emotional – Impact – Bold – Direct – Simple Value added – Relevant – Accessible It’s the most impressionable element on your page – use it wisely.
  42. 42. Another Example accessible – supportive – family – warm experts – valuable – inviting - understanding Facebook goal: To be a supportive communication channel for patients
  43. 43. Your Profile: Logo • It’s square! • Because the logo is place over the cover image, the cover image must be designed with it (and its colors) in mind • It doesn’t have to be your logo!
  44. 44. Your Profile: About
  45. 45. Your Profile: Milestones • Tell your company’s story…
  46. 46. Your Profile: Apps/Links This blurb is limited to 200 characters, and an important block of text. Place contact info here as well. These are customizable images and links: • Photos is a fixed element • The second box is a custom app for a contest • Other social links are a popular use • Can have up to 9 apps/links
  47. 47. Nutz-n-Bolts… Content Strategy! • What’s your goal? – Personalize your company: Accessibility/Trust • Employee events • Inter-office activities • Blog articles from employees • Business mentions from the nearby community • What’s for lunch? • Who’s at the ballgame? • A review of a play that stars the HR assistant • What’s playing on the radio? • Funny memo titles • What does Kevin’s hat say today?
  48. 48. Nutz-n-Bolts… Content Strategy! • What’s your goal? – Be a Resource: Thought Leadership • Post from conferences • Blog articles about the industry • Links to partners and colleagues information • Breaking news in the industry • What newsletter are we ready today? • Share posts from other industry accounts • Comment on other organizations’ posts • Case studies • Professional materials
  49. 49. Nutz-n-Bolts… Content Strategy! • What’s your goal? – Entertain: Humanize and build a unique voice • Industry jokes • Funny, but relevant videos • “Thoughts From the Water Cooler” • Best office vacation photos • “Caption that Photo” • Odd signs from the delivery route • Sarcasm and snark in small doses can win the day
  50. 50. Nutz-n-Bolts… Content Strategy! • What’s your goal? – Promotion: Careful now… • It must be couched in value! – Entertainment – Employee/office news – Impactful imagery – Insightful – Storytelling • Remember, don’t be Waldo… Please.
  51. 51. EdgeRank Your page is secretly ranked by Facebook to determine its value to the internet. Your ranking determines HOW MANY PEOPLE see your posts.
  52. 52. Great Posts:
  53. 53. Great Posts:
  54. 54. Great Posts:
  55. 55. Great Posts:
  56. 56. Great Posts:
  57. 57. Great Posts:
  58. 58. FacebookQuestions?
  59. 59. Before We Begin… Traditional Marketing Public Relations Editorial Social Media
  60. 60. Set Your Expectations…
  61. 61. With That Being Said… • 37% of Twitter followers are more likely to convert to being a customer upon following a brand account • Compare that to 27% of email subscribers & 17% of Facebook followers Twitter Followers are the Top Brand Purchasers • 33% of Twitter followers recommend brands they follow • Compare that to 24% for email and 21% for Facebook Twitter Followers are also Top Brand Supporters • Information! • 38% of Twitter followers want information about upcoming products • 31% want information about your company & industry What Twitter Followers Want from You
  62. 62. Twitter for Business is: A marketing funnel with bite!
  63. 63. Now Let’s Get To It… Set-Up Tools Speaking Twitter Be…Be…Be Influential “ROI”
  64. 64. Set-Up
  65. 65. The Process Create a Twitter Account Update Your Settings Make It Pretty
  66. 66. The Process
  67. 67. The Process
  68. 68. The Process
  69. 69. The Process
  70. 70. The Process
  71. 71. The Process
  72. 72. The Process
  73. 73. The Dimensions Profile: 500x500 73x73 48x48 31x31 Header: 1252x626 Background: 1600x1200 2560x1600
  74. 74. The Process
  75. 75. The Process
  76. 76. The Process Password Reset Where in the world is… Don’t protect your tweets How can Twitter contact you
  77. 77. The Process Think securely! Attach mobile phone option Need current password
  78. 78. The Process Download the app Text to tweet Password reset option
  79. 79. The Process Check accordingly Uncheck Uncheck
  80. 80. The Process Header Website Location NO FACEBOOK!!!!
  81. 81. The Process …or make your own! Pick your background…
  82. 82. Speaking Twitter
  83. 83. Twitter Language 101 Term Definition @ Account Handle (@AstekWeb) # Hashtag Reply To respond to the individual who posted that tweet RT To repost/quote an entire tweet to your audience DM To send a private message to an individual on Twitter Follow You subscribe to have this Twitter user’s tweets show up in your Twitter feed
  84. 84. Twitter Language 101 Term Definition Lists You can add a Twitter user’s tweets to a public or private Twitter list (Examples: Friends, Colleagues, Competitors, Clients, Food, Fashion…) Favorite You can mark a tweet as a Favorite; that user sees a notification that you Favorited the tweet This. A Twitter term that emphasizes that the article or link included in the tweet is a “must read” MT An RT that has been edited (usually due to character length
  85. 85. Yes coffee IS healthy; @NYTimes says so! RT @FitzTheCat: Dear Mom, thanks for the new cat tower. But I find your head to be a much more comfortable nap space Attention #Chicago Brown Line riders! MT @WBEZ: Train derailed at Armitage brown line. No trains going 2 Loop. Shuttle buses from Belmont Hey #RockinEvent2013 attendees – no Starbucks line at the South Corridor. RUN!
  86. 86. Twitter Baby Steps 1. Listen 2. Retweet (ideally with a comment) 3. Share 4. Post
  87. 87. TwitterQuestions & Answers?
  88. 88. Why? • Fast growing platform • Google runs the world • Communities • Beautiful images • Savvy users • Google reviews • Google Hangouts • Super easy to use • Authorship
  89. 89. What is it? • Posting process is like Facebook • No ads, better interface and less settings • You reach ALL of your followers (circles)
  90. 90. Strategy • Content strategy is similar to Facebook • The tone is a balance of LinkedIn and FB • Audience is more likely to engage with a industry content • Industry conversations are easier to find • Consumers are not yet on the platform in mass (many are online less than one hr/week. • Highly visual platform • Top-of-funnel platform – difficult lead-gen
  91. 91. Posting +1s are “likes” in Google+ They are not related to SEO, but soon could be.
  92. 92. Events
  93. 93. Circles
  94. 94. Communities
  95. 95. Communities •Forums are by invite or open to the public •Well-policed for blatant link promotion •Used for conversation •Authenticity is important •Post as an individual instead of a company: “+Pat Kopeki, John here from Astek, I totally agree that the discussion regarding online lead-generation starts with the user-experience. When we analyze websites for improvements, we look at how the layout and content is directing our attention. That path should be obvious, simple to follow and driven by one or two overall marketing goals.”
  96. 96. Reviews
  97. 97. Hangouts • Easy video conferencing and recording for 10 people • Live stream it to anyone • Easy to invite others to join a conference • Send files, media and text mid- call
  98. 98. Google Authorship It’s a bit complicated initially to set up, but… If you install an Authorship plugin or code in your blog and connect it to your Google Plus personal page, the more articles you write, the more likelihood that your articles will appear higher in search results. It’s Google’s way to measure your online influence. Find more at
  99. 99. Profile Setup • Cover Image (needs to be very large) • Logo • About sections • Contact • Links • Choose a brand page (for many offices) • Choose a business page (for one location) • It must connect to a personal Google+ account • So create faux personal account for businesses • Many Google products will be attached to this account
  100. 100. About
  101. 101. Other Tid-Bits
  102. 102. G+Questions & Answers?
  103. 103. Tools
  104. 104. Your Social Arsenal…
  105. 105. Argyle or Sprout Argyle Sprout Social Entrepreneur – Small/Medium Business Medium/Large Business Best social posting integration One of the better social posting integrations Bookmarklet Bookmarklet Singular URL Works with Scheduling/Random Scheduler Scheduling/Random Scheduler Deep analytics dive Medium analytics Social listening confined to Twitter searches Social listening Conversion tracking No conversion tracking Not-so-pretty in-depth reports Pretty high-level reports Not cheap but high quality Cheap for the quality
  106. 106. “Analyze”
  107. 107. Measure: Tools/Software
  108. 108. Measure: Google Analytics
  109. 109. Measure: Facebook/Twitter
  110. 110. Be Accountable 1. What’s working? 2. What’s not? 3. What needs to be changed? 4. What are others doing? 5. Next steps
  111. 111. Oh Yes, and Have Fun!