Digital Media Dinners- How to Build Your Social Media Community


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Marketing Melodie presents the 3rd event in the DIGITAL MEDIA DINNERS series: How to Build Your Social Media Community

You already know your business “needs” to be on Social Media. You have accounts on all the major social networks. Now what? Now it’s time be social, connect with your customers, interact and get them engaged with your brand. But how? First you’ll need a community to drive your brand. Your community is your most important asset when it comes growing your business. At the 3rd Digital Media Dinners you’ll learn how to immediately begin building a community with your target customers on Social Media.

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Digital Media Dinners- How to Build Your Social Media Community

  1. 1. Presents:Digital Media DinnersHow to Build Your Social Media Community <br />Thursday July 14th, 2011<br />Nik Software Headquarters, San Diego, CA<br />If tweeting about the event My Twitter handle is: @MyMelodie<br />Event Hashtag: #DMD3<br />
  2. 2. About Melodie Tao<br />Professional: <br /><ul><li> My company: Marketing Melodie
  3. 3. Marketing Consultant, Speaker & Educator
  4. 4. Services: Consulting, Speaking, Workshops</li></ul>Background:<br /><ul><li> Traditional Media, Interactive marketing : Radio, outdoor advertising, events, promotions
  5. 5. Online/Digital agency experience (SEO, PPC)
  6. 6. Featured Marketing & Social Media Speaker at National & International conferences/events</li></ul>Expertise:<br /><ul><li>Marketing with Emphasis on Digital Technology, Social Media
  7. 7. Community Building
  8. 8. Brand Development</li></ul>Location:<br /><ul><li>San Diego, California</li></li></ul><li>How To Build Your Social Media Community Overview <br />GOAL: Learn how to immediately begin building a community with your target customers on Social Media. <br />I. Importance of Community on Social Media <br />II. Common questions asked Include:<br /><ul><li>How do I get people to “LIKE” my Facebook page?
  9. 9. How do I get more Twitter Followers?
  10. 10. How do I get positive reviews?
  11. 11. What is a Check In?
  12. 12. How is LinkedIn relevant to my Industry?</li></ul>Answers to these questions will give you insight on how to properly use these networks to build your community. <br />III. Q&A<br />If tweeting about the event My Twitter handle is: @MyMelodie<br />Event Hashtag: #DMD3<br />
  13. 13. Importance of Community on Social Media <br /><ul><li>Your community building begins with the process of deep respect and true LISTENING for the needs of your consumers (who make up your community).
  14. 14. Communities provide a sense of connectedness. When consumers feel connected to your brand, their experience becomes more personal.
  15. 15. A personal business transaction allows your customer to feel more comfortable and allows them to trust that they’re gaining something with their investment rather than losing money
  16. 16. Communities consist of leaders who by nature will share their experience with others. This is a foundation for developing loyal brand ambassadors and evangelists who essentially sell your products/services for you by sharing their experiences with others.
  17. 17. Sharing is amplified through Social Media </li></li></ul><li>How do I get people to “LIKE” my Facebook page?<br /><ul><li>ASK: How can I engage fans on my Facebook page?
  18. 18. Use a landing/welcome page that lets users know WHY they should like you
  19. 19. Post industry news and tips so you’re viewed as a resource
  20. 20. Ask questions that prompt comments. (Include questions on photos and articles you post)
  21. 21. Reply to comments and Wall Posts so others see you actively participating in your community </li></li></ul><li>How do I get more Twitter Followers?<br />ASK: How can I gain more active followers? (Quality of followers is more important than quantity)<br />Listen to conversations happening about your brand, industry and competitors<br /><ul><li>Reply to people with insights/questions with valuable information
  22. 22. ReTweet from others posting relevant information about your industry</li></ul>Post updates that are resourceful- Tips of the Day, How To Tips, Tips that teach your followers something important related to your industry <br />Post Tweets that mention others: Partners, Customers, etc, This shows that you’re activity engaging others in your community<br />Ask open ended questions that prompt replies prompting followers to share concerns or insights that may be resolved by using your products/services<br />Create interactive promotions that encourage followers to ReTweet your posts.<br />
  23. 23. How do I get positive reviews?<br />ASK: How can I encourage authentic reviews?<br /><ul><li>Customers are more likely to write good reviews if they positively identify with your brand and want to share their passion and enthusiasm with others
  24. 24. Can’t control what customers write about your business or force them to write a review but you can encourage them to write authentic reviews:
  25. 25. Include Review Links Everywhere- Add to email signature, post on social networks, include in actual store front (window clings)
  26. 26. Highlight positive reviews on other Social Networks- Post a positive review on Facebook, Tweet thank yous to reviewers, etc
  27. 27. Address reviewers concern- If reviewers have legitimate concerns send them a private message offering to help, apologize for their inconvenience, invite them to come back to your place of business.
  28. 28. Reward Reviewers- Send a thank you to the customer after their review. Offer a gift card or coupon to thank them for their loyalty.
  29. 29. Some review sites offer event listings- Great opportunity to invite reviewers to your place of business</li></li></ul><li>What is a Check In?<br /><ul><li>ASK: How can I grow my community through check ins on location based networks?
  30. 30. By “checking in” on a smartphone users share their location with friends providing a great opportunity for your business to be personally shared by
  31. 31. Businesses can offer “Check in” specials. Customers who go to venues that offer great specials are excited to share the specials with their friends providing you with exposure to a new audience.
  32. 32. Offering specials encourages people to come to your store front more.
  33. 33. Foursquare allows you to offer “Mayor Specials” valid for the most frequented customer, incentivicing people to come in more and compete for mayorship. </li></li></ul><li>What is a Check In? cont…<br /><ul><li>ASK: How can I grow my community through check ins on location based networks?
  34. 34. How to participate in Location Based Social Network:
  35. 35. Claim your business and ensure it’s listed and categorized properly
  36. 36. Provide real time incentives to your customers that are valuable so they want to share with friends
  37. 37. Provide incentives to the most loyal customers so it encourages people to return to your business</li></li></ul><li>Is LinkedIn Relevant to my business?<br /><ul><li>ASK: How can I use LinkedIn to gain exposure for my company?
  38. 38. LinkedIn Members can “Follow companies”
  39. 39. Since LinkedIn in a professional network, having a presence on here automatically provides you with more credibility to your community
  40. 40. Creating a Company Profile on LinkedIn
  41. 41. Click on the “Companies” Tab, then click “Add a Company”
  42. 42. You'll automatically be included in the company directory.
  43. 43. Describe your company in a few short sentences, select your industry, add your website and company info
  44. 44. Ask colleagues to list your company in their LinkedIn profile and make sure your profile is linked to your company
  45. 45. Opportunity to connect your company blog or news to update prospective customers and partners</li></li></ul><li>Is LinkedIn Relevant to my business? Cont…<br /><ul><li>ASK: How can I use LinkedIn to gain exposure for my company?
  46. 46. Business owners and employees who have personal LinkedIn Profiles are demonstrating that their company understands social media.
  47. 47. When potential customers or clients do their research for your company they will search for you on LinkedIn. This will give them a more personal connection and understanding of who they’re working with.
  48. 48. Individuals can utilize LinkedIn to promote your company’s accomplishments, events, blogs and news
  49. 49. You company will gain more credibility when people see LinkedIn recommendations on yours or your employee’s page
  50. 50. Great opportunity to give and receive recommendations from people you personally know in your community </li></li></ul><li>Thank You<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Google+:<br />If tweeting about the event My Twitter handle is: @MyMelodie<br />Event Hashtag: #DMD3<br />Jim Trotter: @SI_JimTrotter<br />Matt Browne: @mattsurfs<br />Megan Pogoda: @GoogleSanDiego<br />