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CoffeeScript - An Introduction
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CoffeeScript - An Introduction


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An interesting presentation for learning the language from very basic. It provides very good insight to the language. JavaScript is the only prerequisite. It comes with a lot of examples that helps to …

An interesting presentation for learning the language from very basic. It provides very good insight to the language. JavaScript is the only prerequisite. It comes with a lot of examples that helps to learn the basics very quickly. Here is the SkyDrive download link

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • name = “MSK”console.log name isnt “RK”console.log name is not “RK”
  • Transcript

    • 1. * SK Manvendra
    • 2. * Getting and running it * Variables * “Interpolation” and “““Heredocs””” * Statements * Functions and Splats… * Collections, Iterations and Comprehensions * Classes * Example app *
    • 3. * CoffeeScript is just compiled down JavaScript. * We can write JS the way it should be… * CS is just Syntactical Sugar for JS. JS = -> JavaScript CS = -> CoffeeScript However, CS is more than Syntactical Sugar * If you love JS, you’ll love CS… * Let’s get to know this… * This is becoming BUZZ WORD these days…
    • 4. * CS depends on Node.js environment to get installed. However CS doesn’t need Node.js to run on the machine. * How can I install the Node.js? * After node is installed, use NPM Perhaps, SUROOR’s blog may rescue you here… to install the CS. * npm install –g coffee-script Pay attention to “-g” * Node Package Manager
    • 5. * On command prompt type coffee. It will drop you in REPL mode. * Compile a file. * Compile a folder. * Putting output in Read Eval Print Loop coffee –c different folder. coffee –c src/ coffee –c src/ -o lib/ *
    • 6. * You can get compile your Coffee files to JavaScript whenever you change them, automatically! coffee –cw src/ -o lib/ * The –w switch makes it happen. -w switch also watches for subdirectories *
    • 7. * White space considerations. * Indent your code properly. * No need to use special cartoon like characters in the code. * Freedom from that semicolon. You’ll need me when writing multiple lines of code in a single shot * CS is very sensitive towards it Why would I need to do so? Those are really obstructive Though I’m optional in JS
    • 8. * Use of the var keyword is strictly prohibited. * CoffeeScript saves us from creating global variables. * What if I need to create one/more? Then how would I create one? We can attach them to the global window object. But be cautious!!!
    • 9. * “Hope if it prints the value of #{interest}.” * A multiline string which may have #{} can contain any interpolation inside it. * var regEx = /d{3}-d{8}/ This RegEx could be worse. * valid CoffeeScript inside the string Use ””” quotes that’ll even preserve the space regEx = /// d{3}d{8} ///
    • 10. * # I’ll not be visible in compiled JavaScript. * ### I think I may put the license and the information here, and it’ll be visible in the compiled JavaScript. ### *
    • 11. Equal or Identical (equal and of the same type)? * == or === * != or !== *? Not equal or Not identical? Existential operator 3 Usage • Variable declarations check • Object existence • Is member a method ? ?. ?() *
    • 12. CoffeeScript * is * isnt * not * and * or * true, yes, no * false, no, off * @, this * :: * of * in JavaScript === !== ! && || true false this prototype in N/A Word of caution!!! isnt and is not are not same *
    • 13. alert “true” if var * if var then alert “true” * if var then alert “true” else alert “false” That’s ternary ?: * unless var then alert “false” else alert “true” If the condition is false *
    • 14. * switch var when “val1”, “val2” We don’t need the break keyword anymore when “val3” else *
    • 15. I’ll be parsed to (function() {}); * -> Instant function Though I’m Anonymous * do -> calling * funcName = (param1, param2) -> alert “Hi” Functions can take default * someFunc = (param = val) -> arguments However if you need, you can return explicitly always If you really don’t want to return anything at the end of ->, use return null or return undefined * I’ll always return the last statement. * Hope if I could call the -> without params
    • 16. * Variable number of arguments to the function. * someFunc = (etc…) -> Believe me it’s one of the best aroma of CoffeeScript *
    • 17. * Arrays in CoffeeScript are no different than in JavaScript. * Searching. * Swapping. [x, y] = [y, x] * Ranges. * Slicing arrays. * Splicing/Replacing array values. Maximum size is 21 *
    • 18. * Creating objects with literal syntax. * Creating objects from variables. * Getting and setting attributes. * JSON is breeze here
    • 19. * for val in array * for key, val of object own may come here Remember the hasOwnProperty method? * while condition It’s our old and only friend here * You may append by and when You may append when until is not bad option either.
    • 20. * What these are? Comprehensions are, essentially, loops and their code blocks on the same line. *
    • 21. You’ll start to love CoffeeScript * class Employee * The constructor function * Inheritance You know how the constructor works Mmm… not exactly But it’s But there’s some hack here * Class level functions * Prototype Don’t dare to forget me Also known as noninstance functions *
    • 22. * <script type=“text/coffeescript”> // Some CoffeeScript here </script> Before it include a reference to the url *
    • 23. * How can I write jQuery using CoffeeScript? Please see the example app *
    • 24. * As a JavaScript replacement. * Writing jQuery in your projects. * Writing of JavaScript library easily. * Writing of jQuery plugins easily too. * At last: The things you expect from JavaScript you can do in CoffeeScript very easily. *
    • 25. *
    • 26. * Now it’s your turn to make some for yourself. *
    • 27. * O’Reilly The Little Book on CoffeeScript By Alex MacCaw * PacktPub CoffeeScript Programming with jQuery, Rails and Node.js By Michael Erasmus * The Pragmatic Programmers CoffeeScript Accelerated JavaScript Development By Trevor Burnham * O’Reilly Programming in CoffeeScript By Mark Bates *