Classic cocktail history lesson


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Classic cocktail history lesson

  1. 1. Classic Cocktail History Lesson The Sad Sorry of Three Classic Cocktails (original recipes included)
  2. 2. Classic Cocktail # 1 The Gin Cocktail
  3. 3. The Classic Gin CocktailMellow, Smooth, and Strong How to Make a Classic Gin Cocktail Put a cube of demurara sugar in a tumbler glass (also known as an old fashion glass) • Add ½ ounce of water • Add 4 to 5 dashes of bitters • Add 2 ounces of Genevieve or Bos Gin • Add 2 cubes of ice Twist a swatch of thin cut lemon peal over the top
  4. 4. What You Get TodaySweat, Pink, and Diluted The classic Gin Cocktail has long gone extinct. The closest approximation to the Classic Gin Cocktail is an Old Fashion Cocktail. Order one today, and you’ll likely receive a sweet mixture of whisky, sugar, bitters, a cherry, and an orange wedge, topped off with some soda (or worse 7-up). Not exactly its sophisticated predecessor.
  5. 5. So What Happened?At the beginning of the 19th century there was no drinkmore popular than the Gin Cocktail, but by 1910 it wasessentially extinct.What Happened.?Gin styles changed.Up until 1880 or so, when someone asked for “gin”,they were generally refering to Dutch style gin (akagnever): a rich malty, lightly junipery thing that’sessentially flavored whisky.But then light-bodied, sharp-flavored, London-stylegin moved in and the older stuff fell out of style.Suddenly this mellow soft gin cocktail wastransformed into something nervous and edgy, and
  6. 6. Classic Cocktail # 2The Manhattan Cocktail
  7. 7. The Classic Manhatan Cocktail Smooth, Rich, and Elegant How to Make the Manhattan Club’s Manhattan Stir well with cracked ice: • 1 ½ ounce straight rye whisky (Rittenhouse or Wild Turkey) • 1 ½ ounces of Martini and Rossi Red Vermouth • 2 dashes of orange bitter Strain in chilled cocktail coupe and twist a swatch of thin-cut lemon peal over the top • 1 ½ oz straight rye whiskey (Rittenhouse or Wild Turkey)
  8. 8. What you Get TodayToo Strong, Too Fruity, and Too Sweet Unlike its predecessor, the contemporary Manhattan contains significantly less vermouth than it does Whisky. Order a Manhattan Today, and you’ll be presented with a cherry filled concoction, made with blended whisky or bourbon, replete with maraschino cherry juice.
  9. 9. So What Happened?The Manhattan began its life as the house drink at theManhattan Club in New York back in 1980, where itwas made with equal parts rye whisky and vermouth,and NO maraschino cherry juice.So what Happened?The rise of the Martini (and with it drier drinks).Over the years, as the Manhattan lost ground to theMartini, bartenders started making Manhattans drierand drier, with less and vermouth.But whisky is not gin, and to fight the harshness that
  10. 10. Classic Cocktail # 3The Singapore Sling
  11. 11. The Original Singapore Sling How to Make The Original Singapore Sling Combine in a tall collins glass: • 1 ounce Tanqueray gin • 1 ounce Bols cherry brandy or Herring cherry liqueur • 1 ounce Bnedictine (optional) • 1 ounce fresh-squeezed lime juice Add ice, fill with chilled club soda, and hit with three dashes Angostura bitters
  12. 12. What You Get TodayFruiting Concoction fit for a Novelty Umbrella Order a Singapore Sling at the Raffle Hotel in Singapore, which claims to have invented it back in 1915, and you’ll get a sickly sweet, fruity mess of juice and syrup with a little gin buried in it.
  13. 13. So What Happened ?Though the Raffle Hotel claims to haveinvented the Singapore Sling back in 1915,it actually goes back at least to the 1980 ,and was not particularly associated withthe Raffle Hotel until 1920.So what happened?The fruity novelty cocktail won out.The main problem isn’t that the originalformulation was lost, but rather
  14. 14. Lesson Learned?1) Always order by ingredient!2) Maraschino cherry juice is never the answer!