Cocktail hour


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A discussion of cocktails and some more well-known spirits.

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Cocktail hour

  1. 1. Cocktails
  2. 2. What is a cocktail?cocktail (plural cocktails) Noun - A mixed alcoholic beverage
  3. 3. Liquor• There are many different types of ingredients that go into cocktails. Most of these ingredients are alcoholic beverages or “Liquor.”
  4. 4. GinGin is made from varioustypes of grains and isflavored with Juniperberries. The most famousgin comes from England.
  5. 5. VermouthVermouth is a strongwine made from grapesand flavored withdifferent herbs. Themost famous vermouthcomes from Italy andFrance.
  6. 6. VodkaVodka is a strong, clearliquor. It is usuallymade from grain, but itcan also be made frompotatoes. The mostfamous vodka comesfrom Russia.
  7. 7. Martini Ingredients: •55 ml gin •15 ml dry vermouth Preparation: Pour all ingredients into mixing glass with ice cubes. Stir well. Strain in chilled martini cocktail glass. Squeeze oil from lemon peel onto the drink, or garnish with olive.
  8. 8. Cocktail Shaker
  9. 9. Whiskey
  10. 10. ScotchWhiskey (or Whisky) is a dark brownliquor made from grain. It gets itsflavor and color from the oak barrelsit is stored in.There are many different types ofwhiskey. One of the most famouskinds of whiskey is Scotch, which isfrom Scotland.
  11. 11. BourbonAnother famous type of whiskeyis called Bourbon. It is anAmerican whiskey, made fromcorn. While Scotch whiskeytastes smooth anddark, Bourbon is strong andharsh.Real Bourbon must be made inBourbon County, Kentucky.
  12. 12. Manhattan Ingredients: •50ml Rye or Canadian whisky •20ml Sweet red vermouth •Dash Angostura bitters •Maraschino cherry (Garnish) Preparation: Stirred over ice, strained into a chilled glass, garnished, and served straight up.
  13. 13. Angostura bitters
  14. 14. RumRum is a liquor made fromsugarcane. It can be either light ordark in color. The most famous rumcomes from Caribbean islands suchas Cuba or Puerto Rico
  15. 15. TequilaTequila is a harsh tasting liquor madefrom the Blue Agave plant. All of theworld’s Tequila comes from Mexico.
  16. 16. Triple SecTriple sec is a sweet tasting liquormade from orange peels. There aremany different brands of Triplesec, but Cointreau, the most famouskind, comes from France.
  17. 17. MargaritaIngredients: •35 ml (seven parts) tequila •20 ml (four parts) Cointreau orTriple Sec •15 ml (three parts) lemon or limejuicePreparation: Rub the rim of the glass with the lime slice to make the salt stick to it. Shake the other ingredients with ice, then carefully pour into the glass (taking care not to dislodge any salt). Garnish and serve over ice.
  18. 18. CosmopolitanIngredients: •40 ml Vodka Citron •15 ml Cointreau •15 ml Fresh lime juice •30 ml Cranberry juiceProcedure: Add all ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and double strain into large cocktail glass. Garnish with lime wheel.
  19. 19. What would you like to drink?• What is your favorite kind of drink? What would you most like to try?• When you drink, do you go to a bar, a restaurant, or someone’s home?• How are Western drinks different from Chinese?
  20. 20. Famous Drinkers
  21. 21. Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885)
  22. 22. Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)
  23. 23. Mad Men
  24. 24. James Bond - 007
  25. 25. Famous Drinkers• Who are some famous drinkers from Chinese culture?• How is drinking treated in Chinese stories and movies?• What is the most you have ever seen someone drink?
  26. 26. Alcoholism
  27. 27. Prohibition (1920-1933)
  28. 28. 4 Loko
  29. 29. What do you think?• Should governments decide what kinds of things people should and should not drink?• What do you think of countries where alcohol is illegal?• What do you think of people who drink too much?• What is the strangest thing you have ever seen someone do after drinking?