Art of the Cocktail Seminar Series - Intro #1


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A great introduction to creating your own cocktails and working with some wonderful classics.

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Art of the Cocktail Seminar Series - Intro #1

  1. 1. Vine Arts &The Art of the Cocktail Seminar Series #1
  2. 2. @vinearts @philippegboisToday @ Vine ArtsA few skillsA bit of HistoryCocktails! Negroni Manhattan French 75 Caipiroska Chinotto Punch
  3. 3. glasswareThere  are  four  basic  rules  concerning  glassware:1. Use  the  right  glass  for  each  drink  -­‐  recipe  books  will  always  indicate  the  correct  glass   make  sure  you  follow  the  recipe.  Standardisa6on  is  very  important  behind  bars.2. Ensure  that  your  glassware  is  spotless  at  all  6mes  -­‐  always  make  sure  that  you  check   your  glass  before  proceeding  with  the  drink,  hold  the  glass  up  to  the  light  in  view  of   the  guest. zombie collins sni/er mixing/boston hurricane3. Ensure  your  glassware  is  not  cracked  or  chipped  4. Some  glassware  needs  to  be  prepared  in  advance  -­‐  in  some  cases  the  recipe  will   indicate  that  the  glass  needs  to  be  chilled,  pre  heated  or  rimmed  with  salt  or  sugar… rocks tall  rocks old  fashion mar6ni/cocktail flute goblet
  4. 4. Balance• We all have palates that seek BALANCE!• Balance in cocktails is the combination of BITTER THINGS & SUGAR.• Proportions are a great place to start.• Citrus & Bitters are a Bartenders BEST FRIENDS
  5. 5. Negroni• GLASS - Rocks• 1 part Campari• 1 part Sweet Vermouth• 1 part Gin• GARNISH - Lemon Wedge & Orange Rind• METHOD - add ingredients to glass, stir well, orange rind finish
  6. 6. Knowledge in Cocktails... Technique  Knowledge  -­‐  the  how  and  why–  these  include  pouring,  building,   shaking,  s6rring,  layering,  muddling,  blending,  opening,  storing. Product  Knowledge  –  basic  category  defini6on;  alcohol  content  by  volume;   raw  material;  country  of  origin;  basic  produc6on  process;  age  and  ageing   process;   Recipe  and  Serving  Knowledge  –  every  experience  can  be  served  in   different  ways.  This  depends  on  the  type  of  product  and  the  local  or  tradi6onal   servings.  In  Bartending  roughly  this  breaks  down  to  -­‐  neat,  chilled,  with  water,   with  ice,  with  a  mixer,  in  a  classic  cocktail,  in  a  new  cocktail,  etc. Selling  Points  –  interes6ng  or  unique  info  about  the  product  in  order  to  help   ‘sell’  the  product  or  drink  to  a  guest.  (technical  &  trivial)
  7. 7. shot pouring technique1.Pick-up bottle by neck 2. Tilt to full pour position 3. Lower and twist to cut
  8. 8. Bitters & Vermouth technical:• Pouring Bitters are meant to be drank in cocktails (e.g. the Campari in a Negroni).• The area where modern vermouths are made is known as ‘Savoy’ in NW Italy and SE France. trivial:• Most Bitters started off as medicines and many still have medicinal benefits• The word ‘Vermouth’ comes from the German ‘Wermut’ that translates as wormwood. It was first used by Antonio Benedetto in 1786
  9. 9. Manhattan Cocktail• GLASS - Martini or Rocks• 3 parts Whisk(e)y• 1 part Sweet Vermouth• Dash Bitters of Choice• GARNISH - Cherry or Rind• METHOD - Stir contents in glass, julep strain into final glass
  10. 10. tools
  11. 11. French 75• GLASS - Flute• 2 parts Gin• 1 part Simple Syrup (1:1)• 1 part Fresh Lemon Juice• 4 parts Sparkling Wine• GARNISH - Lemon Rind• METHOD - Build in Flute, Stir Gently, finish with rind.
  12. 12. a note on shaking! When shaking a drink you are achieving 4 distinct goals of cocktail making.1. You are mixing the liquids into a consistent blend2. You are diluting water into the drink from the ice and in doing so you are also3. Chilling the drink (the ice melts as it absorbs the heat from the ingredients of the cocktail).
  13. 13. a note on Citrus• No Substitutes for Fresh Pressed• within 15 mins of cutting it, it has changed flavour by 100%•All the flavour is in the rind (Wash)
  14. 14. Caipiroska• GLASS - Rocks• 4 parts Vodka• 2 parts Fresh Lime Juice• 2 parts Simple Syrup• GARNISH - Lime Slice• METHOD - Add ingredients to boston glass, add ice, shake hard, no strain
  15. 15. Chinotto Punch• GLASS - Something Rustic• 3 parts Bourbon• 2 parts Cognac• 2 parts fresh Lemon Juice• 1 part Simple Syrup• 4 parts San Pellegrino Chinotto• 2 dashes Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters• 1 inch Orange rind• GARNISH - Orange Rind• METHOD - Build in a punch Bowl, mmm...
  16. 16. @vinearts @philippegboisThank You