New Media for Nonprofits
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New Media for Nonprofits

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July 2009 presentation to clients of The Winnipeg Foundation

July 2009 presentation to clients of The Winnipeg Foundation
Winnipeg, Manitoba
by Laurie Cirivello

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  • 1. Web 2.0 New Tools for Community Good Laurie Cirivello Community Media Center Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • 2. Buzz Words Web 2.0: Continually evolving Interactive and user- controlled web environment facilitates communication, collaboration and interoperability. Social Media: A fusion of sociology and technology transforming monologues into dialogues; message delivery into conversation. New Media: Technologies that facilitate user-to-user interactivity and interactivity between user and information
  • 3. People Are Talking- Whether you are part of the conversation...or not.
  • 4. The Big Challenge for NPO's Shifting from Message Delivery to Conversation
  • 5. NPO and 2.0: An Overview The 2.0 Website The Socially Networked NPO Planning Your Approach A glimpse into the Future
  • 6. The 2.0 Website Heart of your Communications 1. Attractive 2. Functional 3. Dynamic 4. Interactive
  • 7. Clean Welcoming Attractive: Elegant Visual
  • 8. Functional: Searches and Site Map Know Your Audience Needs
  • 9. Dynamic Content is updated Frequently Content connects with the visitor' needs Interconnected with others Who speaks for the organization, how, and how often?
  • 10. Engaging useful, participatory and personal Commenting Girl Talk - The Girl Scouts Getting Answers When to Call the Doctor Doing Business Stratford Festival Call to Action Sierra Club Soliciting content March of Dimes
  • 11. Web 1.0
  • 12. Children's Hospital 2009
  • 13. Soliciting Content Structuring the platform to achieve balance creating frameworks
  • 14. When Soliciting Content Think Collage...Not Masterpiece Only a small percentage are “original content creators” But many are contributors
  • 15.
  • 16. Viral Collaboration Eternal Moonwalk
  • 17. Beyond the Website: The SOCIAL NPO
  • 18. Blogging Chronological Platforms Meijer Gardens Blogger, Word Press, Custom Can have numerous voices Community Media Center “Feed-able” Diana's Blog
  • 19. Facebook Step one: The Personal Page My Personal Page Fan Pages Rapids Growth on FB General Public Groups The Rapidian Working site Causes Causes Fundraising/mobilizing
  • 20. Links JBZ Chimp Video Channels The Vatican Channel Embedding San Diego Visitors Bureau
  • 21. More Multimedia Organizing and Sharing Audio Photo-sharing On Demand – LIVE from Rothbury Flickr Streaming - WYCE Picasa
  • 22. Explaining Twitter 24/7 Cocktail Party Ultimate Focus Group NOW!
  • 23. Twitter Examples and tools: Wealthy Theatre WYCE Radio Search Twitter Co-Tweet
  • 24. Raising Funds
  • 25. However... Any nonprofit who thinks they can simply put a “donate now” button on their website or simply create a "Causes" page on Facebook and wait for the money to roll in, doesn't understand online fundraising. It's still all about building relationships, telling your story, and taking potential donors through the process of cultivation, stewardship and solicitation.
  • 26.
  • 27. The “RULE of Thirds”
  • 28. Social Media Policy Courtesy of Beth's Blog Red Cross Guide
  • 29. Looking down the road The Mobile Future Nearly 50 million mobile subscribers access the Web via their devices each month. Mobile usage of social networking sites grew 260% during 2008 in the U.S. There are 3.9M unique mobile internet users in Canada Mobile internet penetration increased from 16 percent in Q4 2008 to 21.3 percent in Q1 2009
  • 30. Mobilization: Problem or Solution?
  • 31. Choosing most useful “on-th-go” content
  • 32. 2-D Barcodes: Any surface a multimedia info source
  • 33. Places to Learn More Tech Soup: Beth Kanter- Beth's Blog: Plain English videos @ Common Craft: Thanks for being here! Laurie Cirivello