How to Jump Start and Nurture your Online Alumni Community


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How to Jump Start and Nurture your Online Alumni Community

  1. 1. How to Jump Start and Nurture your Online Alumni Community
  2. 2. Panel Members Renee S. Mona, Director, Corporate & Alumni Engagement Michael G. Foster School of Business University of Washington Eric Warn, Director of Alumni Relations Antioch University Seattle Mark Walker, Chief Information Officer 123 Social Media www.
  3. 3. Interesting Statistics Social Networking and The Generation Gap
  4. 4. Generation Gap Needs updating Baby Boomers (1946 -1964) 75 Million Some Digital Aliens ; Some Have Caught Up Gen X & Y (1965 -1980) 50+ million Digital Immigrants Some reached adulthood with little experience using technology Today many embrace some technology Millennials (1980+) 75 million Digital Natives Completely immersed in technology most since birth
  5. 5. Age Differences need updated stats Source:
  6. 6. Social Media Defined Social Networking in Plain Network v=6a_KF7TYKVc&feature=channel
  7. 7. Current On-Line Alumni Presence on the following Community: Social Networks: - In-house system - MySpace - Harris - Facebook - IAC - LinkedIn - Your Membership - Friendster - Kintera - Plaxo - iModules: Encompass - Hi5 - Other - Twitter - Plan on changing in the next year? - Flicker - Google Friend Connect Use of the following Audio- Visual Content: - Blogs - Vlogs - iTunes - YouTube - Podcasts
  8. 8. Where to Start? Finding your alumni What do they want, need & why? Defining your goals Empowering your most active alumni Providing exclusive content Launching your social platform Your new bosses
  9. 9. Where Are Your Alumni? Large University vs. Small College How do you find your alumni Alumni Finder -Guarantees 98% success rate for street addresses and 10% for email addresses USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) Google ZabaSearch DexOnline Email addresses are everything Ask faculty for current information on alums they are in contact with When contacted by alums, verify you have their email address in your database Contact alumni asking them to help “find” missing alumni Business information & titles Important to have for a number of reasons Going for grants -Event Coordination -Mentor Program -more…
  10. 10. What Do They Want & Why? Importance of targeted survey Benefits of focus groups Job leads; Career development/transition Categories of networking Workshops; what are the trends Panels-faculty & community leaders on trends Book Clubs; Well-known authors What else?
  11. 11. Define Your Goals Identify the purpose of your online interactions To help alums connect with one another resulting in: More donations Better buzz More applications and inquiries How do measure success? Google analytics Community Size on Facebook, MySpace/RSS feed subscribers New alumni information Do you have the staff? Do you have the IT infrastructure?
  12. 12. Engage Active Alumni Who are your most engaged alumni? MBA vs. BA Student Leaders GOLD; Reunion Volunteers Regional Representatives Alumni Board Members Donors How do you engage them in your social platform?
  13. 13. What is Exclusive Content? Alumni live busy lives - offline and online – and will only respond to those things that resonate Your institution has to offer something really special to keep their attention and differentiate your online space from the social networking malls of the web If you can offer exclusive access to information and resources your alumni won’t find somewhere else you increase the chances of having them visit your own social workshop on a regular basis For alumni, particularly young graduates, think job postings, career counseling, unique workshops or links to topical news and information
  14. 14. Social Platforms eNewsletters - it’s an art, be sure to study Blog – making the time Facebook - LinkedIn Podcasting Videoblogging YouTube Twitter New Killer Apps – mobile phones
  15. 15. In December, 2008, 222 million people visited Facebook Facebook has 100 million more worldwide users than MySpace Facebook had 80 billion monthly page views in December vs 43 billion for MySpace
  16. 16. Faculty & Staff Profiles How much do you really want students to know? Do Millennials expect a more personal connection? Should you accept “friend requests”? What if you see something you don’t want to see?
  17. 17. The most professional networking site The fewest ads; only one profile photo; no videos or music Utilized by “more than 20 million experienced professionals” Ideal for professional and alumni networking and professional recommendations Can be used on student’s business cards and email as electronic resume Researching interviewers Competitors: doostang, plaxo
  18. 18. Blogs & Vlogs Blog (an abridgment of the term web log) is a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order (Wikipedia) Commentary or online diary Blog - term coined in May 1999 – Peter Merholz Vlog - Video blog are entries embedded video, images and other metadata (data about data) Utilized by employers, career centers On-line communities, students discuss the process of internships and obtaining a position Can search blogs on these search engines – Bloglines, BlogScope, and Technorati. 2007 – 112 Million Blogs
  19. 19. Podcasts & . mp3s Digital media files shared over the internet which are played back on personal computers, and portable media players Refers to the script which is utilized to convert it to a media player iPod (Apple), Zune (Microsoft), Podracer (Linux), Doppler (Windows) Used for workshops, events, eLearning One of the most popular formats for student services and educational settings
  20. 20. iTunes & YouTube Channels Channels dedicated to the content of a particular center or department Can offer workshops on-line where students can watch them on the web or download them onto their iPods or .mp3 devices Can have interesting resources for use with students Online Resumes
  21. 21. It’s Launch Time What are you currently doing to get alumni involved in a community? How are you encouraging the conversation? How are you providing a place for the conversation to happen? How are you going to use social networking to get your alumni talking?
  22. 22. Your New Bosses Your online community members They can make or break your community Acknowledge their contributions or implement their suggestions Involve them in creating a multichannel wide- net approach to increase your chances of getting read
  23. 23. HAPPY NETWORKING! Questions?