Emotional and Immersive Initial Presentation


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  • Slide 2 Teenage pregnancy refers to pregnancy in a female, who it under the age of 20 when the pregnancy endsThe Government believes that England’s teenage pregnancy rate is too high, which is why the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy was launched in 1999 “To halve the rate of teenage pregnancy”. The Government wants to build on the key planks of the existing Strategy so that all young people receive the information, advice and support they need – from parents, teachers and other professionals – to deal with pressure to have sex; enjoy positive and caring relationships; and experience good sexual health.
  • Slide 2 Brook help young people find the sexual information they needIncluding statistics on young people and sexual healthOverviews of government guidance on key sexual health issuesAnd an explanation of the several areas of law that cover different aspects of sex and sexual health
  • Slide 4Through research,I discovered how sex education can delay sexual activity.From this, I reasoned that if information on prevention helps, then surely information on the resultant factors would help support the cause too; that being the effect of teenage pregnancy and the effect it would have on a teenagers life.
  • Slide 5I realised that under the target audience of ‘teenage parents’ I had a wide range of people to cover.In the year 2000, just under 39,000 under 18’s became pregnant. Just under 8,000 were under 16.45% ended in legal abortionSecond Class citizens are 10x more likely to become a teenage parent than 1st class.
  • Slide 6First I looked at Interests, I need to integrate teenage interests into my product in order to catch their attention and from here I looked at motivations; once I’d captured that attention, due to the short attention span, I would need to somehow motivate them to carry on. Toexpress themselves and learn They’re socialRole-playing allows them to try something and vent their feelings about it in a safe wayDon't have a long attention spanCompetitive You can’t motivate someone unless you know how they feelDon’t be condescendingIt’s easier to be engaged and learn whilst enjoying yourselfIfyou’rerewarded for doingsomethingcorrectly, you’ll become more engaged with the task at hand.
  • Slide 7I built on the original concept of “Electronic Baby Dolls“Educational babies are used to teach young people the responsibilities of parenting, resulting in schools reporting a decrease in teen pregnancy as a result.Each baby is to be cared for the same way a parent would care for a real baby, including having to carry the fake kid around wherever they go.
  • Education may be one of the primary weapons for preventing teen pregnancy. For example, schools that provide sex education may not only help teens understand the particulars of sex, but also the consequences.
  • Emotional and Immersive Initial Presentation

    1. 1. Emotional and Immersive Media Krista Mavronannas
    2. 2. What’s the Issue?Teenage Pregnancy• The Government believes that England’s teenage pregnancy rate is too high: the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy was launched in 1999.• All young people should receive the information, advice and support they need.• “To halve the rate of teenage pregnancy”
    3. 3. Who is it for?BrookGive young people information relating to young peoplessexual health.• Facts and figures• Guidance• Sex and the law 

    4. 4. Understanding the Issue
    5. 5. Understanding the Target AudienceMore likely average of teenage parents are:• In or leaving care• Children of teenage mothers• Homeless• School under performers Teenagers• Ethnic minority groups• Having financial difficulties 13-18• In the North of England• Involved in crime• 2nd class
    6. 6. What Motivates teenagers?Interests Motivations• Music • Put Yourself in Their• Group work Shoes• Role-playing and • Show them their mistakes acting and how to Improve• A quick pace • Fun• Games • Rewards
    7. 7. The Original ConceptElectronic Baby Dolls• Racially and anatomically correct• Ranging needs• Have to take their baby home over a set period of time• Must endure the social pressure of teenage pregnancy
    8. 8. My ConceptApplication LeafletUser has to care for and • Attract + engagenurture the baby to win the • Instructions on how togame and pass the access the applicationcourse. • Information on what the game should entail• Game • Guidelines on how the• Education students should prepare• Set time period • Set out time-scales and• Notifications map out the work involved.
    9. 9. Why will this make a difference? EDUCATION
    10. 10. How is this Immersive?• Progress feedback• Tactile feedback• Teacher to student feedback messaging• Peer to peer messaging• Notification alerts
    11. 11. Lingering Meaning?Having a baby of your own is a hugeresponsibility, and a life-changing experience.Hopefully it will give teens an idea of what it takesto be ready for parenthood.