Using Social Media to Empower Your Fans to Build More Support for Your Cause


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Presentation by Kivi Leroux Miller at NCTech4Good conference, June 25, 2010 in Chapel Hill NC

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  • Online revenue grew 46% in 2009 compared to 2008. 46% of online revenue was processed in the last three months of the year. (Blackbaud)   An estimated $4 billion was raised online in 2009, up 33% from 2008, while the number of online donors increased to 110 million, up 24% from 2008. (Convio)   Online donations for the first five days after the 2010 Haiti earthquake totaled 19% more than during the same time frame after the December 2004 Asian tsunami and 109% higher than the equivalent following Hurricane Katrina in 2005 (ng to Blackbaud, 8 out 10 American households that are online bank online.
  • . You can connect your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to update each other. Think about whether and how that makes sense given the type of content you share, how often, and with whom. Most of this research comes from retail, but Iprospects 2007 study 67% of online users are driven to perform an online search as a result of offline marketing messages, and 39% of those ultimately made a purchase. In one recent eMarketer study 47% of respondents said that magazines influenced them to start a search online for merchandise, which was more than those who credited email or blogs combined. Signage: Don’t underestimate the power of both big signs (bill boards) and little signs with repetitive messages (bumper stickers) Media: What people see on TV or hear on the radio drives website visits. Lots of evidence that people who got both email and postal mail performed better. Also clear evidence that when someone added a channel to their giving portfolio (i.e. offline donor gives online or vice versa), their value and longevity increased.
  • Like a big cocktail party Mix and mingle. You get to know each other. (give equivalent of content and conversation)
  • You become friends. You want to be seen as a member of the community or the gang.
  • What’s this mean? Grabby Greedy Grandstanding Me, me, me
  • Or can it live within social media, and never have people go to your website, because all you care about is fundraising ultimatey?
  • Person to person, not person to organization. We connect with causes because of the people who like behind them, even if we don’t know them personally.
  • How do we get people to love us – and to friendraise and fundraise?
  • Is this relevant to my core friends? Is this building rapport . . . or is it truly meaningless or TMI?
  • The story isn’t about you. It’s about being helpful to your supporters, participants, etc.
  • You’ll learn a great deal from the conversation in social media that you can use to inspire and inform you e-news and web content.  For example, a conversation on Twitter can transform into a new update you send out via your e-newsletter. Blog comments can direct updates to other parts of your website.
  • Qualities of a Good Thank You Note Timely Personalized to Donor How the gift will be used What to expect next – engagement Personalized by Sender
  • You made my day. I have a great story to share with you. Look what you’ve made possible. I am so thankful for people like you. You’ve given hope to . . .
  • 76% of donors say getting a thank you letter from someone who benefited from the charity’s work was very meaningful. (Burk)
  •   7-day initiative around Mother’s Day 2010 “ collaborative online art project that honors moms across the globe and raises funds to invest in one remarkable mama— Mama Lucy, and Epic Change does an awesome job telling her story —who dreams of building a home for children in her village.” Very specific calls to action where donating is really secondary – you want to create that heart for your mom, but you can’t until you donate. Tons of ways to share.
  • Using Social Media to Empower Your Fans to Build More Support for Your Cause

    1. 1. Using Social Media to Empower Your Fans to Build More Support for Your Cause Tweeting? #nct4g2010 @kivilm
    2. 2. <ul><li>Kivi Leroux Miller </li></ul><ul><li>@kivilm </li></ul>
    3. 3. The social web is mainstream.
    4. 4. Online giving is close to the tipping point.
    5. 5. Big generational shifts are taking place too.
    6. 7. Matures are responsible for 28% of giving. Boomers are responsible for 40% of giving. Gen X & Y are responsible for 32% of giving.
    7. 10. Traditional marketing isn’t dead . . . But it’s not enough. kkoukopoulos
    8. 11. Social media doesn’t work well alone either. Go for an integrated approach.
    9. 12. With social media, “engagement” is the goal. Right?
    10. 13. Well, it starts more like this. You mix. You mingle. You’re social.
    11. 14. You want to be seen as a member of a community – as “one of us.”
    12. 15. Not as the loud drunk ones hustling on the bar.
    13. 16. Maybe you’ll meet your soulmate . . . or maybe you’ll just be good friends.
    14. 17. But you’ll be connected, maybe even for the rest of your lives.
    15. 18. Shall we translate this into our nonprofit tech and marketing jargon?
    16. 19. Content + Conversation = Community
    17. 20. Community ≠ Fans
    18. 21. Community = Chance to Build Rapport
    19. 22. Rapport = Fans Holly Ross, NTEN @ntenhross Danielle Brigida, National Wildlife Federation @starfocus and @nwf Carie Lewis and others at the Humane Society of the U.S. employees Wendy Harman, American Red Cross @wharman and @redcross
    20. 23. Fans = Friendraising and Fundraising
    21. 24. TRUE OR FALSE? Facebook is better for conversation than Twitter.
    22. 25. TRUE OR FALSE? Twitter is better at driving traffic than Facebook.
    23. 26. ALWAYS SET GOALS: What do you want the reaction to be?
    24. 27. THREE TRACKS: DO Something: Calling to Action THINK Something: Sharing/Educating FEEL Something: Building Rapport
    25. 28. Also See @PalmBeachOpera on Twitter What might you expect from an opera?
    26. 29. Also See @fcrt on Twitter What might you expect from a cat rescue?
    27. 30. FIND YOUR MIX: Photos, video, questions, great links, personality, AND calls to action.
    28. 31. <ul><li>“ I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel .” ~ Maya Angelou </li></ul>Photo by Dwight Carter Never discount rapport! It’s essential for engagement.
    29. 32. Let’s get on the path to engagement. 1 Be Genuine. 2 Be Generous. 3 Be Grateful.
    30. 33. 1 Be Genuine.
    31. 34. Who Do You Want to Follow/Friend You?
    32. 35. How do you want to be perceived?
    33. 36. Show us the personal side of your work.
    34. 37. piccadillywilson Facts are fine, but emotions drive giving.
    35. 38. Take us back stage.
    36. 39. CASE STUDY: Darius Goes West wins two major giving contests.
    37. 40. “ You have to stimulate an emotional incentive for people – so they feel a sense of pride and joy when they forward your organization’s story to their friends.” Logan Smalley, founder and co-president, Darius Goes West Foundation; AGC Conversational Case Studies by Beth Kanter & Allison Fine
    38. 42. TELL STORIES ABOUT YOUR FANS. Great stories about real people are sticky.
    39. 43. Does this build rapport or is it meaningless TMI?
    40. 44. DAVE SAYS: If you give, you begin to live. 2 Be Generous.
    41. 45. Be a helpful human.
    42. 46. Listen to what your fans are saying – and respond. Flickr: Brittany G
    43. 47. Flickr: color line Give fans incentives to help in multiple ways.
    44. 48. Empower fans with basic how-tos. Can you do the equivalent for your fans?
    45. 49. CASE STUDY: Even social media pro Geoff Livingston needed a little help.
    46. 50. 3 Be Grateful.
    47. 51. Blow kisses to your fans.
    48. 52. Share your success with them.
    49. 53. CASE STUDY: Epic Change builds its fundraisers around gratitude.
    50. 54. Public thank yous are social proof.
    51. 55. Include them, empower them, and your fans will stand by you forever.
    52. 56. Potential Discussion Questions for After Lunch What can you do next week to encourage more friendraising and fundraising via social media? How do you build direct relationships with friends of friends?
    53. 57. Let’s keep in touch! Blog: E-News: Twitter: kivilm /nonprofitmarketingguide LinkedIn: Kivi Leroux Miller Slideshare: kivilm Email: [email_address] Office: (336) 499-5816