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ITK Tutorial Presentation Slides-951 ITK Tutorial Presentation Slides-951 Presentation Transcript

  • ITK Meets the Virtual Soldier GE Global Research Bill Lorensen, Jim Miller Dirk Padfield, James Ross Wes Turner [email_address]
  • Outline
    • Atlas Quality Control
    • Model Generation
    • Implicit Anatomical Modeling
    • Registration
    • Model Refinement Usinig Level Sets
  • Activities
    • Atlas from NLM
    • Reconciled labels
    • Registered slices
    • Computed bounding boxes
    • Calculated adjacencies
    • Generated models using vtkDiscreteMarchingCubes
    • Colored models
    • Registered atlas to CT
    • Atlas as seed for level sets
    • Deformation of man to woman
    View slide
  • Atlas Quality Control
    • Thorax Atlas consists of 411 70mm camera cryo-section slices and corresponding segmentation label maps
    Slice Resolution: 2048 x 1350 View slide
  • Atlas Quality Control
    • Labeled 407 structures
    • Registered 70mm film images
    • Reconciled labels throughout entire volume
    • Computed bounding boxes for all labels
    • Removed some “dusty” structures
      • Automatic reassignment
  • Overlay.tcl
  • Atlas Quality Control Left Sixth Rib Segmentation Dust removed via “voting”
  • Model Generation
    • Generated four types of models from segmentation labels
    Discrete Decimated (90%) Colored Smoothed
  • Model Generation
  • Model Generation
  • VHM Thorax Models
  • Implicit Anatomical Modeling
    • Label = f(X,Y,Z)
    X,Y,Z I,J,K Label
  • Implicit Anatomical Modeling 0 mm: right_ventricle 2 mm: pericardium 3 mm: left_ventricle 52 mm: mediastinum 53 mm: left_upper_lobe_of_lung 66 mm: superior_lingular_branch_left_pulmonary 68 mm: left_upper_lobe_of_lung 107 mm: unknown 112 mm: left_fourth_rib 117 mm: serratus_anterior_muscle 123 mm: unknown 186 mm: pectoralis_minor_muscle 191 mm: deltoid_muscle 259 mm: unknown 261 mm: subcutaneous_tissue_of_trunk 271 mm: skin_of_trunk
  • Implicit Anatomical Modeling
  • RGB to CT Registration
  • RGB to CT Registration
  • Deformable Registration
  • Model Refinement Using LevelSets
  • LevelSet Model Refinement
    • Powerful technique to track the evolution of surfaces using image based constraints and forces
    • Three techniques investigated
      • Threshold Level Set
      • Laplacian Level Set
      • Canny Level Set
    • All techniques are part of Insight Toolkit (itk)
    But: Algorithm parameter space is high!
  • Load Sharing Facility
    • 256 3.2 Ghz Dual Processor Xeon
    • 2 gig of memory each
    • Jobs scheduled with Load Sharing Facility (LSF)
      • Platform Computing Corporation
    • LSF Toolkit
      • GE Research front-end and monitoring
  • LSF Toolkit
  • Laplacian LevelSet DOE Threshold Advection Curvature 1000 runs in 50 minutes!
  • Threshold Advection Curvature
  • LS Threshold Selection using IsolatedConnected Initial Using Threshold LS Using IsolatedConnected LS
  • ThresholdLevelSet
  • 3D IsolatedConnected LS Model vs. Initial Model Left ventricle and ascending aorta Pulmonary Trunk
  • ITK Meets the Virtual Soldier GE Global Research Bill Lorensen, Jim Miller Dirk Padfield, James Ross Wes Turner [email_address]