data mining cloud computing feature extraction wsn segmentation authentication security steganography clustering dwt switches intrusion detection system wireless sensor network mac manet wimax encryption sms mobile ad hoc network classification image encryption visual cryptography pressure sensor image segmentation hci inverter bluetooth qos fuzzy logic 4g digital watermarking ecg low power cloud storage naïve bayes software quality model mobile sink network security web services apriori algorithm pattern matching induction motor offline signature verification intrusion detection caching total harmonic distortion (thd) machine learning neural network image processing optimization multipath routing data aggregation low-power routing protocols quality of service oodbms discrete logarithm problem reversible data hiding phishing pi controller object tracking sensors reactive query processing coupling switching activity power analysis interconnection on chip network-on-chip (noc) data encoding ugs nrtps voip be rtps automated coin recognition character recognition hough transform for circle d pattern averaging data deduplication alg dedupe cloud backup backup window domain name system internet protocol smtp aging protocols secure sockets layer element exactitude agriculture wireless sensing element actor networks multiple commodity network flow problem carpooling time–space network stochastic travel time aac (autoclave aerated concrete) aluminium powder foam concrete lwc (lightweight concrete) sustainable construction online test ict textual data partitioning matrices strassen multiplication coppersmith and winograd reverse engineering malware obfuscation signature-based malware detection seeing-is- believing (sib) quick response code cup-to-disc ratio optic cup segmentation active contour vessel bend optic disc segmentation glaucoma rectifiers dc–dc power conversion pulse width-modulated power converters fuel cells education kid spiritual philosophy mutation testing scheme software quality analysis software defect prediction local analysis global analysis software cost estimation ranking scheme clustering scheme attribute relational file format (arff) multi carrier modulation system multilevel inverter pulse width-modulation (pwm) photovoltaic source proportional integral controller (pi) three phase voltage source inverter (vsi) two inductor boost converter (tibc) key distribution center. group key exchange cluster security association copy right protection online social networks peer-to-peer network electroencephalogy brain waves brain computer interface openbci noninvasive invasive region-based methods region splitting seeded region growing heterogeneous platforms frequent itemsets without support threshold parallel and distributed mining algorithm hadoop mapreduce framework fp-tree algorithm encryption/decryption division shuffling combining sieving random shares image decryption emotion recognition hidden markov model facial expression wtg wind energy probabilistic model and excel data analysis reliability evaluation multiplexer humidity sensor negative pressure lpc2148 ccs circuitry saas encryption devices scalable public key encryption secure algorithms privacy preserved distributed data sharing load balancing scheme information security shttp port scanning vpn firewalls ssl dos attacks photovoltaic system power line communication cuk converter vertical approach association rules performance enhancement virtualization uwb ser capacity ppm fading psd data rate psk pam round trip path round trip delay faulty sensor node wsns secured data transmission reversible data hiding technique cloud services end to end kdc: key distribution center session keys cloud security positioning mems geo magnetic module rf transceiver arm processor broadcasting streaming ip network mpeg4 task domain multi agent system lan tcp udp ct medical imagine digital image processing computer aided diagnosis grid wind turbine dvr crowbar generator facts transient stability shunt facts devices inter-area power system statcom svc attack detection integrated security pnn classifier handwritten digit alphabet recognition trajectory recognition algorithm crl ttp manet authority dielectric loss activation energy magnetoplumbite electro-magnetic behaviour sol–gel auto-combustion technique hla secure hash algorithim-1 tpa aggregate key generation harmonic distortion multilevel matlab sinusoidal and nonsinusoidal thd ac voltage controller thyristor triac forgery preprocessing artificial neural networks scada systems smart grid load shedding gsm wireless networks demand side management anaerobic digestion methane cng open ponds algae renewable error localization and data integrity processing capabilities in saas distributed server digital signature extraction cloud partitioning data security error identification integrity checking decryption cop absorption system lithium bromide condenser concentration of lithium bromide self powered wsn microbial fuel cells wastewater treatment plants (wwtps) field programmable analog array demand transmission and distributed network electrification distributed generation digital image forgery digital illumination detection model key scheduling and routing key management mobile ad-hoc network aqua silencer scrubber tank exhaust gas manifold orsat apparatus diesel engines snubber circuit converter mosfet demechreading loading compressive strength durability creep context aware meeting room participants fuzzy rule temperature context -aware intruder irrigation crops moisture levels simulated farming land. wear biodiesel emission lubricating oil service recommendation qos prediction collaborative filtering soft computing handwriting recognition quality properties short time storage packaging film characteristics ambient condition response surface modeling chandramukhi variety potato powder cloud data service data verification big data mining algorithms mapreduce big data dryad mpi rr interval heart sound bio-medical instrumentation rbbb ann lbbb video file restoration codec smart carving video retrieval frame based recovery user behavior web log page prediction web content sentiwordnet sentiment categorization maximum entropy support vector machine n-grams hmm knearest neighbour classifier brain tumour detection mri distributed data mining multi-agent system ontology agent lte 5g lte-a w-cdma wi-max frequency domain lsb attack smartphone priwhisper acceptance testing test-first approach. test driven development unit testing extreme programming agile software design driven test association rule mining warm data robbery model smac fir fpga wcdma dds fixed-point lms algorithm adaptive filters systolic architecture least mean square (lms) algorithm lms adaptive filtering data sharing component revocation attribute-based encryption removing escrow access control solar panel internet measurement water resources wireless sensor networks(wsns) automation load frequency control. dynamic response interconnected power system pid controller lm3s8962 interrupt mechanism gui ethernet lwip stack software testing techniques. vulnerability security testing software testing pacemaker bluetooth communication dual chamber pacemaker android platform permanent magnet synchronous generator (pmsg) single ended primary inductance converter (sepic) solid statetransformer (sst) voltage conversion topology package cost cmos power dissipation. vlsi battery life ripplebased control switching power converters ripple correlation control real-time optimization extremum seeking control ripple-based optimization variable latency reliable multiplier negative bias temperature instability (nbti) adaptive hold logic (ahl) razor flip flop variable-latency column-bypassing positive bias temperature instability (pbti) quality of service (qos) heterogeneous networks vertical handover (vho) horizontal handover (hho) parameters. wifi handoff waste heat from exhaust gas. biodiesel blend preheating transesterification chhattisgarh state mineral resources mineral cellular automata von neumann neighborhood tumour growth in-silico model drug transport hybrid ca router network chip wsns (wireless sensor networks) ecc (elliptic curve cryptography) wormhole attack trusted node sybil attack. sinkhole attack trust manger un-trusted node searchable encryption privacy preserving ranked search keyword search key aggregate encryption public key cryptosystem attribute based encryption packet drop attack mobile ad-hoc network (manet) selfish malicious node homomorphic linear authenticator (hla) voting mechanism j48 c4.5 lexicon reverse dictionaries(rd) phrase database and wordnet region based model based pixel classification thresholding lifetime leach proportional (p) and fuzzy logic controller (flcs) proportional derivation integral (pid) adaptive proportional integral (pi) sensor dc motor arduino board jiggery(pug) adc microcontroller sink relocation wireless sensor networks. energy-aware routing pws profile risk utility customized web search secure protection association rule mining. secure multiparty computation protocol secure rule mining process fast distributed mining algorithm datapaths look-ahead co-ordinate rotation digital computer(cordic) discrete cosine transform(dct) log linear model string transformation software p2p system peer to peer service client-server model. cnc machine surface roughness full factorial mrr fluorescein angiograms diagnosis ophthalmologist diabetic retinopathy microaneurysms and hemorrhages. convective radiative heat transfer co-efficient thermal conductivity thermal energy and thermal exergy building envelope cost profit function. laplace transform reliability analysis abel lemma expensive and have slow response time. arduino due pipe gps module and led-ldr arrangement with a microcon this paper suggests a rail crack inspection using hence gsm is also implemented in the present desig welding process etc .the sensors were able to dete a 16 mhz crystal oscillator. the arduino duemilano 6 analog inputs gps arm controller ultrasonic sensor. gsm rf module automobile security traffic data mining anomaly detection signature generation internet episodes false alarm brushless dc motor (bldcm) commutation dc link voltage control pi control. single-ended primary inductor converter (sepic) torque ripple square-root csla (sqrt csla) area efficient d-latch carry select adder (csla) field programmable gate array (fpga) weakly labeled facial images k-means clustering query facial image noise reduction auto face annotation energy efficiency data collection nearest neighbour search uncertain data ieee802.11p vanet challenges in vanet wireless ad hoc networks sybil attack aomdv position verification and ns2 parallel and distributed algorithms distance-based outliers outlier detection outlier computer crime alarm systems kdd’99 dataset fuzzy cmean clustering feature selection reconfigurable microstrip patch antenna slots resonant frequency. dual band mpeg video quantization scale modulation. staganalysis macroblocks character descriptor character recognition text recognition pixel based layout lexicon analysis. database. confidentiality securedbaas cloud mc-cdma systems interference channels interference alignment precoding iterative block equalization privacy-preserving data mining (ppdm) cluster security protocol algorithm semantic web services soa web service composition semantic web éclat algorithm ai parallel association rule biometrics iris recognition design logic style multiplier algorithm different types of multiplier arm weld bead geometry submerged arc welding welding process parameters flux consumption discrete wavelet transformation (dwt) steganalysis discrete cosine transformation (dct) model-based steganography (mb) frr types of forgery far design factor and layers sensor node routing protocol protocol stack quality of service(qos) fault tolerant routing message driven patterns. knowledge discovery data set admin official clerk faculty and authentication location based cryptography rabin public key cryptosystem elliptic curve cryptography j2me image dehazing depth polarizers contrast enhancement ica dcp data modeling databse blend amine sensor. polymethylmethacralylate polyaniline unstructured search query mahalo misuse based detection anomaly based detection sip fpga controller dc-dc boost converter h-bridge inverter with bi-directional switch circu indian language opinion mining sentiment analysis natural language processing usor anonymity privacy pv array pv system pv cell pv inverter pv module pv harmonics gridconnected system signature verification and recognition grid based feature extraction qcl clock buffer. power reduction merging mbffs soc system video object oriented database database voltage sag dynamic voltage restorer (dvr) power quality voltage source converter (vsc) smes mcr images mmr competitive electric market scenario techniques uncertainty price profile transmission expansion planning expected cost criterion power transmission planning ldo regulator fast transicent reponse cmos technology small area high stability java markov decision process location update location server update markov decision process neighborhood update. least square policy iteration suction/injection parameter strain thermal conductivity coefficient darcy’s porosity parameter heuristic estimation redundancy removal algorithm interfirewall optimization mobile visual search exemplar images mobile device interactive search multimodal search greedy shortest path frequent connection throughput rs (reed solomon codes) lcc (low complexity chase decoding) asd (algebraic soft decision) usd (unified syndrome computation) a/ms setffs clock-gating detffs asynchronous data sampling dhscgff negative bias temperature instability pmos sram noise canceller adaptive filter error estimati rls algorithm 8t sram heterojunction tunneling transistors(hett) tunneling transistor fault tolerance robust averaging distributed compressive sensing compressive sensing data fusion image decomposition roi latent finger print ridge enhancement embedded web server raspberry pi webiopi smart home apache throughput and wireless adhoc network. packet delivery fraction average jitter end-to-end delay qualnet 5.0.2 simulator global clock mote sinkhole. proactive zrp fractal antenna l band small signal stability tcsc pod controller. multi-input power system stabilizer (mpss) hybrid wireless networks data transparent authentication routing algorithm end-to-end protocols streaming media congestion control protocol (smdcc congestion tcp tahoe and reno (ttr) streaming broadcasting application multicast routing protocol. unicast routing protocol relational database rdbms context switch. waiting time dynamic quantum turnaround time scheduling camina group elgamal cryptosystem. mor cryptosystem diffie- hellman problem secret sharing authentication server hierarchical visual cryptography security analysis. fragmentation e-learning contents e-learning environment learners learning styles e-learning passive constrained layer damping active constrained layer damping visco elastic material. throughput. packet dropping attack triumf secure local binary pattern texture local ternary pattern object recognition features extraction. dsdv (destination sequence distance vector) spaco (shortest path ant colony optimization) wsn (wireless sensor network) aodv (ad-hoc on demand distance vector) xss. sql injection web application vulnerability firewall security concerns ieee 802.16 edge detection multiple tracking face tracking wireless sensor networks mobile target incremental mining large sequence pre-large sequence sequential pattern integer wavelet transform (iwt) optimum pixel adjustment process(opap). smoothness data extraction side match. encrypted image cantina subroutine visual. heuristics linkguard toolbars intelligent system intelligent quotient (iq) computer adaptive theory (cat). item response theory (irt) tailored testing adaptive testing artificial intelligence neuro fuzzy controller pmsg object detection object classification video surveillance. compression; image compression; lossy compression; recommendation technique web usage mining web mining pattern mining pre-processing testing challenges and techniques. web testing web application textual data standard deviation. principal component score level fusion facial expression recognition mean piracy digital signature. streamed traffic content leakage detection content delivery networks classifier large data random concept rfid transform domain spatial domain watermarking techniques digital image watermarking copyright protection agriculture classification techniques. soil profiles dsdv. aodv dsr distributed database system query optimization torn paper rived paper matching genetic algorithm game playing othello alpha- beta pruning board game image annotation multi class svm bor. miml classification framework sift greedy programming np-complete complexity dynamic programming knapsack image annotation. image annotations miml classification frameworks
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