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Introduction to Mozilla Student Reps
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Introduction to Mozilla Student Reps


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An introduction to the Mozilla Student Reps program, based on the Student Reps 101 Training material.

An introduction to the Mozilla Student Reps program, based on the Student Reps 101 Training material.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Mozilla Student Reps Kinshuk SunilRegional Students Coordinator 1
  • 2. What we’ll cover… About Mozilla About Firefox Other Exciting Mozilla Initiatives Student Reps Program The Student Reps Experience Next Steps Q&A 2
  • 3. Mozilla The Mozilla Story (plays a video online)5/30/2012 Mozilla Proprietary 3
  • 4. Mozilla at a Glance• Were a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to making the Web better.• We focus on principle over profit, and believe that the Web is a shared public resource to be cared for, not a commodity to be sold.• Were a worldwide community creating open source products like Mozilla Firefox, and innovating for the benefit of the individual and the betterment of the Web. 4
  • 5. Mozilla Proprietary 5
  • 6. Community in Numbers• More than 1,000 volunteers have contributed code to Firefox• Over 400,000 people have contributed to Mozilla through our project tracking system Bugzilla•, Mozilla’s community-powered support site, helps an average of 100,000 Firefox users per week 6
  • 7. 7
  • 8. Get involved with Mozilla (plays a video online)
  • 9. Best browser in the world 9
  • 10. About FirefoxFast Facts• More than 450 million people around the world use Firefox• Firefox is free and open source software, with approximately 40% of its code written by volunteersThe Global Browser• Firefox is available in more than 80 languages (covering more than 97% of the world’s online population)• Firefox is used in every country in the world• Almost every non-English version of Firefox is localized by community volunteers• More than 50% of global Firefox users use non-English versionsThe Power of Customization• More than 9,000 free, community contributed Add-ons for Firefox• More than 40% of users have at least one add-on installed 10
  • 11. Why’s Firefox so awesome? 11
  • 12. Why does Firefox matter? As a non-profit, we’re free to innovate on the user’s behalf without any pressure to compromise. 12
  • 13. Who do we answer to? 13
  • 14. FastWere fast and constantly improving start-up speed and responsiveness. Check your Firefox speed and help others get the fastest Firefox 14
  • 15. Beyond customization Hundreds of thousands of ways to personalize your browser to make the web work better for you. 15
  • 16. Developer tools• Firefox has a number of built-in developer tools that let developers change the look and feel of websites in real-time.• Tilt lets you visualize any web page in 3D. Look for the demo » 16
  • 17. Collusion add-on for Firefox• Experimental add-on for Firefox• Allows you to see all the third parties that are tracking your movements across the Web.• Shows, in real time, how that data creates a spider-web of interaction between companies and other trackers. 17
  • 18. Which browser has your back? That would be Firefox. – PC World Learn more dnt.mozilla.orgSee more about Mozilla’s commitment to security and privacy » 18
  • 19. Key Features Learn more » 19
  • 20. Firefox Sync Home read reviews Mobile Shared watch trailer continue trailer Home discover movie• Connect and synchronize all your Firefox devices • Type Less – especially on mobile devices Experience Seamless Web – web history, bookmarks, • Be Safe – secure end-to-end encryption tabs, users & passwords, apps 20
  • 21. Firefox for Android lets you take your favorite browser with you 13+ languages Sync accounts Add-on with Desktop Support 21
  • 22. Preview features and contribute to the next Firefox Download Firefox Aurora and file bugs to join an active conversation about the future of Firefox. 22
  • 23. Other Exciting Mozilla Initiatives Mozilla Persona Mozilla Web B2G: Apps Boot to Gecko Marketplace Learn more » 23
  • 24. 24
  • 25. Mozilla Student Reps Who are Student Reps? (plays a video online)5/30/2012 Mozilla Proprietary 25
  • 26. About Student Reps• Student Reps are passionate, creative and resourceful. They head up campaigns and projects at their schools and in their local communities.• By showing people why Firefox rocks, they help their classmates have a better Web experience.• In the Student Reps program, you’ll have the opportunity to: – sharpen skills – earn recognition – advance your leadership 26
  • 27. 27
  • 28. Key Projects 28
  • 29. Start a clubCreate clubs to advocate for usage ofFirefox and other Mozilla products oncampus and to socialize with otherMozilla fans.Quick tip: Give a presentation aboutMozilla or Firefox as your first club event. 29
  • 30. Promote Mozilla and FirefoxSpread the word about Mozillas missionand Firefox products and features byhosting events or promoting with socialmedia.1. Host an event2. Give a presentation3. Promote with social media 30
  • 31. Get Firefox Installed and Provide Support Installing Firefox and other Mozilla products at your college makes it easily accessible.Allow students to get help from aphysical help desk or a virtual one. 31
  • 32. You can be the Army of Awesome! Army of Awesome (plays a video online)5/30/2012 Mozilla Proprietary 32
  • 33. Grow Mozilla 33
  • 34. Grow Mozilla 34
  • 35. Grow Mozilla 35
  • 36. Getting the most out of the program 36
  • 37. You’re not alone. Here’s how we help.Get help and collaborateon projects in your region with Mozilla Reps. Colloquy for Mac OSXSee the Support section. Join the #studentreps IRC channel. Ask questions and give support to other Student Reps. 37
  • 38. Stay active • Submit Project Reports and Case Studies through your blog. » See the Support section • Give support in #studentreps IRC chat room and by searching #mozstudent on Twitter. • Tag project and event photos with ‘mozstudent’ on… 38
  • 39. Earn rewardsSupportAccess to experienced Mozillians and awesome toolsRecognitionFeatured in Mozilla newsletters, campaigns, social mediaAwarded Mozilla Certificate of AchievementAdvancementAccepted into the Mozilla Reps programSponsorship to visit Mozilla HQ or attend special eventsBonusesSent special gear packsEntered into a raffle for prizesSent thank you letter from Chief Marketing Officer 39
  • 40. And more good things will come 40
  • 41. Next Steps 41
  • 42. Next steps1. Sign-up at (if you haven’t already)2. Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and the newsletter3. Take action today4. Have fun! 42
  • 43. Today Follow ‘Like’ us on @mozstudent s 43
  • 44. Today Sign-up to become a Firefox Affiliate!Host Firefox buttons on your blog orsite and climb your way to fame on the Affiliates leaderboard. Learn more » 44
  • 45. TodayDownload at and share will classmates 45
  • 46. Next week 1. Enter the Firefox Flicks contest for a chance to get your video seen by Hollywood judges and the rest of the world » 2. Not a filmmaker? Promote the contest through social media and film schools in your region. Learn how at: 46
  • 47. This monthJoin the Mobile Test Drivers Program File bugs to help make mobile web pages working best on Firefox for Android. 47
  • 48. This month 48
  • 49. This monthReceive program updatesand special opportunities in the newsletter 49
  • 50. Right nowPlease sign-out on the etherpad to confirm you’ve attended the training and we’ll send you’re a special message. Go to » 50
  • 51. Welcome!From the Regional Student Coordinators 51
  • 52. Many Voices, One Mozilla (plays a video online)5/30/2012 Mozilla Proprietary 52
  • 53. Questions and Answers 53