Ict and equipment i used


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Ict and equipment i used

  1. 1.  Camera (canon EOS 1100D and canon EOS 550D) Green screen Microphones
  2. 2.  Reason why I used a camera- I used the camera to record clips for my trailer and take pictures.- Played a big part in my movie.- I also used this because compared to a phone or standard camera, the better and also you get better focus on what ever you want it to focus on.- Megapixels are 18.11 and 12.2. Problems I had- Battery kept dyeing- I kept getting images out of focus What I used it for- I use it to catch footage for my trailer in good quality- I used it to take pictures of my characters and locations. How I used it- I used it by making it a documentary based style of camera- I used it by changing the setting to a still camera- I used it to get the best camera focus as possible by zooming in and turning the dial.
  3. 3.  Reason why I used it- I used this so I could pick up the talking loud and clear.- So I didn’t pick up the surround sounding. Problems I had- Static interference- Stopped working What I used it for- I used this mainly to record any talking scenes.- To get the best recording sound possible.- To record my voice to the computer for audacity. How I used it- To enhance the recording of the sound.
  4. 4.  Reason why I used it- I used this because green is a complete contrast from your skin tone, so there is no clash in colours. Problems I had- The screen was small, so had to squeeze people even tighter in the picture.- Kept falling. What I used it for- To change the background of the pictures to give a more scary affect.- To make it easy to change the background of pictures. How I used it- Set it up an took a picture of someone in front of it.- Used the pictures taking this on photo shop to delete the background quick and easy.
  5. 5.  Photoshop Audacity Premier pro
  6. 6.  Reason why I used this- I know how to use it- Easy to use- Selection of different tools I can use to edit pictures Problems I had- Kept crashing, so I had to keep starting again from my last saving point. What I used it for- To edit my pictures- To neaten my pictures- To change the background- To add writing How I used it- By using the magic tool to select the background and delete or change the colour of it,- To draw around the picture and cut it to drag on to a different background- Rubbing out any un needed mistakes.
  7. 7.  Reason why I used it- Easy and fast to use.- Could convert to mp3 or other music players. Problems I had using this- Picking up background sounds of people talking.- Some of the parts recorded quieter then others. What I used it for- To record my voice to the computer.- Cut out mistakes How I used it- I used it to cut out any kind mistakes by cutting and deleting it.- Recording my voice on it through a mic.
  8. 8.  Reason why I used it- Easy to use.- A wide range of effects to use.- Can use the screen green on the background. Problems I had when using it- Kept crashing on me.- Had to save it after everything I done.- Had to keep rending which was time consuming. What I used it for- To put a selection of clips together.- To add effecting to my video clips.- To add titles to my trailer. How I used it- I used it by splitting my clips and putting them together.- Added effects to my clips (lighting darker and lighter, cross fade and dip to black).- To slow down some of my clips.- To up the contrast on things such as the mask.