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Social Bookmarking for Educators with Diigo
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Social Bookmarking for Educators with Diigo


Published on

This is version 2 of Social Bookmarking for Educators. This time, the focus is on using the tool Diigo.

This is version 2 of Social Bookmarking for Educators. This time, the focus is on using the tool Diigo.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Bookmarking websites is inefficient
    Can only be done on one computer. Can’t share. Can disappear. No way to organize well.
  • In this age of information overload, social bookmarking allows users to organize and categorize resources and share with others.
  • Social bookmarking is new knowledge sharing.
  • The basic fundamentals of social bookmarking.
  • Social Bookmaking in Plain English video
  • Delicious and Diigo are powerful social bookmarking tools.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Bookmarking photo credit: Lots of Paul Gillin Books by tvanhoosear on CC
    • 2. The Internet Can Be Overwhelming! Image Credit: 27/365 by bandita on Flickr CreativeCommons
    • 3. wordle credit: ahentz on
    • 4. What is it? Photo Credit: Social Bookmarking Explained - eco2oh on CC
    • 5. Sign-up is a breeze! Photo Credit “That was easy!” - spackletoe on CC
    • 6.
    • 7. Sign-up Email required. Used for sending lost passwords!
    • 8. Sign-up
    • 9. Sign-up
    • 10. Sign-up - Verify Email
    • 11. Digolet - for any computer *You can install Diigolet on any computer by going to the diigolet link:
    • 12. Diigo Toolbar = Powerful for YOUR computer *Compatible with Firefox and Internet Explore.Visit to install.
    • 13. Start Bookmarking!
    • 14. Enjoy the Magic!
    • 15. Let’s Take a Look Under the Hood Photo Credit: checking under the hood - wiggy74 on CC
    • 16. Anatomy of a Bookmark
    • 17. Tags = Organize ...your way • use tags you will remember • look at recommended and popular tags • use many tags to describe photo credit: Tags - keywords to describe digital objects by cambodia4kidsorg on CC
    • 18. What Next? •Research • Share • Collaborate
    • 19. Research the SOCIAL way...
    • 20. What are your friends bookmarking?
    • 21. What are others on Diigo bookmarking?
    • 22. Share
    • 23. Share by adding “friends”
    • 24. Collaborate by Joining Groups
    • 25. RSS and Tags • Tags have RSS feeds • RSS allows a link to be dynamic • Same link - new resources • Can be viewed in RSS readers
    • 26. Two Is Better Than One! “Save to Delicious” is at Requires log in.
    • 27. Want to Learn More? Janice Stearns janice.stearns (at) photo credit: all agog by circulating on CC