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  • Thank you for sticking around and coming to hear about our LSTA grant called the “Mobile Digital Media Lab.” It has been a really excellent experience thus far, and as anything in life, has full of successful goodies and been fraught with failure but proves that anything can be adjusted, adapted and Rome was not built in a day. Still learning…Not unlike Udog show, mini episodes… not too much at once, keeps viewers glued to their sets…
  • Of course, the FCPL would like to thank the IMLS for awarding the LSTA grant and the ISL (especially Jennifer Clifton) for being communicative and encouraging throughout the grant process.Mention IMLS report on small & rural pl…
  • Let me tell you a little about the FCPL in Rochester, IN. Carnegie Building built in 1906 and dedicated early 1907Size & ShapeThink of our collective library past, present & future… What do libraries mean today, and what have they always meant?What advice I have to give, let me suggest you know: Your Staff Community Needs and WantsSome Marketing Techniques Urge you to Follow ThroughWhen applying for a grant, it is really important to know your people/patrons/users statistically & in realityMention IMLS Study on Small & Rural Public Libraries research brief no. 5 from 9/13 80.5% in US Small & RuralIn Indiana: 42.4% Rural, 82.3% Small (fewer than 25,000)
  • Beg, Borrow, Steal- i.e. creative commons
  • Free software at first, then supplemented with software from TechSoup- Adobe Creative Suite 6.0, MS Office 2013Originally built as a creation space for audio, blogging, video, and teaching classes about those things, but there was little need in the communityEquipmentEquipt
  • RAF Monday/Tu/Th classes, included Akron & KewannaStarted June 2012 for ~3 months, added Saturdays Some of the basics from doing your homework-This is a Reimbursement grant2012 DIGITIZATION & TECHNOLOGY GRANTS TIMELINE From 2012 Grants are awarded, applicants notified, contracts mailed April/May 2012 Project begins when contract is complete (see Chapter 4: Contracts) July 31, 2012 1st Quarter Progress Report due October 31, 2012 2nd Quarter Progress Report dueJanuary 31, 2013 3rd Quarter Progress Report due April 30, 2013 Project ends; all project funds must be spent or obligated. Evaluation plan due. May 31, 2013 Last day to submit reimbursement requests. June 29, 2013 Narrative Final Report and Financial Final Reports due September 30, 2013 End of 2012 grant period 1. Complete Contract2. Several signatures from board3. Agreement forms: Federal Requirements & CIPA Certification
  • “When help is needed, I am not slow.Notwithstanding, we had several no-show classes & classes where conflicts occurred- i.e. weather/cancelled classesChanged to one class at Kewanna after 6 months due to low attendanceDown to one at Akron now, opens up free time for new instruction opportunities
  • Not plane, nor bird nor even frog, it’s just me…underdog.I had all these grandiose ideas about people using the lab for what it was originally intended for, but that use morphed into something altogether different to meet the needs of the patrons. Needless to say, the need did not meetWhat we had in mind are passive effects…what we are teaching- Give a person a fish…eat for a day, teach a person to fish, eat forever…Unintended consequences- People wanted more, various topics- Jan 1. 2013, Implemented One-on-One instruction by appointment or whenever patrons walked in asking for it…Tech Petting Zoo, Tablet instruction classes, Classes about services we offer (pay for- like Mango, OverDrive, Freegal)Collaboration- Fulton County Training Partners-Letters to Schools, Org’s, only do so much. Get some experiences under your belt.
  • Of course, this is just the beginning. The ideas put forth may not meet your expectations- i.e. one underestimated what was possible vs. what is feasible. The first year is really building blocks and trial & error. The plan should really be meant to be around three years, not unlike Ivy- it takes time to take. Cannot quit before people become familiarTogether!Help Each OtherWork TogetherBeg, Borrow & Steal
  • Staff is big on “Customer Service” and I am inclined to believe them. We must listen to and cater to the user, otherwise no patrons, no libraries, no libraries, no jobs…
  • As mentioned before, we serve 80% of people in the USA as public librarians, so our role as Underdog is not unique, and it is more pertinent, poignant, and relevant than ever.
  • Embedded LibrarianshipOutreachCivic OrganizationsProfessionalsBusinessCommunityGovernmentEducationTakes Staff Time & Effort Give them what they wantGive them what they needJump on the Bandwagon
  • MDML@FCPL ILF 2013 Presentation

    1. 1. Not Your Average Underdog @
    2. 2. Special Thanks* The MDML@FCPL was made possible by a Library Services Technology Act Grant from The Institute of Museum and Library Services & Administered by the Indiana State Library *Credit for all images from Underdog to artist Patrick Owsley, Total Television Production, NBC & General Mills Other images Creative Commons Copyright
    3. 3. Humble Shoeshine Boy • Founded in 1904 by the Women's Club of Rochester • We serve 16,227 (of 20,836 Total People in FC) Harvester & Factfinder: and • Our Collective Past, Present & Future • Demographics & Community Need – Wants & Needs – Community Role of the Library “It is the mission of the Fulton County Public Library to provide programs and materials to our community which promote education, culture, inf ormation, and entertainment.
    4. 4. Mobile Digital Media Lab • Mashup* of Skokie PL Media Lab & Frankfort Comm. PL Digi-Dock • Envisioning & Expanding Endless Possibilities TM Police Public Call Box, Crich Tramway village- Peter Tarleton (cc) – Instruction & Patron Interaction – Create Community Collaboration to Communicate Convergence Digital Media Lab at Skokie PL Telephone Booth in LaCrescent, MN- N9LXI (cc) * Frankfort Community Public Library Digi-Dock™
    5. 5. What’s Inside the MDML? 1.0 • • • • • • 6 HP Probook 15.6” Laptops 2 MacBook Pro 15.6” iPad (3rd gen) 1TB LaCie External Hard Drive AVID Mbox Pro w/ProTools Tascam DR-40 Portable Audio Recorder • Blue Yeti USB Microphone • Canopus ADVC-55 Analog to Digital Converter 2.0 • Added Canon EOS Rebel T4i DSLR • iPads for training (4) • HP Laptops for in-house public use/add on to lab (6) • Nexus 7 (15x), Kindle Fire, Touch, Nook Color
    6. 6. There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here! • Planning & Scheduling – Timeframe – Space • Staffing • Rollout, expansion • Underdog always working Photo- Amanda McFarland, Shopping Guide News
    7. 7. Weekly Classes …for it’s hip, hip, hip and away we go! Rochester: Tu 6 p.m./Th 11 a.m., Sa 2 p.m. • Around 1,000 people served in a year • Potential for much, much more Aubbee & Fulton: 1st & 3rd Mondays Akron (ACPL): 1st & 3rd Wednesdays Kewanna (KUTPL): 2nd Wednesdays +Special Events & Staff Training
    8. 8. Goals vs. Reality • • • • • Community Collaboration Communication Creation Convergence • Mobile • Information • Literacy – Technology – Social Media – Job Skills
    9. 9. How do WE do it? • Collaboration • Reporting & Statistics • Remain Flexible
    10. 10. Think Outside the Box (cc)- Roller Skates (or 11) by Chad Kainz • Time to get rolling – Get Out – Reach Out – Be Open Minded – Craft a Third Place – Create a Community
    11. 11. Stay Calm, Think (Big), Observe & Plan (cc) Jens Schott Knudsen- flickr: pamhule (cc) “Work in Progress- Go Slow “ by Karol Gajda • • • • Consistency Keep Trying Hits & Misses Re-assess & Readjust • Survey • Long Range Plan • Master Planning
    12. 12. Q&A -Thank you for your time & consideration…