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5M Anja Civilization

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5M Anja Civilization

  1. 1. United States OfAmerica Civilization By Anja Kroon
  2. 2. GOVERNMENT The United States is ademocracy. That means that wechoose our presidents. Thepresident changes every fouryears, which is called a term.Each president is only allowedtwo terms.
  3. 3. GOVERNMENT This is the White House located inWashington, DC home of the USPresident. There are 132 rooms, 35bathrooms, and 6 floors. There is also412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8staircases, and 3 elevators. Would you like to live in the WhiteHouse?
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGY Albert Einstein was a veryfamous scientist in the 1920’s, butnow Steve Jobs is equally asfamous. He owned a companycalled Apple and is knownworldwide for his inventions:such as theMac, iphone, ipad, ipod….andmore!
  5. 5. HIGHLY DEVELOPED WAY OF LIFE Hollywood – Movie Industry Disney- World famous entertainment MOMA - Museum of Modern Art Time Square New York City Statue of Liberty
  6. 6. TECHNOLOGY The United States created thespace shuttle to send people intospace. The first Space Shuttle thatcould be used over again like anairplane was called the Columbia. Itwas first launched on April 12, 1981at the Kennedy Space Center inFlorida.
  7. 7. RELIGION The Pew Forum on Religion &Public Life created this chart.They interviewed 35,000 peopleand found out that America hasmany different religions.
  8. 8. SOCIAL STRUCTURE Upper Class= Rich (Many Educated,employed and maybe well paid) Middle Class = Not rich and notpoor (Educated, employed and paid) Poor (Educated, but may or may nothave a job or it may not be well paid) Governors-Makes laws Military-Protects our country
  9. 9. WRITTEN LANGUAGE In the United States we have awritten alphabet. Our alphabet hastwenty-six characters: 5vowels, and 21 consonants. Thereis two forms of writing: there isscript and block letters. SCRIPT BLOCK
  10. 10. WRITTEN LANGUAGE Children learn by going toschool. School starts at age 5 andends at age 18. There is gradesKindergarten and 1-12. There are 3divisions. There is ElementarySchool(youngest children), MiddleSchool(Age 11-13), and HighSchool (Age 14-18).
  11. 11. STABLE FOOD SUPPLY This picture shows that we have astable food supply because there is a lotof food. We have farming, animals forfood and fishing. Food can be bought atthe farm or the supermarket. We have somuch food but I don’t know why somany people in America go hungryevery day?