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MDML at FCPL - SAMS 2015

LSTA Grant, MDML project at the Fulton County Public Library

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MDML at FCPL - SAMS 2015

  1. 1. The Mobile Digital Media Lab… And You… And Me…
  2. 2. Library Services & Technology Act (LSTA)
  3. 3. Past, Present Future… WPLN- Nashville Public Radio broadcasting from main Nashville Public Library, 1966- from
  4. 4. Library History From whence the idea came… Photo from Xjoe-
  5. 5. So  it  goes…  
  6. 6. Collaboration, Communication, Creation and Convergence
  7. 7. Blogging,   Podcas2ng,   Audio  &  Video   Crea2on,   Edi2ng  and   Sharing…  
  8. 8. Endless  possibili2es-­‐  use  your  imagina2on  
  9. 9. To be continued… *Photo Amanda McFarland, Shopping Guide News.
  10. 10. For  more  informa2on…   •  Contact  Jon  @  FCPL-­‐  574-­‐223-­‐1002   •   Coffee  Cup  Philosophy-­‐     “Be  the  change  you  wish  to  see  in  the  world”   -­‐  M.  Ghandi   “Imagina2on  is  more  important  than  knowledge”   -­‐  A.  Einstein