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Pk notes

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Pk notes

  1. 1. Intro MDML @ FCPL- And me… And you…When we think about libraries and what we doon a daily basis, we are urged to promote value and all the while establish a connection withthe library user. This presentation will focus onthe Mobile Digital Media Lab (MDML) at Fulton County Public Library (FCPL), as well as our past, our present and our future as librarians.
  2. 2. Classroom- 2• Well, some have said there are no original ideas.• Primary purpose = audience, the people we serve…The idea for the MDML came from the Skokie P.L. “Digital Media Lab”• Focusing on our audience- FCPL serves a largely rural population. So, when we created the lab, we had to make it portable and take the lab to the people if necessary.• Just a year before the MDML, there were no technology classes at FCPL• old & slow public laptops to teach these classes and build an audience.
  3. 3. Lightbulb• Idea came- Maker Culture – People create things using imagination and technology• Library as 3rd Place- Ray Oldenburg• Library as Create Space• Meet wants and needs of the people
  4. 4. Doors to Grant• Wrote LSTA grant for library school project• Submitted it by Feb 10• Awarded April 2• Create the lab – Planning – Implementation – Purchase Orders – Crossing T’s and Dotting I’s• Continue to offer classes, start promotion for MDML
  5. 5. Flyer• Design, marketing, promotion, Advertisement• Lots of gadgets – 6 HP laptops, 2 MacBooks, iPad, Avid Mbox Pro, Tascam portable recorder, Blue Yeti USB-Mic, Audio/Video analog-digital Converter, LaCie Rugged External• Learning Curve – Hardware – Software• Originally use Open Source software – Audacity, GIMP,• Used to purchase software – MS Office 2010 – Adobe Creative Suite 6
  6. 6. Ghoulie iPad• Word of Mouth• Using Technology in classes• Adapting class schedule• Give people classes they want – Social Media – MS Office 2010• Offer people what they need – Basics Classes
  7. 7. Past, Present, Future• Radio stations transmit out of PL – Nashville PL & WPLN• Now library and even remote sites offer creation of audio, video, blogs• What do we mean to people today?• Library as 3rd place
  8. 8. FCPL History• Library used to take it to the people• Bookmobiles• Protests in the street• Before MDML no tech classes• Now steadily getting 6-10 people per class
  9. 9. Takin’ it to the people• We now offer Tuesday evening & Thursday Morning weekly classes at the (main) Rochester branch of the FCPL• Expanded out to offer basics classes at both of our branches- Aubbee & Fulton• Outreach to local libraries in Akron and Kewanna, Indiana to start.• More to come – Schools – Community Organizations – Businesses
  10. 10. 4Cs• Creation- audio, video, blogs, art – audio and video conversion and recording- both “studio quality” multiple track recording, but also live recording and live local performances, or even a coffee shop open mic at the library itself.• Collaboration- we work together• Communication- Skype, G+ Hangout, blogs, social media• Convergence upon place or service
  11. 11. Macbook• The portability of the MDML lends itself to use not only within the library community, but especially as a learning tool for local community/not-for-profit organizations, and even business training on site. We hope to collaborate with other local organizations and businesses, and to continue to offer the same great level of service to our users. The MDML is all about Creation, Communication and Collaboration, and ultimately will result in convergence and increased information/technology literacy training. The possibilities are endless, and hopefully as time goes on, you will see the possibilities in your library, and continue to meet the people with what they want and need…
  12. 12. Lab image- Imagine the Possibilities• Recognize this?• Overcome tech limitations for staff• Rethink the way we do things• Be there to teach and learn along the way• Not fixed…Lab can go anywhere• Set up to serve one-on-one training & up to 12 (for comfort) in a classroom (2 per computer)
  13. 13. Classroom Configuration• Usually set up 6 HP laptops in a circle – I get dizzy• Projector• Classroom in any location• Libraries• Local non-profits/community organizations• Schools• Local Business (suggested donation to Friends)
  14. 14. Tech Classes• Computer Basics I & II • Communication• Internet Basics • Digital Photography• E-Mail Basics • Digi- Photo Editing• MS Office • Audio creation• Social Media • Podcasting – Facebook • Vidcasting – Pinterest • eReaders/Tablets – Twitter
  15. 15. Create Space• Music- live recording, Multi-Track Recording• Audio/Video conversion- Analog>Digital• Blogging• Vidcasting• Podcasting• Meet the needs of the people-• Tailor classes to what is requested by patrons
  16. 16. Functionality• Blogging, Podcasting, Audio & Video Creation, Editing and Sharing
  17. 17. Live Performances• Two ILF conferences in a row- live music at the library- – Batesville Memorial PL After Hours Concert Series – Lebanon PL Coffee Shop Open Mic• Using existing equipment – PA – Video Recording• Plays, Concerts, Public Events- Post it on Library Website, Archive it…
  18. 18. Einstein Slide• “Imagination is more important than knowledge…” –Albert Einstein• “If you will it, it is no dream” – Theodor Hurzel, & Walter from The Big Lebowski• Given the opportunity, what could you imagine?
  19. 19. We’re just getting started…• Persistence is key• Continue to offer classes, even in a drought• Seeking collaboration with schools – Tech schools in our area- offer free training to teachers, workshops for students – Continue to create value in the library• Regardless of how swamped we are, we must continue to seek out new relationships – Users, local org’s, local business• To be continued
  20. 20. Thank you• Info