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My keynote at AgileIndyConf was about Agile Management: what agile managers do in an agile organization. The reality is this: they perform the leadership work that managers do in any great ...

My keynote at AgileIndyConf was about Agile Management: what agile managers do in an agile organization. The reality is this: they perform the leadership work that managers do in any great organization.

Managers don't do tactical work. Oh, they might need to do some problem-solving, *if* the team asks for their help. But what managers need to do is create an environment in which people can perform great work. That's what this talk is all about.

I had stories which were quite funny. Ask me to speak and I will be funny for you, too!



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Agile.managers.essence.leadership Agile.managers.essence.leadership Presentation Transcript

  • Agile Managers:The Essence of Leadership Johanna Rothman New: Hiring Geeks That Fit @johannarothman www.jrothman.com jr@jrothman.com 781-641-4046
  • Do We Need Managers in Agile Organizations? 2 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • What’s a Leader?Organize yourselves into two’s and three’sTogether, in your team, take a minute to write down yourdefinition of a leaderOnce you look like you’re done writing, I’ll ask you toshout out your definitions 3 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • What Kind of A Team?Just now, in your two’s and three’s, what kind of teamwere you?What kind of management did you need? 4 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Some Definitions of LeaderGuideConductorA person who has commanding authority or influence 5 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Agile Managers Are LeadersSet strategyManage the project portfolioRemove organization obstaclesBuild trusting relationships with peopleLead hiring decisions and processBuild the capacity of the organizationEnable communities of practice 6 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Manage the Project PortfolioSay NoSay WhenStrategically important work What it is When to start it and stop itNot making those decisions creates management debt As well as chaos 7 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • A Calendar View of a Project Portfolio 8 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • A Kanban View of a Project Portfolio 9 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Managing the Project Portfolio...Allows for management iteration and management flowCycles allow you to assess strategyCycles help you see organizational obstaclesFrees the technical teams to finish work 10 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Leaders Remove Organizational ObstaclesIndividual reviews are an organizational obstacleI bet some of you don’t believe me, so let’s discuss whatyou want from reviews 11 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Instead of Individual ReviewsBuild a trusting relationshipShare the strategyShare the profitsProvide cost of living raisesto the teamGive the team a team bonus The team decides 12 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Trusting RelationshipsWhat keeps people in a job? 13 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • What Does That Mean for Functional Managers? 14 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Managers Become ChampionsNo micromanaging!Meet often enough, one-on-one to build a trustingrelationshipAllows manager to see the system 15 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Feedback and Meta-FeedbackNot evaluation or praise; feedbackWhen you use a peer-to-peer feedback approach: Create an opening Describe behavior or results State the impact Make a request 16 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Coaching and Meta-CoachingNot just teaching, offering options with support 17 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Career DevelopmentWhere can people go in their careers?How do they know?How can you help them? 18 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Build Organizational CapacityHow many of you know your organizational velocity now?Remove system obstaclesRecognize when a team’s velocity is stuck 19 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Lead Hiring EffortRecognize when you need more peopleInitiate the hiring Job analysis Job description Manage the phone screens Manage the interviews and interactions with HR 20 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Enable Communities of PracticeConsider the small world network approach to problemsolving Six degrees of separationCommunities of practice 21 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • Agile Management is LeadershipManagers serve the people in the organization Guiding Coaching Using their influence to ease the way for the work 22 © 2013 Johanna Rothman
  • References and Readinghttp://www.influentialagileleader.com/Rothman, Johanna. Agile Managers: The Essence of Leadership,Cutter IT Journal,Vol. 23, No. 3, March 2010.Much more on jrothman.comStay in touch? Pragmatic Manager: www.jrothman.com/pragmaticmanager Please link with me on LinkedIn 23 © 2013 Johanna Rothman