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Synthesis quest activities for personal and mobile learning
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Synthesis quest activities for personal and mobile learning






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Synthesis quest activities for personal and mobile learning Synthesis quest activities for personal and mobile learning Presentation Transcript

  • Synthesis Quest Activities for Personal and Mobile Learning By Julie Ngo
  •  Learning PreferencesIn the beginning of the semester, when I took the preferencelearning quiz, my score came out to this: reflective – 3,sensing – 9, visual – 7 and sequential – 5. In the end of thesemester, I’m still consider myself a visual learner because Iremember things easier if I can see what I am learning orwrite everything down when someone is saying important inorder to study or to memorize. Although my reflective scoreis low, I feel I’m a reflective learner because I like to think orwrite down what I want to say before apresentation/speaking in front of class or group work. Inorder for me to become a better learner, I would need anexplanation or show me to do things in order for me tounderstand the materials even if I am a visual learner.Julie Ngo
  •  Learning PathwayI wanted to pick learning warrior because I don’t need thisanymore because this is my last semester at SFSU so I picklearning sage where I can gain new knowledge on anytechnology. When I look over the Power Point lectures andonline verbal lecture on mobile, I felt it was too broad whichdidn’t expand my learning. When it comes to mobile, I am afast learner when I am handling any technology or mobileproduct. If I want to know more of something, I can read themanual for any information, watch any video or google anyinformation that tell me how to do something, or ask anyonewho know how to use any mobile devices. I have not changemy learning pathway because I am willing to learn any newtechnology when I am brought upon to a new mobile yet Ican still learn quickly if I use it for a long time.Julie Ngo
  •  Activities From all the activities for use of mobile, I feel that none of these activities do not help enhance my learning for mobile technology because some of these mobile either I know how to use before in the past. Or it is something that I would never use in the future since it is not my specialty. The one activity that might help had help with my learning on mobile technology is quizzes. If I answer a question wrong, I can read the article of the links that the quizzes have provided that relates to the questions. This can give an idea what these mobile technologies are about.Julie Ngo
  •  Top 3 TechnologyOne of the technologies that I had use in the past was IPod generation 3 and 4. Ididn’t use it for learning since IPod generation 3 and 4 wasn’t the type that youcan download any apps or doesn’t have a recorder to let you record classlectures. So I just used it for personal uses such as listening to music. Eventhough I didn’t use IPod for education, when I first use the IPod, I still had tofigure out to put music from my laptop to my IPod, getting used to the IPodbuttons, which folder my music is in, and so on. Although I am more a visuallearner, one way IPod can help me a certain learning preference is verbal oractive learner because it helps me built my listening very well especially by tryingto listen to every word of the lyrics since my listening to any lectures are oftentime poor where I am worrying missing any important information of the lectures.But I do have an IPhone where I can download any flashcard app or quizzes andrecord lecture where it can enhance my learning for educational purposes if Ineed to especially with the recording because I can always listen to it again if Imiss anything from the lecture that I couldn’t write down on my notebooks.Julie Ngo
  •  Top 3 Technology Continue As for IPAD, since it is similar to IPhone and I own an IPhone, I know the function of an IPAD. Since IPAD is bigger size and has a bigger screen than IPhone, it would be easier to use flashcard if I wanted to use it for studying for my visual learner and is more portable than a laptop. The problem with IPAD for me is it doesn’t have a USB device in case I want to transfer any written work such as essay to a computer. But it can be useful for internet purposes if I need to do some research paper or it is good to download any books for readings since it is a big enough screen. I have no purpose of using microblogs for mobile technology since I do not use it on a daily basis. Since microblogs has a maximum up to 140 words usage, I feel it may be a good use for educational or any of my learning preferences. If microblogs allows transferring any note lectures or voice recording lectures, it would be easier to download it into any mobile device such as laptop or IPAD. This way student does not have to worry about not missing any lectures if they were absent or two days of classes. It would be useful if microblogs allow group or chatting for a particular if students want to exchange notes to each other without any other strangers interfering.Julie Ngo
  •  Synthesizing your experiences I feel that none of these technologies such as IPhone or IPods and microblog are not good for me as learning tools, because these types of mobile technologies are made for entertainment usage. One of the mobile technologies that I wish it could help with my improvement of learning is how to research better through the use of the Internet and google search engine especially for essay when I first started my semester at SFSU. Because I don’t know which articles that may be reliable and researching for an essay is very time consuming. I would like to know how to search for something in short among of time. Like I mention in my previous paragraph, none of these may not work for my learning preferences as well. When I heard something that is technology, the only thing that works for my learning preferences are any recording device on such as IPhone, flashcards with notes, and laptop for mobile technology. I just need anything that is in front of me in order to see what I am learning or watch someone giving an example such as youtube.Julie Ngo
  •  After this semester I feel that I may not have any mobile learning strategy and mobile technology when I am done after this class because this is my class semester. If I had taken this class when I first started my first year at SFSU, I would have a better idea of the kind of mobile learning strategy and technology. The only mobile things that I would have are my IPhone and my laptop which the only purpose I would use is the internet for either email, youtube, or any type entertainment purpose. As for jobs or outside of school, I think the mobile technology and learning strategy, I feel I that I may use powerpoint for presentation from my laptop or from IPAD at work in meeting or for any organization. It depends on what job I have that may require mobile technology.Julie Ngo