Three reasons I'm not a Toastmaster
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Three reasons I'm not a Toastmaster



There are better ways to improve your business presentation skills than joining Toastmasters. Find out why in this slideshow!

There are better ways to improve your business presentation skills than joining Toastmasters. Find out why in this slideshow!



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  • I appreciate your comments, Mr. Brooks, but I'm afraid I can't agree with you on Patricia Fripp. I find it very difficult to listen to her speak because she doesn't give the impression that she's being real. Her body language and voice are very practiced, fine-tuned and artificial - that might be great for the stage, but not for delivering professional presentations.

    I want to listen to real people talking about something they believe in (in my slideshow, I give the example of Ken Robinson). Yes, a speaker needs to structure, prepare and practice their presentation, but that doesn't mean that they need to put on a 'presentation persona' and 'act' like a presenter. To me, presenting like Patricia Fripp is something that TM promotes and not something I can agree with.

    And, a reminder to everyone. This slideshow is my opinion on TM, explaining why I'm not a TM and giving some reasons that might resonate with others. I'm not attacking this organization or the people who believe in it. I'm glad the conversation has lasted three years!
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  • The real proof is in the pudding. Watch several Patricia Fripp videos on YouTube and you'll find out there is NOT a fine line between a speech and a presentation. That is, of course, when the performance or sales presentation is delivered by a true professional speaker / trainer. Check out Fripp. . . you'll see the perfect blend of content wrapped in a solid delivery which makes for unbelievable communication. That's elementary.
    So in layman's terms, when you're telling someone something they truly WANT to know, like, where to find buried treasure, for instance, then, um, any old worn out, uh, you know, um, like, delivery, you know, will suffice (e.g. most college professors)! But if you want to convince someone to take your side or buy your product when they don't want to, you had better deliver!. . . and deliver well!. And if you want to learn to deliver, Toastmasters is a fine place to do it.

    And this goes for all you executives (military and business sectors) out there who THINK you're interesting because you THINK people enjoy hearing you talk. Self-assess! Ask yourself, 'do people listen to me because I'm interesting or because of my pay grade or status?'
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  • In my experience, while the TM manuals and judging ballots put more emphasis on content, it is difficult for clubs to achieve this. In practice, Toastmasters values delivery over the merit of your ideas.
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  • @adikamath I'm in total agreement.

    This presentation and idea started as a great challenge for the Toastmasters organization and I had hoped it would be supported with great evidence to spark an awesome debate. To my disappointment, the statement was nothing more than a ruse to sell her services as a trainer and supported by kindergartener like evidence for argument. This person should have done an actual research of what Toastmasters offers before making the untruthful 'facts' as evidence. I can only equate her argument to a person making the statement: Apples are gross because they just are... mean while, this person has not ever tasted apples. Where have we heard this kind argument before? However I give her kudos for trying.

    ... and I learned that evaluation style after I joint Toastmasters.
    A piece of advice to the create of the slide show, Toastmasters can actually help you with making a presentation with proper research and supporting evidence. So, give it a try before making your statement.
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  • I have witnessed both, TM members and non TM people present in a business and event setting. The TM member will out the present the other hands down. Give me a trained speaker over a non-trained speaker any day.

    Who wants to listen to someone fumble through great content with 37 - umms, ANDs, You Knows, And Likes, Sos, uncontrollable nervous twitches, poor grammar, no humor, and consume way too many filler, improper, redundant, off base, miss pronounced, too quiet, too loud, too sloooow 2fast, monotone words to get the great content out.

    So like kind of, umm, really dilutes, AND you know, is kind of distracting and so it really dilutes the content.

    Enough said.
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Three reasons I'm not a Toastmaster Three reasons I'm not a Toastmaster Presentation Transcript

  • REASONS I’M NOT A TOASTMASTERJeanne Trojan @jmtcz
  • I’m a presentationtrainer and coach.
  • I help my clients create and deliver outstanding business presentations.
  • So, I’m often asked…
  • Why aren’t you aToastmaster?
  • BecauseToastmasters isn’t about businesspresentations.
  • There are threereasons I believe this.
  • Toastmasters is about makingspeeches NOT presentations.
  • What’s the difference?
  • A speech is aform of one-waycommunication.
  • The speaker is sharing theirknowledge with the audience.
  • It really doesn’t matter who the audience is.
  • You can give the same speech to a variety of audiences and you don’t have to change a thing.
  • Businesspresentationsare preparedfor a specific audience.
  • The content isbased on the needs and expectations of each audience.
  • Speeches focus on theperformance of the speaker.
  • Presentations focus oncommunicating a message & getting results.
  • Toastmasters places too little emphasis on the content of a speech.
  • Stance Eye contact Hands Gestures DictionVoice speed/volume Opening/Closing StructureToastmaster evaluation topics
  • What about the message?
  • Every time I sit next to a Toastmaster at apresentation, theysay the same thing.
  • ‘Did you know that the speaker said ‘um’ 37 times?!’
  • Umm… No, I didn’t notice because I was focusing on the speaker’s message.
  • Watch Sir Ken Robinson on Ted. He says‘um’ a lot and doesn’t have perfect body language, but his message is incredible!
  • I happen tolike watching real peoplespeaking and acting naturally.
  • Toastmasters are too nice.
  • ‘… there should be no use of the “C” word – Toastmaster evaluators do not criticize – ever!’They are not allowed to criticize.
  • I don’t think this is helpful when you need realfeedback to improve quickly.
  • An honest evaluation is not always easy to hear, but in business presentation feedback, flattery is not the goal.
  • Your organization’s image and success might dependon that presentation.
  • There are a lot of ways to improve your presentation skills. Coaching Feedback
  • AlthoughToastmasters is a greatorganization fora lot of reasons.
  • Improving businesspresentation skills is NOT one of them.
  • Start improving yourpresentations today and…
  • be outstanding!
  • Disclaimer: This slideshow is not meant as a criticism of Toastmasters as an organization. I think it is a great way for people to lose their fear of public speaking, to join a community oflike-minded individuals or even to improve their English speaking skills.
  • Jeanne Trojan @jmtcz
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