The Five Sins of Management via @squawkpoint


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The five sins of management. Are they practiced in your business?

The quality guru W. Edwards Deming described the five management diseases, they are still infectious in the internet age.

The Five Sins of Management via @squawkpoint

  1. The Five Sins of Management
  2. 1. Lack of Focus How will you ever get anywhere…
  3. …if you can’t decide which path to take?
  4. 2. Short Term Thinking Can you achieve perfection…
  5. …if you must have a short term fix?
  6. 3. Performance Appraisal Does your annual beauty parade…
  7. …achieve anything but tears?
  8. 4. Management Changes Will you ever get teamwork…
  9. …playing management musical chairs?
  10. 5. Managing the Numbers If you only worry about costs…
  11. …what happens to the things you value?
  12. The Five Sins Feed On Each Other
  13. Creating Real Life Horror Stories
  14. For More Management Nightmares… Based on W. Edwards Deming’s Diseases of Management Visit