Environmental Management System


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Environmental Management System

  2. 2. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENTSYSTEM (EMS) A set of methods and procedures for aligning corporate strategies,policies and operations with principles that protect ecosystems. An Environmental Management System identifies and establishes aset of rules and practices to help everyone within an organization tounderstand and accept how, through their actions, they can bestensure high standards of environmental care. The term can also refer to software systems for organizationalenvironmental management which means it is intended to besystem dependent, not people dependent.
  3. 3. ISO 14000ISO 14000 is a family of standards related to Environmentalmanagement . It refers to a family of voluntary standards and guidancedocuments to help organizations address environmental issues.Includes:-• Environmental Management Systems (14001,14002,14004)• Environmental Auditing (14010,14011,14012)• Environmental Labeling (14020,14021,14022,14023,14024,14025)• Environmental Performance Evaluation (14031)• Life-cycle Assessment (14040,14041,14042,14043)
  4. 4. ISO 14001 ISO 14001 sets out the criteria for an environmental management system. It does not state requirements for environmental performance, but maps outa framework that a company or organization can follow to set up an effectiveenvironmental management system. Certification in meeting this standard allows companies to claim state-of-the-art ecological responsibilityISO 14001 is relevant to any organization seeking to improve and manageresources more effectively.This includes:• Single site to large multi-national companies• High risk companies to low risk service organizations• Manufacturing, process and the service industries; including localgovernments• All industry sectors including public and private sectors• Original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers.
  5. 5. Purpose of an EMSAn EMS brings together thepeople, policies, plans, reviewmechanisms, and proceduresused to manageenvironmental issues at afacility or in an organization
  6. 6. PDCA Model & Core Elements of anEnvironmental Management SystemPolicyPlanningImplementation &OperationCheckingActDoAct PlanCheck• An EnvironmentalPolicy• Planning and Strategythat includeenvironmental factors• Identification of impactson the environment• Development of goalsand performancemeasures• Monitoring andcorrective action• Formal stakeholderinvolvement• Employee awards,incentives and training• A philosophy ofcontinuousimprovement
  7. 7. General Benefits Of An Ems Drives Sustained Performance Set targets to reduce energy use, water use & waste to landfill Achieve cost savings Easier compliance Pollution prevention Increased efficiency Improved morale
  8. 8. TRAVIS PERKINS Travis Perkins have been supplying building materials to the trade for over200 years One of the largest suppliers to the UK’s building and construction industrywith a national network of more than 600 branches. Provide more than 100,000 products to trade professionals including buildingmaterials, plumbing and heating, landscaping materials, timber and sheetmaterials, painting and decorating, dry lining and insulation, doors andjoinery, and hand and power toolsTravis Perkins fully intends to be a sustainable business. To besustainable, a business needs to: Generate profits for its shareholders Provide good employment conditions for its employees Trade fairly with its suppliers Look after the communities in which it operates Act as a guardian and improver of the environment.
  9. 9. 4 Key PressuresLegalrequirementsFinancialpressuresMarketpressuresSocialpressures• TheEnvironmentProtectionLaws• The PollutionPreventionand Controlregulations• Regulationsfor specialwastes suchas toxicmaterials.• WaterResources Act• Britain hassome of theworlds tightestenvironmentalregulations• Landfill Tax• The CarbonTax on energyconsumption• Manycompanies willbuy only fromsuppliers thatconform withISO 14001• Customersinsist thattimber comesfromsustainablesources• Questions onthe companysenvironmentalapproach.• License tooperate• Shareholderswill onlysupport if thefirm is buildinga viable future.• The companymust maintainits publicreputation at ahigh level.Why does Travis Perkins need an EMS?
  10. 10. Implementing an EnvironmentalManagement SystemRegistrar ofLegislationEnvironmentalPolicyRegistrar ofEnvironmentalAspectsEnvironmentalManagementProceduresEnvironmentalImprovementPlanKeyPerformanceIndicatorsTrainingMaterialsAction Lists andResponsibilitiesEnvironmentalOperatingProcedureTravis Perkins choseISO 14001 as thebasis of itsEnvironmentalManagement Systembecause thisstandard:• Is internationallyrecognized andrespected• Involves regularindependentauditsThe Travis PerkinsISO 14001 EMSconsists of severallinked components.
  11. 11. Examples of Travis Perkins’ Interaction With The EnvironmentWater Use Energy Use Product-buyingWater Discharge Air Emissions Vehicle ImpactsWaste Management Land Management Noise and OdourTravis Perkins Environmental Policy sets out the companys commitment to:• Comply with legislation at all times• Prevent pollution as far as possible• Seek continuous improvement.
  12. 12. Environmental Improvement Plan CO2 emissions Electricity use Vehicle emissions Storage and use of oil Use of diesel, petrol and gas Discharges to drains Water Storage and use of timber treatment chemicals Purchase and sale of products, particularly timber.• Observing all relevant legislation• Seeking to prevent pollution• Looking for ways to make continuous improvementsAction Lists and Responsibilities
  13. 13. Performance IndicatorsKey Performance IndicatorsGas Consumption Fuel ConsumptionElectricity Consumption CO2 ConsumptionWater Consumption Waste sent to landfillPackaging sent out Timber purchases from recognizedcertified sourcesNumber of complaints Number of notifiable events• It is vital to set measurable targets so that performance can be monitoredand ongoing adjustments made.• Travis Perkins has set itself ambitious targets for measurable improvementunder a number of headings.
  14. 14. Costs and Benefits of EMS The benefits are achieved through a number of costreductions.• Installing energy-efficient lightingsystems.• Using less electricity• Planning superior distributionsystems that use less fuel• Using gas for heating moreefficiently• Reducing the amount of waste sentto landfill sites• Eliminating unnecessary packagingTravis Perkins has a very substantial cost in waste disposal, in order toreduce these costs, its business processes have been redesigned usingthe formula shown.PreventWasteReduceWasteReuseWasteRecoverWaste
  15. 15. Internal and External CommunicationWasteDO DON’TKeep hazardous waste separate fromgeneral wasteLeave empty chemical containers inthe openBreak down boxes before putting inthe waste containersPut oil or oil contaminated waste inthe general waste containerA successful EMS depends on good communication.Travis Perkins has sought to create a culture of improvement within theorganization based on everyone taking responsibility for EnvironmentalManagement• Every employee has seen a training video• Internal newsletter• Environmental Policy is displayed in all work areas• Display boards and training materialsExample
  16. 16. CONCLUSION Since developing its EMS, in one year, Travis Perkins has movedfrom 10th out of 13 to 4th out of 18 in the building materials sector. In an environmentally conscious world this is good for business aswell as the environment. Reduced business costs give greatercompetitive advantage which potentially increases profits and returnsto shareholders. At the same time, nature and the environment in general are alsoclear winners
  17. 17. References http://businesscasestudies.co.uk/travis-perkins/how-an-environmental-management-system-ems-helps-create-a-sustainable-business.html http://www.saskatoon.ca/DEPARTMENTS/Utility%20Services/Environmental%20Services/PublishingImages/PlanDoCheckAct.jpg
  18. 18. THANK YOU