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Do you know what a touchpoint really is? How about what customer experience journey mapping is all about? We tackle a few subjects in Customer Experience to educate all of us!

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Customer Experience Education

  1. 1. Customer Experience Education September 2013
  2. 2. Many business leaders are still in the dark about the tools and principles of Customer Experience Investigation®. During Customer Experience Education month, we explored and defined key terms and practices, as well as some real-life examples of CX design and evaluation. It’s all about participation and discussion. How do you study the true Customer Experience?
  3. 3. It’s invigorating to continue learning new things. We’ve decided to go back to school ourselves, and study customer experience education. Not only is it nice to get back to the basics, but it’s fun to keep learning as we go! We hope you’ll join us in the class discussions! Click to Read
  4. 4. It’s not easy to make calls to strangers. But that’s no excuse for them to waste our time with poorly planned and executed sales calls. It’s time to expect more from those making these calls. Here is a quick list of ways salespeople could provide a better B2B sales experience. Click to Read
  5. 5. Designing a website is known to be a long and exhausting process for both the designer and the client. We have a special guest lecture from design extrordinaire CASUDI Di Diego who teaches how to create a better experience for everyone involved by designing a fab customer experience. Click to Read
  6. 6. It’s time to dig into our Customer Experience Education coursework with a class trip! To help us define Customer Experience Investigation™ for ourselves, we had the opportunity to spend the day with Jeannie Walters, a real Customer Experience Investigator™. Click to Read
  7. 7. Creating a good customer journey map is a huge and exhausting endeavor that can really pay off it’s when complete, but finding the right approach is key. Here are just a few of the ways you can tackle learning about the true terrain your customers trek through just to buy your products or services. Click to Read
  8. 8. It’s not always about metrics and complicated processes- sometimes it’s all about being human. Special guest Sean McGinnis tells his story about a simple interaction that won his loyalty over a competitor he had actually always been satisfied with. Click to Read
  9. 9. The cursed ones- the ones who create a toxic environment at the workplace. Have you ever met one of those people? They often think the world is out to get them. Though we don’t really need to know what makes them tick, we do need to identify them before they poison our staff! Click to Read
  10. 10. Yes and no, Wikipedia! Touchpoints are more than just business jargon. Understanding your customer touchpoints could help you stay ahead in meaningful ways. Read more about what a customer touchpoint really is. Your customers will thank you! Click to Read
  11. 11. Welcome again to our CX Ed podium design extrordinaire CASUDI Di Diego! Her expertise in interior design shows us why it’s more important to create an experience that suits your customer’s lifestyle over something flashy and pretty that might not work for them in the long run. Click to Read
  12. 12. As customers, we now expect ALL companies to be responsive via social media. Recent studies from Ambassador and Social Bakers reveal how mismatched our expectations are with reality. Avoid these 5 common mistakes and be among those few companies who actually “get it.” Click to Read
  13. 13. Without exception, I have witnessed amazing insights into how companies can do business better through the exercise of customer journey mapping. Here are some of the most common ways examining the customer experience leads to improvement within the organization. Click to Read
  14. 14. CEO of Konstant Change Marti Konstant says, “Because I am a digital marketer, and I can’t help myself, I did what I usually do with a newfound passion. I did research. Grounded in context, and sprinkled with a bit of philosophy, this is what I found.” Read on for more insight! Click to Read
  15. 15. People are finally starting to get what Customer Experience really means and why it’s so important. So I decided to let you know why I am so passionate about the subject! Here are the reasons I believe customer experience is the key to happy customers, employees and people in general. Click to Read
  16. 16. What IS the value of customer experience? Whether measured by your customers or from within your organization, the value of customer experience can be measured in so many ways. Here are some ways to gauge the value of your customer experience from the inside and the outside. Click to Read
  17. 17. When you evaluate customer touchpoints, the potential impact of each one on the total customer experience should be considered. Reality is, the little things like one, just ONE impersonal email, cripple the customer experience. Read more about it, and enjoy some fun examples! Click to Read
  18. 18. (You gotta click for a closer look!) Don’t let the “micro” part fool you- microinteractions often have a huge impact on the customer experience. That is why we just can’t get enough of ‘em! So get social with us! Send us yours and maybe it will be featured next month!
  19. 19. CXI®Club Newsletter Thanks to our community for joining us in our class discussions during Customer Experience Education month. Want to join in? You’ve already found us, so let’s stay in touch! @jeanniecw Google+ Pinterest 360Connext CXI® Club Instagram Jeannie Walters @360Connext RSS