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360Connext April 2013


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Customer-centric culture is a driving force for any great customer experience. This month, we explored what creates great customer focused organizations.

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360Connext April 2013

  1. 1. Does your internal culture resonateoutward to your customers?Customer Centric culture is akey part of delivering asuperior customersexperience. This month, weexamined differentbehaviors, philosophies andattitudes of staff andmanagement, and howworkplace culture affects thecustomer experience.
  2. 2. How important is employee engagement to business results? How do youcreate a customer-centric culture? The best investigations are collaborative, andwe’d love your input! What do you think are the keys to a customer-centricculture?
  3. 3. The heart of your business – the WHAT in your culture – is what will define yourcustomer experience. Everyone pretty much says similar things: we hire the bestpeople, we believe in work/life balance, we want results…but really thinkingabout the nuances of your culture will define it.
  4. 4. We were really excited to review this awesome new book by Stan Phelps,which highlights the best ways to develop outstanding cultures fororganizations. Find out why we think it will help you deliver a superiorcustomer experience.
  5. 5. Let’s examine the three most common mistakes in company organizational culture:1. Your company organizational culture makes it difficult to “make it right” for thecustomer.2. Your rules are based on punishment and not reward.3. Customers report issues and are ignored.
  6. 6. Your job postings are the welcome mat for your organization. Have youconsidered what you are showcasing in your job descriptions? If it’s all about“BASIC REQUIREMENTS” and not about the culture and customer experienceyou want, then you will simply attract the wrong people.
  7. 7. Our CEO and Founder Jeannie Walters felt so strongly aboutthis subject that she wanted to speak to us from the heart,so she recorded a special video. Enjoy!
  8. 8. Internal communications – those emails and signs we all receive asemployees – are ripe for improvement. Employees and your culturehave a direct impact on the experience your customers have, andcommunication within the organization is a HUGE part of thatinternal experience.
  9. 9. 360Connext is a virtual company. That means that all of us – ChiefInvestigator included – work from wherever we’d like and use the amazingtools available to us on the web. But some people prefer to work in acommon office. Whether or not your next hire is qualified, are they a good fitfor the culture behind the way your company functions?
  10. 10. It takes enlightenment to create a workplace that supports a superiorcustomer experience through empowered employees who follow a culture,not a rule book.But most of all, it takes enlightenment to hear the truth.
  11. 11. What should be an objective approach to customer experience improvement isoften clouded by these five common biases. Don’t let them stand in your way ofmaking the changes necessary to deliver the best customer experience possible.
  12. 12. Customer feedback, while incredibly valuable, dies quickly. Closing the loop oncustomer feedback means turning those words into action. Fancy softwareisn’t worth its weight if your team doesn’t internalize how to react toimportant feedback.
  13. 13. A microinteraction is meant to stir up a positive reaction and improve theoverall experience no matter how nuanced they are. I think we can agreethis one has exceeded expectations!(We love microinteraction examples!) Send us your favorite and maybe itwill be featured!
  14. 14. You gotta click for a closer look!
  15. 15. Thanks to our community for joining us in our discussions all month. You play aHUGE role in our culture! Want to join in? We’d LOVE to have you!@jeanniecw360ConnextJeannie WaltersPinterestInstagramRSSGoogle+CXI®®Club Newsletter