March 2013 customer experience innovation


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Customer experience improves when organizations innovate. We focused on this theme in March, 2013 and showcased what goes right (and wrong) for many.

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March 2013 customer experience innovation

  1. 1. During March, we investigatedcustomer experience innovations.Our innovation investigation includedexploring how companies are usingtechnology to make the experiencemore personal and satisfying, whatthey can do to improve and enrichthe experience, and how they arepredicting what their customers wantnext.Do you focus on customer experienceinnovation for your customers?
  2. 2. When we think innovation we normally think of new and exciting products andfancy campaigns. But we’re more interested in how companies stay ahead ofthe market to keep their customers.
  3. 3. Innovation is often described as “building a better mousetrap.” If you don’t knowwhat your customers are expecting in the rest of the marketplace, it makes itdifficult to build anything better.
  4. 4. • Doctors seeing patients via Skype• An appliance store with activities for kids• A toy store that holds wrapped gifts in “Santas Workshop” untilChristmasWhat do they really have in common?These businesses are innovating around our growing need as customers forconvenience. How can you find the clues for what customers want?
  5. 5. March 8th was a special day set aside for honoring the strengthening role ofwomen in society and in business. How could we not think about our ownfearless leader, Jeannie Walters? Jeannie was away at SXSW and left ourCommunity Manager Anne in charge of the blog. Anne took the opportunityto show us why Customer Experience Innovation sometimes starts with aninnovative way of nurturing relationships within your team and resonatesthrough your community all the way out to your customers. Thanks,Jeannie!
  6. 6. There are many advantages to considering your customers’ entire ecosystem, notjust their specific experience with your brand or product.• Your experience can adapt more with your customer’s real life.• Investing in another product doesn’t always make sense.• There is nothing more annoying than a tool that is never updated.
  7. 7. South By Southwest Interactive Conference has grownfrom big to enormous. After attending, we offer a fewideas.• Mobile apps should help users stay mobile.• Customer feedback doesn’t need to be complicatedto act upon.• Trade shows only work if you work them.
  8. 8. Find out how Sharpie earned our stamp of approval for theirinnovative approach at customer engagement. Bravo!
  9. 9. Innovative ideas are often killed before they start! Anobjective look at your approach can make all thedifference.1. Lack of coordination2. Same people, same problems3. No room to innovate4. Blaming the product5. Ignoring reality
  10. 10. Growing companies who are faced with scaling theiroperations, hiring new staff, finding new customersand staying cashflow positive struggle with how andwhen to innovate.But it’s critical to growth. What should they do?
  11. 11. In an interview with Nick Pudar, Vice President Planning &Business Development at OnStar, we learned how GM plans tostay ahead by gathering information about how customersinteract with features in their vehicles and planning their nextinnovations based on the habits and preferences of the drivers.Bottom line: Customers use what they need. Their usage tellsyou what they really want.
  12. 12. To lurk: “To lie in wait, as in ambush”. “To move furtively; sneak”. “To lie in waitin concealment (especially for an evil purpose)”. “Remain in or around a placesecretly of furtively”We take a close look at why using such generalized terms to describecommunity members and potential clients could be offensive and hinder trustand loyalty for your brand.
  13. 13. What are the five stages of Customer Experience Innovation?This nifty, clickable interactive map helps you put it all intoperspective! If there are any questions or extra informationyou’d like tagged in the map, you can just holler at us in thecomments. Enjoy!
  14. 14. Microinteractions can literally make or break an experience. Ourfavorite example this month was all about leaving a negative feelingfor web site visitors. Just for kicks, we added unimpressed McKayla toperfectly animate the feeling.(We love microinteraction examples! This one sent to us by a Facebookfan. Thanks!)
  15. 15. You gotta click for a closer look!
  16. 16. Thanks to our community for joining us in our discussions about CustomerExperience Innovation all month long! Want to join in? We’d LOVE to have you!@jeanniecw360ConnextJeannie WaltersPinterestInstagramRSSGoogle+CXI®