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10 customer experience_myths_busted


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What customer experience myths are holding your business back? Learn how to bust these myths and achieve customer-centric success.

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10 customer experience_myths_busted

  1. 1. Investigators presenT: 10 Customer Experience Myths… & the truth uncovered
  2. 2. Customer experience is just a fad. Myth #1
  3. 3. Reality 86% of buyers will pay for a better experience 78% of customers have bailed on a transaction due to poor experience 73% would consider purchasing from a brand again if they had a superior customer experience
  4. 4. Reality 78% 86% 73% Even the CEOs are catching on: In a recent IBM survey, 55% of the 4,138 interviewed said customers were the single biggest influence on their strategy. Have you done anything about it yet?
  5. 5. Customer experience is marketing. Myth #2
  6. 6. Reality It’s not only marketing. American Airlines said their new logo was part of their focus on customer experience. But what about… …the seating comfort? …the great snacks? (no longer free on most flights) …the boarding practices? …the mobile app functionality? “The new look … is a strategic improvement that is needed to improve our customers’ overall experience… “
  7. 7. J.D. Power & Associates 2013 released its North America Airline Satisfaction Study and American Airlines was ranked second to last in the traditional airlines category (To ensure the privacy of our investigators we’ve used this appropriate meme to best reflect our reactions.)
  8. 8. Reality Market by all means. Just don’t forget to deliver what you promised because (For more customer memes see Fonolo blog.) 65% of customers find it frustrating when they come across inconsistent offers, experiences or treatments through different channels when shopping for the same product or service.
  9. 9. Customer experience can be managed by Myth #3 customer service.
  10. 10. Reality (Source: Watermark Consulting 2013 Customer Experience Study) A customer-centric culture needs an enlightened leader.
  11. 11. Reality Motivational posters on the wall don’t cut it! It’s up to the leader to… • Keep things in perspective for employees, stakeholders, and customers • Include a customer advocate in every meeting • Reward long-term customer retention and loyalty, NOT just short-term customer acquisition • Communicate the brand promise EVERY DAY
  12. 12. User experience and customer experience are separate parts of the Journey. Myth #4
  13. 13. Reality Good technology is simpatico with humans. NICE Systems was rated one of the top 50 innovative companies by Fast Company “for making apps smarter and more sympathetic.” (picture via
  14. 14. Reality Forgot your password? Again and again? Podio gets it. They care and know tea is comforting for the HUMAN user. (Chamomile, anyone?)
  15. 15. Reality Customer experience encompasses... customer service employee onboarding navigation: online & in store even your mission statement user experience IT IS A complex puzzle that involves a number of moving parts.
  16. 16. Customer experience is linear. Myth #5
  17. 17. Reality Stella the customer Stella looks for the mobile website/app Visits desktop website Change of plans: Stella leaves the house Clicks on Call-ToAction for coupon Inconsistent experience: The CTA button is too small on mobile Calls a friend for opinion Investigates social media for reviews Humans are emotional creatures who experience unexpected twists and turns during the journey .
  18. 18. Reality Y our customers are not part of an assembly line! The journey is a jungle gym.
  19. 19. Reality Understanding your customer's true journey is the foundation to great customer experience. Time to invest in journey mapping. Go low tech – Post its, whiteboards, etc. Or go high tech – There are lots of simple and advanced tools available for mapping and drawing. Or email Click to find out What is a touchpoint? Connect T get you o Started! Or CX Journey Mapping?
  20. 20. Customer Experience innovation & improvement is expensive. Myth #6
  21. 21. Reality Doesn’t look like it. Enough said.
  22. 22. Customer experience is about the Myth #7 big picture. (don’t sweat the small stuff)
  23. 23. Reality This guy uses about 2/3 of his neurons searching for negative experiences The brain’s amygdala “Positive experiences have to be held in awareness for more than 12 seconds in order for the transfer from short-term memory to long-term memory to take place.” -Rick Hanson, PhD.
  24. 24. Reality The little things mean the most. even donut holes! Lou Mitchell’s is a famous Chicago restaurant and bakery known for handing out donut holes to salivating customers waiting in line. Sinful!
  25. 25. Reality There’s even a whole TEDx talk about sweating the small stuff! Have you seen Jeannie's TEDx talk on Meaningful Microinteractions? Jeannie Walters at TEDx
  26. 26. Internal processes do not affect the Myth #8 customer experience.
  27. 27. Reality companies with highly engaged workers grew two and a half times as much revenue as those with low engagement levels. GrubHub treats their workers to a picnic!
  28. 28. Reality Actively disengaged employees erode an organization’s bottom line. Within the U.S. workforce, Gallup estimates this cost to the bottom line to be more than $300 billion in lost productivity alone.
  29. 29. If nobody complains… Myth #9 the experience must be awesome.
  30. 30. Reality Customer complaints via social networks have nearly doubled since 2011, from19% to 35%.
  31. 31. Customer experience isn’t that important Myth #10 if there is little or no competition.
  32. 32. Reality Disruption is now the norm! You've worked hard to help your business grow but your customers can easily defect. Don’t find yourself baffled when a disruptive company gets really good at stealing your customers. And if customers leave dissatisfied, they tell an average of 28 PEOPLE. These companies once thought they had loyal customers, too: You can do better.
  33. 33. Reality What’s it in for you? Be this 1% 1% of customers feel organizations consistently meet or exceed expectations By not investing in customer experience, you could be sabotaging your success and missing out on the ROI of: • Growth • Employee engagement • Job creation • Delighted customers • Higher profits and productivity • Fewer ruined days for your customers (That’s actually our mission statement!)
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  35. 35. Join the CXI® Club! We’ll send you our newsletter and keep you in the loop on our latest evidence. Subscribe Me! The evidence in this presentation was gathered from the following sources: • • • • • • “18 Interesting Stats to Get You Rethinking Your Customer Service Process” by Salesforce Accenture 2013 Global Consumer Pulse Survey IBM Study Customer Rage Study via WP Carey ASU Business School 10 Stats to prove the “Importance of Customer Experience” Watermark Consulting 2013 Customer Experience Study