February 2013: Showing Customers Love


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Showing your customers love is an important way to build loyalty. We gathered some great and not so great examples on customer relationship building.

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February 2013: Showing Customers Love

  1. 1. During February, we celebrated how companies can share the love with their customers. What are customers looking for here? What are great (and not-so-great) examples? We’ve gathered the best from our Customer Experience InvestigationsTM blogs and shared them with you here.(Sometimes love hurts.)
  2. 2. Customers do leave you. How you treat them as they walk out the door canbe the difference between a break and a final break up.• A business only has a 20-40% chance of ever winning back a lost customer! Why make it more difficult by treating exiting customers poorly?• We believe companies need to consider this part of the journey, too.
  3. 3. The first 90 days after the sale is a critical point in the customerrelationship.• Onboarding should establish trust, create a personal relationship and reassure your customer the purchase was a great choice!• Companies often use this time to invoice first and not offer value.
  4. 4. Showing your customers love means discovering what matters to them. Butwhat if you are offering a new product that doesn’t have customers yet?• Cadillac created their first electric car. Without their own electric car customer base, they paid close attention to feedback from current and former Volt electric car drivers.• Crowdsourcing is easier than ever, which is one of the ways to seek this type of feedback.
  5. 5. Getting customers to love you to the point of evangelizing for you is oftenthe end-game of marketers and customer experience professionals. But doyou know the types of advocates you have?• Active Advocates are passionate and loud!• Passive Advocates wait to be asked, but then are happy to share.• Conditional Advocates don’t really love the brand.
  6. 6. Whether it’s indirectly insulting customers by insulting your competition orcalling your customers “shallow” for complaining, insults often lead tocustomers dumping the brand!• H&R Block stood up for their customers and people after TurboTax insulted them in commercials.• Agencies and marketers don’t always stay connected to the customer experience. Don’t let creativity cloud customer-centricity.
  7. 7. Feeling the love means feeling appreciated, valued and supported.1. Hire the right people.2. Communicate how you actually like to be talked to.3. Respond and react ASAP!
  8. 8. New studies show just how important it is to focus on fast and proactive socialcustomer service.• Just 49% of brands track and respond to social media mentions!• Hispanic consumers are nearly 21% more likely to recommend a brand after their social care experience.Do you think enough companies are recognizing how to proactively show thelove and improve the customer experience via social media?
  9. 9. In a personal story about my small bank experience turning into a series ofcommunication blunders from the big bank that took over, we examine whatwent wrong and where it could have been right.• Customer service training often focuses on how to communicate, but WHY and WHEN are just as important to any customer relationship.
  10. 10. We love microinteractions so much we highlight our favorite one each month!They are those small moments that improve or detract from a greatexperience.• For more, check out the TEDx talk about this, or follow our Pinterest board.• Our fave this month was a thoughtful touch of customer consideration in the form of a spoon. Well done, Pom Wonderful!
  11. 11. Thanks to our community for joining us in our discussions about showing your customers love all month long! Want to join in? We’d LOVE to have you!@jeanniecw Google+ Pinterest360Connext CXI® Club InstagramJeannie Walters 360Connext.com RSS @360Connext