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Backgrounder and position papers
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Backgrounder and position papers


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  • 1. Writing a Backgrounder and White Paper
  • 2. WTO Agricultural Negotiations Backgrounder
  • 3. Conduct an online search to find examples of Backgrounders
    Find a style that you would like to use as a model and take a screenshot and save the link. Post it to your website as a blog entry.
    The following pdf is a Backgrounder for the opera Otello
    by Giuseppe Verdi
  • 4. Backgrounders are not all the same
    You will find that some are very complex and contain a great deal of information. Others are more down-to-earth and contain easily readable information.
    The following image of a backgrounder designed for the web its simple only in the sense that it condenses 5000 years of history.
  • 5. Determine the Mood or Image that you want to convey
    If you are developing an Online Press Center, people other than the media are going to read your backgrounder.
    If you are developing a Press Kit to send to the media, you may want to get into more specific details and industry jargon.
    Source: The Write Market
  • 6. Press Backgrounders
    Philips: Sense and Simplicity
  • 7. What is a Backgrounder?
    It looks at a situation or problem in the present by considering its origins and implications for the future.
  • 8. What is a White Paper?
    Resembles a research paper that takes a point of view and marshals evidence in support of the position taken.
  • 9. Both Documents Are Ways to Form Responses to the Press
    What’s your position?
    No Comment won’t be good enough.
  • 10. Companies Need to Be Prepared
  • 11. When Do Companies Use Backgrounders?
    Serves as an information base to executives and employees
    Provides source material for campaign media kits
    Serves as a document to hand out to the media and public
    Can be used on a speech cirucuit
  • 12. Research, Research and More Research
  • 13. Always begin a backgrounder with a statement of the issue and why it is important
    Be precise and concise.
  • 14. Provide Background Information
  • 15. Examine the Current Situation
  • 16. Discuss the Implications
  • 17. Provide Documentation
  • 18. The White Paper
    This document is designed to state a company’s position on an issue.
  • 19. Stating the Issue without Dancing Around It
  • 20. First, Provide Pertinent Background Information
  • 21. Second, State the Issue
  • 22. Support your position with facts and figures
  • 23. Consider Both Sides
  • 24. Consider the Public
  • 25. Make Recommendations
  • 26. Don’t Forget to Offer Alternatives
  • 27. Format and Distribute
  • 28. Consider Special Uses
    Lobbying Efforts
    Online presentations
  • 29. More Infomation
    Alliance for Rural Electrification