The Business Side of Blogging


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While many people view blogging as a hobby, others use their blog as a platform to promote themselves and/or their businesses to potential customers, clients and partners. Blogging is a great way to establish expertise in a certain area and keep in front of potential clients. It’s also a great way to drive traffic to a business website.

These slides are from a free webinar hosted by Sverve on 1/8/14.

During the hour long webinar, I discussed:

• What blogging can do for a business
• Turning a blog into a business
• Why you should view your blog as a brand
• How a blog can make money (directly and indirectly)
• Business blogging best practices

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The Business Side of Blogging

  1. 1. Webinar: The Business Side of Blogging Wednesday January 8, 2014 presented by Jennifer Barbour
  2. 2. About me ¤  Chief Engagement Officer (CEO) for Another Jennifer Writing Lab ¤  Writer, New Media Consultant, Teacher/Speaker ¤  Author of another jennifer blog ( blog), creator of Simple Giving Lab ( and curator of All Things LeftHanded ( ¤  Contributing author of The Mother of All Meltdowns ¤  Started blogging in 2007 ¤  More here:
  3. 3. About you 1.  Are you a blogger wanting to monetize your blog? 2.  Are you a entrepreneur wanting to use a blog to promote your business? 3.  Are you a little bit of 1 and 2? 4.  Unsure?
  4. 4. What we’ll cover ¤ What blogging can do for a business ¤ Why you should view your blog as a brand ¤ How a blog can make money (directly and indirectly) ¤ Turning a blog into a business ¤ Business blogging best practices
  5. 5. via Seth Godin
  6. 6. What a blog can do for you. ¤  Establish expertise, thought leader status ¤  Your platform to educate, advocate, entertain, etc. ¤  Build brand awareness ¤  Build a community ¤  Drive traffic to your website (SEO)
  7. 7. Why blog? ¤ 78% of internet users conduct product research online ¤ 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog ¤ Companies that blog get 55% more web traffic Source: HubSpot
  8. 8. Why blog?
  9. 9. Your Blog as a Brand Brand = Personality of your business What are you portraying to potential customers, clients, brands, partners? [own your truth!]
  10. 10. How a blog can make money (directly and indirectly) ¤ Advertising (direct, affiliate, network) ¤ Sponsored posts (PR firms, brands, communities) ¤ Selling products or services ¤ Marketing your business ¤ Networking ¤ Building a platform (or a portfolio) ¤ Building an audience (your biggest fans!)
  11. 11. Turning a blog into a business Some questions to ask yourself (and be prepared to answer): ¤  Who is your audience? ¤  What do they relate to? ¤  What keeps them coming back for more? ¤  What makes your blog / you truly unique (your USP)? ¤  How will you make money without compromising content? (Also: How much do you want to make?) ¤  How will you keep track of finances, clients, etc.?
  12. 12. Business blogging best practices ¤  Have a strategy (tweak as needed) ¤  Keep posts simple and short, include an image ¤  Aim for at least 1-2 posts per week (more in the beginning) – be consistent! ¤  Use tags, categories, social media sharing options ¤  Monitor, reply to comments ¤  Share/publish posts on other social networks (and offline!) ¤  Make sure your About and Contact pages are easy to find and updated! ¤  Be authentic!
  13. 13. Blog Content Ideas ¤  Your specific expertise ¤  Success stories / testimonials ¤  News / current events ¤  Upcoming events or product launches ¤  Helpful tips ¤  Answer common questions ¤  Guest post or cross-post ¤  Write a regular series (ex., Philanthropy Friday)
  14. 14. Answer this question *What can your audience relate to?
  15. 15. Stay Connected Jennifer Barbour email: phone: 207.653.4542 website & blog: facebook: twitter: @anotherjenb linkedin: stumbleupon: google+: youtube: pinterest: