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Copywriting – top tips


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Helpful copywriting tips to help you maximise marketing ROI.

Professional copywriting will help your business:
Create marketing content that your audience values.
Deliver effective, results focused campaigns.
Improve marketing ROI with clearer, more compelling sales stories.

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Copywriting – top tips

  1. 1. COPYWRITINGGREATCONTENTTop tips forhave-a-go heroesBill Vallis – The Four Peas
  2. 2. ANYONECAN WRITE…And anyone can draw, too. That doesn’t makeus all ‘graphic designers’.Great copywriting drives marketing results.– for example it’s essential to:• Increase campaign responses, CTR & sales conversion• Communicate brand valueStill want to rely on your owncopywriting?Read our top tips…• Create truly valuable content for customers• Communicate & enhance brand value• Increase customer engagement (& position your brand)
  3. 3. COPYWRITING TIPS: #13. Check corporate brand guidelines1. Focus on a clear objective2. Have a written brief & plan your key message(s)4. Identify & understand your audiencePreparation is key:Get this bit right and you’ve set thefoundations for copywriting great content.
  4. 4. COPYWRITING TIPS: #23. Story signposts – use CTA’s to aid user journey1. Headline – capture attention (online: think SEO)2. Intro – your story in a nutshell. Stay relevant4. Benefits not features (harder than you think)5. Concise – stylish, exciting, clear. Don’t ramble6. Sentence length – generally shortish (20 words +/-)Unleash your inner wordsmith:Review your own copy as an independentreader – is it relevant, clear and impactful?And is there a compelling call to action?
  5. 5. COPYWRITING TIPS: #33. Keywords – crucial. Keep it natural: don’t go OTT1. Personality & tone of voice – express yourself2. Context – online or offline? DM or brochure?4. Jargon is a no-no5. Bring it all together – so copy & graphics integrateGo beyond grammar:Get colleagues you trust to read your copywritingand give honest, constructive feedback.Listen to suggestions, but don’t write by committee.
  6. 6. COPYWRITING:THE ACID TEST…Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and readyour content as an impassive customer.Does it achieve your original objective?“Stand in your own queue”Gü founder James Averdieck
  7. 7. THE FOUR PEASCAN HELP YOURCOMPANY: Create valuable marketing content. Copywrite results focused campaigns. Improve your marketing ROI.
  8. 8. THINKOUTSIDETHE PODBill VallisE: 01225 447 496M: 07906 416 445Twitter: BillVallisLinkedIn: