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IVCi is a leading provider of collaboration solutions designed to bring people together, no matter where they are located or what technology they have access to. Our mission is to enable our customers …

IVCi is a leading provider of collaboration solutions designed to bring people together, no matter where they are located or what technology they have access to. Our mission is to enable our customers to improve their business and their bottom line by unleashing the collective power of their people through collaboration.

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  • 1. Unleashing the collective power of people through collaboration www.ivci.com
  • 2. COLLABORATE ANYWHERE When organizations embrace collaboration across their workforce, something truly remarkable occurs. Individuals come together with common goals and their collective power can accomplish far greater things than each individual on their own. ABOUT IVCi IVCi is a leading provider of collaboration solutions designed to bring people together, no matter where they are located or what technology they have access to. Our mission is to enable our customers to improve their business and their bottom line by unleashing the collective power of their people through collaboration. With over eighteen years of experience in the collaboration industry, IVCi focuses on the successful deployment of collaboration solutions by providing services that aim to align technology with business goals and objectives. Whether collaborating from a state-of-the-art conference room or joining a video meeting on the go from a tablet, IVCi ensures that every collaboration session is a success. IVCi.COM COMPREHENSIVE EXPERTISE IVCi’s extensive certifications represent our dedication to providing the highest level of service and support. With over eighteen years of experience in the visual collaboration industry, IVCi is proud to have achieved the highest level of technical and sales certifications from major manufacturers and industry associations. In addition, our people have attained numerous individual certifications that aid in their daily work. Some of these include: When collaborating with others in a business relationship, what is most important? A HISTORY OF SERVICE INNOVATION 1995 Video Conferencing Words someone is using Tone of voice Facial expressions Engagement and focus on shared content Conscious movements or gestures Subconscious body language 1996 Support Services 1999 Audio Visual Integration 2001 Cloud Video Conferencing 2008 Custom Telepresence 2012 Life Cycle Management 2013 Active Care Source: ECONOMIST INTELLIGENCE UNIT 91% 80% 69%82% 73% 64% Cisco Advanced ATP for TelePresence Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Polycom Platinum Solution Provider Polycom RealPresence Services Specialization Microsoft Certified IT Professional (Lync Specialization) InfoComm International Diamond CAVSP LEED Green Association Infocomm CTS, CTS-I, CTS-D Crestron & AMX Programming Certifications Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (Lync Specialization) Simply deploying collaboration technology does not yield success! HOW WE APPROACH COLLABORATION When developing a collaboration strategy, it is important to take both the technology and culture of an organization into account. Areas of consideration should include organizational goals and strategy, team work habits, business processes, and the importance of content. The technology involved must extend across the entire business from collaboration rooms to desktops to individual users’ mobile devices. Collaboration technologies must be seamlessly integrated into the culture of an organization in order to be effective. IVCi has developed a comprehensive approach to ensure organizations realize a robust visual collaboration operation where end users make full use of the technology. ASSESS: Our team works to understand the business drivers behind an implementation to ensure the technology meets the requirements. DESIGN: A team of experts will design a comprehensive solution with best-of-breed collaboration technologies. VALIDATE: Our team will review and validate the design and recommended processes to ensure the solution will seamlessly integrate with the technology and corporate culture. INSTALL: Trained field engineers will implement the solution utilizing industry standards and best practices to ensure success. TRAIN: Users are trained on the use of tools and the proper processes and procedures needed to deliver a reliable and consistent experience. Trained users and functioning technology are only the beginning. IVCi provides access to technical support “day two” and beyond to ensure that your collaboration investment is always delivering at optimal performance. For those organizations who do not want to manage the technology themselves, IVCi offers a suite of cloud based managed services that allow organizations to immediately enjoy the benefits of collaboration solutions, while our team manages the day-to-day operations.
  • 3. People are the most important component of any meeting so conference rooms must be optimized for a superior participant experience. IVCi ensures remote participants are able to clearly see the local participants along with the active speaker. Additionally, the room environment needs to be comfortable for local participants. Proper furniture, acoustics and aesthetics are all considered and help support collaboration and creativity by allowing participants to focus on the meeting at hand. The ability to present or share content is often required in meetings as participants may need to share documents, PowerPoint presentations, or training videos. In addition, participants might need the ability to create, modify or annotate documents in real-time. IVCi designs rooms to support multiple data sources and formats and display content clearly from multiple vantage points. Participants are able to effortlessly view and actively discuss the documents in real time. Some environments require interactive collaboration along with the creation, sharing and annotation of complex data. Complex data includes large, high resolutions images, such as blueprints or product designs, where granular detail is necessary. Complex data also includes the ability to display and control data from multiple sources simultaneously; such as participants’ PCs or tablets. Participants can effortlessly make changes and switch between multiple deliverables in real time. Connect People Display Content Complex Data COLLABORATION ROOMS Organizations often have the need to connect groups of people in an engaging and interactive environment. Collaboration rooms are purpose built environments designed to organize ideas while providing the freedom needed to inspire creativity. IVCi.COM
  • 4. DESKTOP & MOBILE SOLUTIONS Unified Communications Infrastructure Design Room Integration Unified Communications (UC) solutions are offered from manufacturers such as Cisco, Microsoft and IBM. They include features such as presence, instant messaging and video conferencing and can augment a current video deployment or offer a scalable solution for first time users. Our team will design a solution based on the business needs along with bandwidth and other network requirements. In addition, we can leverage our experience in room-based conferencing to integrate these solutions back to the room. Desktop and mobile video conferencing clients have exploded with the proliferation of these devices. Meeting participants are no longer relegated to audio when out of the office as they can join from their computer, smartphone or tablet. Infrastructure is a key component in supporting a collaboration environment and proper configuration is crucial for optimal user experience. Our team will design an overall solution architecture based on industry & manufacturer best practices. The solution will address the business requirements surrounding the requested solution. This includes multipoint bridging capabilities, asset management and scheduling, firewall traversal, endpoint management. call control, messaging and presence, and more. Any mobile and desktop video strategy must also focus on how to integrate those users into meetings held in conference rooms and huddle areas. When addressing the technical and operational aspects of desktop and mobile, IVCi’s solution en- gineers can provide the needed services and infrastructure to seamlessly integrate every device into a room based meeting. While organizations may have countless road warriors, rooms are still critical parts of any collaboration strategy. IVCi.COM
  • 5. CLOUD SERVICES Cloud services provide a reliable, scalable and secure approach to video conferencing and allow organizations to concentrate on their core competencies rather than worry about making the technology work. MVE is a cloud-based service that completely manages an organization’s video environment including scheduling, proactive meeting, monitoring and concierge services. A user friendly scheduling process allows meeting participants to simply enter a conference room or open a video application. Participants are connected automatically by our team of professionals who handle all technical and operational functions. Issues detected prior to a meeting are investigated before the call is launched providing greater call reliability. Virtual Meeting Room is a cloud-based meet-me service that connects video participants regardless of where they are or what platform they are using. Users receive their own virtual meeting room and they host the conference via an easy to use web interface. Attendees receive a link in their calendar invite with instructions on how to join using their preferred video enabled device or software application, including a standard web browser option. IVCi.COM Managed Video Experience Virtual Meeting Room Active Care is a managed service that actively monitors audio visual, visual collaboration, and other components that are connected to the service. During a series of audio and video system health checks our team can identify potential issues and initiate the service process immediately by creating a HelpDesk ticket and coordinating troubleshooting. Active Care also provides alerts for preventative maintenance issues via email along with monthly reports highlighting system usage, source usage and more. Active Care
  • 6. Assessment Services Operations Support Equipment Service Assessments provide the groundwork for a successful visual collaboration implementation by identifying how new technology will impact the entire organization. From network and bandwidth requirements to end user perceptions. This helps discover the goals and objectives the solutions should address as well as identifies any potential challenges. IVCi then creates a roadmap to assist with long-term planning and implementation to ensure the proposed solution meets an organization’s needs. Collaboration technology has the potential to impact an organization’s bottom line in many positive ways. However, the technology will only go so far. It is imperative to consider the actual deployment of the solution to ensure it meets the business requirements. Operations support services focus on creating a series of processes and best practices within the organization for consistent visual collaboration management. This includes standard operation procedures around scheduling, system monitoring, change management, conference management and more. Additionally, adoption services promote the introduction of visual collaboration technologies into the workforce through a well defined rollout plan complete with usage materials and guides. IVCi offers a variety of maintenance plans to support audio visual and video collaboration technologies. Our Helpdesk is staffed 24/7 and consists of level one, two, and three technicians certified in Cisco, Polycom, Crestron, Extron, and a variety of other audio visual components. Technicians monitor and track real-time customer service statistics to ensure minimal wait times. Customer satisfaction is a priority and IVCi consistently receives a 97% overall customer satisfaction rate for service from Boston Research Survey. SUCCESSFUL DEPLOYMENTS IVCi.COM
  • 7. To learn more, visit www.ivci.com Corporate Headquarters 601 Old Willets Path Hauppauge, NY 11788 800-224-7083 Copyright 2013, IVCi, LLC Collaborate Anywhere 090413