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El Aula del Futuro


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Presentación del expositor MASHME.IO en el DIGITAL CORNER

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El Aula del Futuro

  1. 1. EdTECH Overview 2018
  2. 2. • was founded in 2012 by Víctor Sánchez, Master’s Degree in ITM from Illinois Institute of Technology. • The company has users in 73 countries, surpassing the one million user mark in 2015. • Our corporate client portfolio includes industry leaders Telefonica, Movistar, Orange, Santillana, IE University/Business School, Catenon, Saïd Business School - University of Oxford and The Valley Digital Business School. • The company launched its third generation software platform in 2017, designed specifically for EdTECH and B2B applications. About
  3. 3. Mission & Vision Our mission is to transform remote education and training through seamless interactive learning experiences. Our vision is to be the standard for on-line learning and training, facilitating a universally accessible global education market.
  4. 4. • is a SaaS video collaboration platform which is delivered via a web browser and requires no plug-ins or application installation on the clients’ desktop. • software is based in HTML5 and WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications). The application runs in a Google Chrome window making it one of the largest web applications ever created. • Its simple installation and easy to use features unifies connections with teams, clients and colleagues globally. It solves the problem of fragmented tools and ephemeral discussions by offering a complete real-time synchronised virtual meeting solution for sharing, organising and storing documents; video chat; instant messaging; and leveraging multimedia content. • is a modular platform that can be adapted to your business needs. We are able to work with your organisation to develop and integrate the tools which can be an enabler for Digital Transformation in the EdTECH vertical. • Our platform integrates all of the features needed for successful video collaboration. What is
  5. 5. leading edge technologies
  6. 6. Patented shared memory architecture enables real-time sharing of applications & media Unique Mashme file persistence attributes allows users to save media within a virtual room without the need for book-marking Exceptional video quality
  7. 7. a configurable pallet of features
  8. 8. Enterprise Connect Our browser-based SaaS platform offers a rich video collaboration experience, synchronised in real time, with one click and no downloads, setups or configuration. Users connect in seconds not minutes. Room of the Future A virtual training room designed to deliver an interactive on-line class. Full HD delegates, graphical feedback for the moderator and a seamless experience for remote participants. Our solutions
  9. 9. • The “Room of the Future” is a breakthrough in education, e-learning and employee collaboration. It offers the most immersive video collaboration experience for organizations looking to transform their learning environment. • The “Room of the Future” is offered in solutions from 4 to 125 screens, configured into a HD video wall, which includes video and audio systems all operated by software. • Using high quality video to host interactive sessions that allow a moderator to engage with remote employees and delegates all over the world, with minimal latency. • also provides data analytics following each session, tracking the delegates time spent viewing material shown, and how effective the materials were in conveying key messages. • The “Room of the Future” uses the same technology platform as our Enterprise Collaboration platform, but has a number of changes to the User Interface (UI) specifically for the EdTECH vertical. What is Room of the Future?
  10. 10. Mashme Room of the Future
  11. 11. • Enriches online and blended learning experience for e-learning environments for both students and faculty. • Supports immersive and continuous virtual learning. • Not limited by Office hours. • Enables remote interactive and collaborative study groups. • Coordinate different remote teams or venues. • High quality recordings for tutorials, classes and training rooms. • Edit, create and share files with your team. • Conduct meetings with both internal/external common interest groups from anywhere in the world. • Benefit from savings in infrastructure, time, travel and physical space reservation. • Easy access via URL, no software or download required. transforms the learning experience
  12. 12. • Presentation sharing, co-browsing of images, videos, interactive maps, and virtual whiteboards. • The ability to connect to external private or public repositories (like YouTube or Flickr) and perform real-time searches that can be included as interactive elements to a session. • Polling & Survey Function. • Embedded IM function. • Hands up function for discrete control of delegate interaction. • A robotic movement tracking video camera for moderator. • Tactile screens for class management, applications and whiteboards that can range from small tablets to 65” digital screens. • Remote moderator function. • Capability for both local and remote delegates. • Variety of configurable digital maps for different use cases. Mashme Room of the Future – features
  13. 13. Student Desktop View File sharing & Persistence
  14. 14. Student Desktop View Conferencing
  15. 15. Student Desktop View Whiteboard
  16. 16. Student Desktop View Polling & Surveys
  17. 17. Chat Enables students to communicate within the virtual classroom with both the lecturere and virtual classmates. Current Features
  18. 18. Chat Current Features Raised hands Enables the student to flag to the lecturere that he/she has a question that he/she would like to address to the lecturere or the classroom.
  19. 19. Chat Current Features Polls, Surveys & Questionaire’s Allows the lecturer to present text based questions to the classroom. The answers from the students can then be saved for future analysis or comparison.
  20. 20. Chat Current Features Lecture Details The lecturer details, Room name and session details are displayed for validation purposes. This pane also shows the graphical representation of the session recording function and the classroom countdown timer.
  21. 21. The WOW Room IE, Madrid
  22. 22. The Oxford HIVE Said Business School, Oxford
  23. 23. The Place The Valley Digital Business School, Madrid
  24. 24. 18 screen solution for blended sessions (local & remote delegates)
  25. 25. 32 screen solution for blended sessions - Option 1 (local & remote delegates)
  26. 26. 32 screen solution for blended sessions - Option 2 (local & remote delegates)
  27. 27. 32 screen solution for blended sessions - Option 3 (local & remote delegates)
  28. 28. 6 Screen solution Mashme Demo Room, Madrid
  29. 29. O1 6x3 | 55” O2 9x3 | 55” O3 Wall mounted 9x3 | 55” O4 Wall mounted 6x3 + 2x2 + 2x2 | 55” O5 6x3 | 47” O6 9x3 | 47” O7 Wall mounted 9x3 | 47” O8 Wall mounted 6x3 + 2x2 + 2x2 | 47” O1 O2 O3 O4 O8 O7 O6 O5
  30. 30. Roadmap 2018
  31. 31. Voice control & recognition Useability of our Room of the Future will be enhanced with the introduction of the capability to control all features via voice commands. 360 videoconference To allow remote/online delegates to feel as close to campus as posible, we will offer the possibility to show campus in 4k 360 degree video conference. In-session analytics We will continue to enhance the moderators real time awareness of the session with analytics such as facial recognition which will monitor delegate engagement etc. Room of the Future Development Roadmap 2018 Virtual Overflow Enables more participants than the Wall has been configured for to join a session in audio only mode. Dynamic Rooms Enables adhoc event seating plans populating from the centre of the wall outward.
  32. 32. Roadmap Admin Feature Enhancements • Dynamic rooms. • Test call / class. • User roles improvement. • Guest presenter role. • Break-out rooms upgrades. • Polls & Survey upgrades • Virtual overflow – youtube streaming.
  33. 33. Facial analytics Real time analytics enable the lecturer to automatically track facial expressions related to anxiety, confusion, engagement and frustration. Lecturers would also be able to identify moments when students' attention is broken, which could help to improve teaching. Future features
  34. 34.