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Cloud Video Experience


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An overview of IVCi's Cloud Video Experience, an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution for video conferencing. The service features full support for video conferencing endpoints, mobile devices and interoperable virtual meeting rooms.

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Cloud Video Experience

  1. 1. VIDEO CONFERENCING: THE BENEFITS  Reduce Travel Expenses  Connect Remote Teams  Increase Productivity  Connect with Partners & Customers
  2. 2. VIDEO CONFERENCING: THE CHALLENGE Scalability Infrastructure Interoperability Mobility Ease of Use Return on Investment
  3. 3. THE CLOUD SOLUTION - SCALABILITY Instant Activation Receive an email and configure your system in minutes Video for All! All users can be equipped with a personal video account and only pay for those who use it Meet with Everyone Virtual Meeting Rooms that scale to as many participants as necessary, no caps or limits
  4. 4. THE CLOUD SOLUTION - INFRASTRUCTURE Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Access to the latest, up-to-date infrastructure needed to make video function seamlessly Dynamically Updated Phone Book Easily connect everyone within the organization Firewall Traversal (B2B/B2C) Call beyond your own company to partners, vendors, and customers Always Near By (Smart Roaming) Calls automatically routed to our closest data center, no matter where you are located
  6. 6. THE CLOUD SOLUTION – MOBILITY BYOD Personal Video Accounts for Desktop and Mobile Devices All Your Devices Personal video accounts can be configured on up to six devices Enterprise Wide Every user can be equipped with mobile video and organizations only pay for those who use it
  8. 8. VIRTUAL MEETING ROOMS Features Recording Audio dial-in Monthly call detail report Control panel -Add/Drop Participants -Mute -Meeting History
  9. 9. PERSONAL VIDEO ACCOUNTS Cisco or Polycom Personal Video Accounts for Desktop and Mobile All Your Devices Personal video accounts can be configured on up to six devices! Only Pay for Active Users Users with less than 10 minutes/month of calling are not charged Self-Service Registration Activate via a simple email and download
  10. 10. GLOBAL QUALITY ASSURED NETWORK 16 POPs Private network between POPs Public Internet for Last Mile