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IVCi is a leading provider of collaboration solutions designed to bring people together, no matter where they are located or what technology they have access to.

Our mission is to enable our customers to improve their business and their bottom line by unleashing the collective power of their people through collaboration.

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  • Today I am going to talk to you about who IVCi is and what we do. But why we do it is even more important.
  • Collaboration is a hard thing to define at times, but ultimately it can bring some truly amazing things to an organization. Imagine your customers working directly with your product designers and engineers, face to face. Customers can provide feedback or even help develop new products.At the same time, with virtual collaboration technology, the best and brightest of your organization can work together to solve the challenges that need solving.
  • Collaboration can provide huge benefits to the organizations that embrace it. Here are a few examples:Pixar: Connects their animators, writers, and production teams to create some of the most compelling and profitable animated films in history. Their collaboration is all about fostering creativity. This is done through technology but also through creating an environment that fosters teamwork.Deloitte: One of the largest users of visual collaboration in the world, they connect with over 180 customers per month. Deloitte views its investment in video as a strategic competitive advantage over the competition because it makes its practitioners and consultants available to clients via high-quality video around the world at a moment’s notice in meetings that would be impossible in any other format. The company can bring together diverse skill sets from multiple geographic locations to address client problems and opportunities almost instantaneously. That’s a win for the client, who gets access to consultants withouthaving to pay for travel, and a win for Deloitte, which gets greater client satisfaction and retention.BE Aerospace: (IVCi customer): BE manufactures components for commercial aircraft. Collaboration has allowed engineers to connect quickly and discuss a part or problem, without having to fly to a specific location to review the physical part. They can have it with them on the call and solve the problem quickly. This has led to faster time to market of components.Volkswagen: Reduced manufacturer problem resolution from 2 months to 2 week with increased collaboration, including video.
  • IVCi has been profitable since inception, 1995. 175 employees.Much of what we do is helping organizations connect to others via video conferencing. This is not an easy task. Its not like your cell phone where you dial a number and the call is automatically negotiated across carriers, networks, etc. Much of business video lives in islands and it can be challenging to traverse these islands. So while you might be using your own network for video, another company might be working with AT&T. We can make the cross network connection possible. We will talk more about that later on.
  • IVCi has consistently focused on creating innovative services to help our customers make the most out of their collaboration investment as well as tailoring to their specific needs. In 2013 we are developing proactive monitoring services to help keep customer AV rooms up and running.
  • IVCi runs the daily collaboration environments for numerous organizations. This essentially means that we are their outsourced provider for collaboration services. With over ten years of experience doing this, we have gained significant experience understanding both the technology and the processes and procedures that make visual collaboration successful.
  • Some pretty amazing statistics from our MVE team.
  • IVCi staffs a team of technical and operational experts across all areas of collaboration including audio visual design, video conferencing, control system programing and meeting specialists.
  • Here is an example of 2 members of our technical team.
  • In a recent survey of business leaders, the Economist asked the question. WHEN COLLABORATING WITH OTHERS IN A BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP, WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT?Of the responses, 69% mentioned subconscious body language as most important and 91% mentioned engagement and focus on shared content.Room based collaboration offers the best possible experience for content sharing and collaboration as well as the ability to judge even the slightest of body language.
  • When designing a collaboration environment it is important for the technology in the room to support all the ways people need to communicate and collaborate. After a thorough needs assessment, our engineers and programmers create an optimal collaboration environment through integration of audio, video, and data presentation tools along with room lighting and acoustics. Project managers ensure a smooth implementation process by overseeing all aspects of the installation and serving as the primary point of contact.
  • Some collaboration environments require interactive collaboration along with the creation, sharing and annotation of complex data. Complex data includes large, high resolutions images, such as blueprints or product designs, where granular detail is necessary. Complex data also includes the ability to display and control data from multiple sources simultaneously; such as participants’ PCs or tablets. Participants can effortlessly make changes and switch between multiple deliverables in real time.
  • On occasion employees are away from the office; either working from home, traveling for business or simply on vacation, and need to connect with colleagues. UC and video integration with smartphones and tablets, allows users to connect with colleagues regardless of where they are. Audio calls can be answered from the user’s mobile phone, instant messages can be sent and received from a tablet, and users can participate in a meeting over video instead of being relegated to audio.
  • Many collaboration solutions are entirely software based now and can run on standard-off the shelf servers. In many cases, these same applications can be loaded on cloud based virtual servers. These servers can be brought online instantly and billed only based on usage. With video conferencing specifically, another server and more licenses can be added easily to allow more people within an organization to utilize video.Another video trend is “Video in more places”. As these products get less expensive and video becomes more ubiquitous, organizations are looking to deploy more video in more places. IVCi continues to develop products and services to make it easier to give more people access to visual collaboration.As video becomes more prevalent, teams are wanting to be able to collaborate from within their native applications. For example, hospitals are implementing electronic health systems and video conferencing embedded in those applications would help add collaboration to their standard workflow. IVCi is exploring ways to provide that connection between applications and video.
  • Introduction to IVCi

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