Strategize digital digital marketing strategy 9-13-11


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Digital marketing Course. How to develop a Digital marketing strategy

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Strategize digital digital marketing strategy 9-13-11

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Alive Course Strategize Digital …Digital Marketing Strategy Fall 2011 Lynchburg College School of Business and Economics Dr Ira Kaufman •©2011
  2. 2. Make Sense of all the social noise …Create Value for Your Business© 2011
  3. 3. 1st team of "digital/social media" strategists”Strategy plays a critical role developingcampaigns that resonate with consumer"Thats what the consumer reallyneeds, more value, as opposed tomore noise."Devika Bulchandani, Chief Executive Strategy Partner McCann New York .
  4. 4. What is Strategy?• Elements of Strategy – Why – What – How – Who – Where• Integrated Strategy• Sustainable Strategy
  5. 5. Think Thru Strategic Lens “Strategy is the direction and scope of an organization over the long-term: which achieves advantage for the organization through its configuration of resources within a challenging environment, to meet the needs of markets and to fulfill stakeholder expectations”
  6. 6. Lessons from Obama Team • 1. Give new media a seat at the strategy table 2. New digital tools are useless without a blueprint 3. Campaign requires consistency in messaging 4. Map digital landscape/conversations of targets 5. Include a call to offline action 6. Be ready to give up control to your communities• •©2010
  7. 7. Powerful Social Media StrategyObama has 380% more Obama has 403% more subscriberssupporters than McCain than McCain & 905% moreObama: 2,379,102 supporters Viewers than McCainMcCain: 620,359 supporters • “Race” Speech 3.8 MM YouTube • 4 MM Cable-3 channelsObama has 380% more Obama has 240 times moresupporters than McCain followers than McCainObama: Friends: 833,161 Obama: @barackobama has 112,474McCain: Friends: 217,811 followers • McCain: @JohnMcCain 4,603 followers • nov-2-2008/
  8. 8. Are You Ready ?Do You Hear the Call?
  9. 9. Marketers Digital Challenge• “80% marketers concerned their brand is at risk from not being as engaged with customers”• “<33% marketers have a strong understanding of social media conversations related to their brand”• “70% have little understanding/use of tools to measure social media conversations” Annual Alterian Annual Survey
  10. 10. Execs Make the JUMP to DIGITAL!2011 Survey -902 US based executives (large and mid sizedcompanies)• 78 % social strategy is critical to the future success of their businesses BUT• 17% think their companys digital strategy is “ ahead of the curve”• 66% believe that social applications for business represent a fundamental shift in how work will get done.• 53% believe they must adopt Social Business or risk falling behind.• 57 % anticipate “increased revenue or sales” as a result of implementing a Social Business strategy.• Jive Social Business Index 2011
  11. 11. What Needs to Happen?• Gather right information• Spot opportunities for marketing to your existing and potential customers to increase ____ and ___ per customer• Develop a Plan• Implement the plan integrating the marketing tools -email, SMS marketing, social media marketing, blogging, search engine marketing and online
  12. 12. Digital Marketing StrategyClient progresses through six inter-related stages.Each stage builds on the previous stage to realize anintegrated strategy• Assessment• Branding Strategy• Online Environment• Integrated Media Marketing• Evaluation• Fine Tuning
  13. 13. AssessmentCompany’s market position determined by:• Customer Insights – Market research, Focus groups• Touchpoint Analysis• Digital Mindset & Footprint Analysis – Social mentions, Company chatter-feedback• Competitive Analysis – Positions available – Research marketing tools results
  14. 14. Strategic Branding• Incorporate Assessment into Strategy and Brand• Develop Value Proposition• Build Social Brand thru Digital Design – (crowdsourcing, online collaboration) 10 characters not 10 words• Finding your Sweet Spot• Determine Voice and Personality (logo, tagline)
  15. 15. Set Priorities – Allocate 100 PointsTarget audiences Benefit to company – Increase goal Media – Increase awareness Prospects – Improve customer Past customers loyalty Partners – Attract new customers Employees – Improve social Govt/NGO brand Social communities – Develop thought leadership Thought leaders
  16. 16. Customers Don’t TRUST• 95% do not trust advertising• 8% trust what companies say about themselves• 17% believe companies take what they say seriously Alterian Research May 2010, Your Brand: At Risk or Ready for Growth?
  17. 17. Online EnvironmentWebsite, Blog, Landing or FB Page• Hub of the Digital Marketing Strategy• Traditional and social media tools drive clients to Online Hub.• SERVAS Digital Analysis, Benchmark effectiveness of online and social environments
  18. 18. SERVAS ANALYSIS• Sustainable Goal - What is the targeted goal?• Engage - How effective is the message in attracting your target market?• Relationship – Did the message stimulate the target to feel trust or common interests?• Value –Does the messages communicate added benefit for the individual or organization?• Action- Does the message move you to act?• Synergy- Is the tool integrated and leveraging other marketing efforts?
  19. 19. Create Engaging Web Environment
  20. 20. ONLINE HUB Develop Call to Action• Build Value for target community• Give something (content) to customer to engage
  21. 21. Integrated Media Marketing• Effectively integrate social media (Facebook, Twitter) with traditional marketing, PR, direct selling, customer services, advertising and sales promotions.• Each tool is targeted to different stages of the Integrated Digital Marketing Lifecycle. – Setup (0-3 Mo) – Traction (4-9 mo) – Positioning (10- 15mo) – Expansion (16-27 mo) – Viral growth (future )• What is Effective? – What tools are you going to choose to focus upon? – Why do you feel these tools are most effective? – What is best use of your resources (time, expertise)?
  22. 22. Integrated Media Marketing Social Networking Profiles Consistency • Avatar or photo • Keywords • 140 characters • 100 words • novel
  23. 23. Integrated Media•From:
  24. 24. Digital Media Platforms Optimize/Integrate• Increase the reach and effectiveness of media mix by connecting and integrating content with social and digital media.• Develop the potential of each platform to increase site traffic, search engine rankings and sales revenue – use same keywords across all platforms – enhance the user’s digital connection and participation with your online hub – build interactivity, conversations, relationships – incorporate engaging “calls to action” – implement Digital Asset Optimization to note all online content
  25. 25. Digital Media in Action It’s more than--- • Having a Facebook page • Broadcasting Tweets • Uploading YouTube Videos • Blogging without a content strategy It’s Digital Media Optimization
  26. 26. Strategy Digital Marketing Imperative1. Develop a Roadmap to navigate the world of digital media TV2. Ask the right questions3. Go beyond traditional marketing as independent silos; integrate your efforts Integrate Silos
  27. 27. Optimize Your MediaSynergize … Build on each other traditional online advertising marketing social public relations social media
  28. 28. Social Strategies• Access Targeted Social Communities• Encourage Social Sharing – Leverage current users by allowing them to sign-in with social network identities and share content• Integrate Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM)• Develop Crisis Management Plan
  29. 29. Content Management• Create rich content that promotes sharing easily with friends, colleagues• Encourage mashup (mix digital media- graphics, audio, video, animation to create a new work• Reward conversation and engagement• Include keywords in content updates• Produce consistent updates – Utilize staff resources through training – Outsource updates through regular client input
  30. 30. Monitoring…Evaluation• Analyze user interactions to determine “opportunities left on the table”• Track company chatter, digital footprint• Track referral traffic (Google Analytics, FB Insights, BudUrls)• Benchmark performance to customer goals, satisfaction and results• Use RGV (Resources Generating Value) expanding ROI for evaluation
  31. 31. EVALUATION Prove Media WorksTrack - Evaluate ROI 1. Webstats - Google Analytics 2. Bud URLS 3. Facebook Stats 4. Social mentions
  32. 32. Are You Listening to Your Company Chatter?• Google Alerts• Twitter search• Facebook newsfeed and status updates• LinkedIn Q & A• Google Blog search
  33. 33. What Are They Saying?
  34. 34. Fine TuningAfter 6+ Months Setup, Positioning You will 1. Expand Brand Position 2. Grow Website Traffic 3. Increase Dealer Buzz 4. Grow Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Followers 5. Realize referrals >>>>>>>>>>>> Refine… Innovate ….Fine Tune
  35. 35. Digital Marketing Strategy
  36. 36. Digital Marketing Best Practices1. Commit resources - executive buy-in; staff; training; $$2. Build on what you are doing - Incorporate social media to leverage current marketing3. Listen, Plan, Test - Monitor digital buzz, what customers are saying; create your strategy and then test it4. Develop competitive edge – as an early adopter you can define your position5. Be consistent, not overpowering - Maintain your Brand; increase your digital presence, but don’t irritate6. Influence- Target influencer and their social communities-
  37. 37. Digital Marketing Best Practices-27. Develop, maintain relationships - Touch your potential buyers and customers with regular alerts on new inventory, service advice/coupons8. Integrate - Weave your current marketing (TV, radio) with mobile, and social media9. Measure - Monitor your companys “digital chatter” and presence10. Evaluate your SROI - Evaluate, readjust your tactics to meet sustainable goals11. Keep Current…Drive Innovation - With daily changes, have experts keep your finger on the pulse
  38. 38. About the PresenterIra Kaufman, President, Ira combines 30 years of rich experienceswith businesses and non-profits to guide them to leverage the powerof social media for marketing, recruitment and organizationaldevelopment. Ira collaborates with a team of experts to designinteractive environments to by integrating traditional advertising,online marketing, public relations and social media. His strong valuesand sensitivity to organization innovation and change are thefoundation of his work. Ira has a PhD in Marketing and serves as aconsultant, public speaker, and lecturer for companies and SeniorExecutive programs. Currently Visiting Professor, Lynchburg CollegeSchool of Business and Economics. LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: