San Francisco Gift show Summer 2010Running your sm strategy in an hour a day


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Learn how 60 minutes a day can propel your retail business to the next level of social media success.

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San Francisco Gift show Summer 2010Running your sm strategy in an hour a day

  1. 1. Running A Social Media Strategy For Your Retail Business In An Hour A Day San Francisco International Gift Fair August 1, 2010 Change . Creative Business Consulting Group 1
  2. 2. Change . Can Be Fabulous! Creative Business Consulting Group Conversations About You Are Going On Everywhere, Anytime…With Or Without You Creative Business Consulting Group 2
  3. 3. Retailers Must Find Better Ways To Connect With Customers More Effectively In Order To Succeed Creative Business Consulting Group Seminar Objectives TIME IS MONEY – LET’S USE IT WISELY This Session Will Include: Tips For Creating An Effective Long Term Social Media Strategy Sample Planning Guides For Social Media Interactions Time Saving Tools To Minimize Your Time Devoted To Social Media Tips For Engaging Repeat Visits To Your Social Networking Sites Creative Business Consulting Group 3
  4. 4. Where We’ve Been -The Mass Media Model Creative Business Consulting Group Where We’re Headed – Are You There Yet? The New Media Model Companies Will Attention Increase Their Digital Marketing Budgets An Average Evangelism Engagement Of 17% In 2010, With Social Media Driving Much Of That TRUST Increase ~ eConsultancy ~ Loyalty Commitment Today, More Than Conversation 22% Of All Time Online Is Spent Using Social Media Creative Business Consulting Group 4
  5. 5. Social Media Fits With The New Approach To Marketing Old Approach New Approach One to Many Broadcast Many To Many Dialogue Periodic Message Continuous Interaction Restricted Information Open and Transparent Marketer Chooses Content Consumer Chooses Content Marketer Controlled Flow Of Content On Demand Content Interruption Based Permission Based Creative Business Consulting Group Social Media Usage and Tools Are On Their Second Evolution – It’s Not Just A Fad Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Discussion Boards/ Forums/ Chat RSS Rooms Social Networks Clubs/ Groups/ Communities Personalized Search (Tags or Search- Review/ Rating Sites Engine Powered) Direct Feedback (Solicited) Wikis and Other Collaboration Tools Blogs Podcasts Virtual Worlds “Mash Up” Creative Business Consulting Group 5
  6. 6. Questions Retailers Must Consider When Getting Involved With Social Media Marketing Where Are Your Customers Online? What Are Your Customers Social Behaviors Online? What Social Information Or People Do Your Customers Rely On? What Is Your Customer’s Social Influence? Who Trusts Them? How Do Customers Use Social Technologies In The Context Of Your Products? Creative Business Consulting Group Conventional Wisdom Is Dangerous; Top 10 Social Media Myths 1. It’s Easy 2. It’s Free 3. It’s About Technology 4. Social Media Reaches Mass Audiences 5. Marketers Can Talk About Their Products 6. All Internet Users Will Participate 7. Management Will Understand The Potential 8. We’ll See Results Right Away 9. Tracking, Measuring Is Easy 10. We’ll Put It Up And It Will Take Care Of Itself Creative Business Consulting Group 6
  7. 7. Social Media Engagement Is A Five Step Process Co- Listen Speak Engage Support create Source: Jeremiah Owayang Creative Business Consulting Group A Strategic Four Step Approach For Using Social Media Will Act As Your Marketing Compass People Assess Your Customers’ Social Activities Objectives Decide What You Want To Accomplish Strategy Plan What To Say And How Your Interactions With Customers Will Change Technology Decide Which Social Technologies To Use Creative Business Consulting Group 7
  8. 8. People Social Media Strategy Formation Starts With Understanding Where Your Customers Participate Start By Assessing Where You Should Be Participating And Where The Biggest Opportunities Exist Where Do Your Current And Potential Customers Participate? Listening Will Give You A Good Idea Of: What’s Being Said About Your Company Online Where Messages Are Posted Where Users Spend Time How Much Is Being Discussed Don’t Forget To Assess How Your Competitors Are Participating In Social Media Creative Business Consulting Group People Key Listening Tools Google Alerts emails you whenever a chosen keyword is mentioned in any form of online content Google Blog Search ( scans the blogosphere for any keyword or phrase you input. Twitter Search ( scans all Twitter posts for your selected keyword or phrase SiteVolume ( reports how often keywords or phrases appear on Twitter, Digg, MySpace, YouTube and Flickr SocialMention ( enables you to search keywords and phrases by specific channel category (blogs, images, news,video, etc.), or as a whole, and to receive email alerts when a new mention is posted Socialcast ( offers real-time analytics on microblogging and other social activities and identifies individual users’ level of activity. Creative Business Consulting Group 8
  9. 9. Objectives Define Objectives and Strategy – Establish Clear, Quantifiable Goals What Are You Looking To Get Out Of This Investment Today And In The Future? What Steps Do You Need To Take To Make It Happen? Consider How To: Expand Brand Or Product Awareness Build Or Enhance Brand Community Engage Qualify Fans And Convert Them To Customers Improve Customer Satisfaction Creative Business Consulting Group Objectives Objectives Will Drive Key Questions And Marketing Activities Objective Key Questions Activities Expand Brand Or • How You Will Get Your Brand • Advertising, Promotion, Integration With Product Name Out There Other Media, Blogger Outreach, Initiation Of Awareness Peer Sharing User-generated Content Campaigns Build Or Enhance • How You Will Attract Fans And • Awareness Building, Advertising, Promoting, Brand Community Keep Them Engaged Appealing To A Specific Target Audience, Tailored Content Plans, Tone, Frequency &Types Of Interactions, Special Offers Engage Qualify • How You Will Solicit Information • Surveys, Contests, Facebook Applications, Fans And Convert From Users Conversation Starters, Measured Content Them To Customer • How Will You Use That Insight To Views, Data Mining & Analytics, Sales Team Further The Relationship Involvement, Product Sampling, Boosting The One-to-one Nature Of The Conversation Improve Customer • How You Plan To Offer • Customer Surveys, Employee Incentives, Satisfaction Exceptional Service And Support Mystery Shoppers, Extra Personnel, • How You Will Go Above And Enhanced Segmentation & Differentiation of Beyond Their Expectations Service Levels, Rewards/Loyalty Programs Creative Business Consulting Group 9
  10. 10. Strategy How to Socialize Your Brand Creative Business Consulting Group Strategy Decide Where to Concentrate Your Efforts You Can’t Be Everywhere At Once – Start Slowly And Build Don’t be Overwhelmed; Avoid Paralysis By Analysis Start With One Social Media Program (I.E. Facebook) Learn The Basics Layer In More Functionality Incorporate Time Saving Applications Use Younger Employees (Or Children) To Mentor You Integrate Additional Social Media Application When You Are Ready Listen In On Social Search Sites (I.E Yelp!) And Start To Participate Creative Business Consulting Group 10
  11. 11. Technology Choose Appropriate Social Media Applications Based on Customer Criteria and Strategy Decide Where To Focus Your Efforts Creative Business Consulting Group Technology Scheduling Tools Improve Productivity And Ensure Consistent Engagement • Tweet Deck • Hootsuite - Desktop - Desktop Application That Shows Twitter, Application That Links Twitter, Facebook, Search And Followers On Facebook, Search And Followers One Screen On One Screen • Social Oomph • Friendfeed - Schedule - Connects All Tweets Days Or Weeks In Advance Social Media Applications From One Desktop View • Sendible - Links Multiple • Selectivetweets Social Media Applications From One www.selectivetweetscom - Desktop Application. Allows For Future Facebook Application that Allows Scheduling Options Posts From Twitter To Go Directly To Your FB Fan Page Creative Business Consulting Group 11
  12. 12. Spade Or Excavator .Which Tool Would You Rather Use? OR Work Smart – Not Hard Creative Business Consulting Group Plan Your Participation On A Weekly Basis And Then Break Into Manageable Daily Efforts xxx Creative Business Consulting Group 12
  13. 13. Social Media Planning Calendar - Examples Creative Business Consulting Group Social Media Planning Calendar - Examples cont. Creative Business Consulting Group 13
  14. 14. Weekly Planning Should Incorporate A Variety Of Sites, Topics And Posting Categories Theme: Christmas Gifts December Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Dec 5 Dec 6 Dec 7 Dec 8 Dec 9 Dec 10 Dec 11 Tell Christmas Story Egg Nog Recipe Contest Video Gift Ideas Quotes, Emp Birthdays Favorite Christmas CarolsGifts Under $100 FB only Contest Blog Post Facebook You Tube Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook Twitter Reply to Fans Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Reply to Fans Twitter Reply to Fans Reply to Fans Reply to Fans Reply to Fans Link to Website Facebook Link to Website Reply to Fans The Desired Outcome Is An Integrated Campaign Focused On A Central Theme That Engages Customers Across A Range Of Relevant Applications Creative Business Consulting Group Think Dialogue, Not Monologue SHARE Creative Business Consulting Group 14
  15. 15. Want Repeat Visits; Try Following These Guidelines • Start Out By Answering The Question, “What Does The Audience Need?” • When Promoting Any Posting (Including Blogs), Ask A Question Or Explain What’s Coming Next ; Don’t Just Attach A Link • Tweet About Other People’s Stuff. Sharing Is Caring In Twitter World • Ask Their Opinions; Social Media Users Want To Be Involved In The Retailers They Support • When You Do Talk About Your Stuff, Make The Information Useful. Give Advice, Blog Posts, Pictures, Etc. .Do Not Just Promote! • Display The Human Side Of Your Company. Share Pictures And Other Human (Animal) Things About Your Company. Have A Sense Of Humor • Don’t Toot Your Own Horn Too Much Creative Business Consulting Group If A Tree Falls In The Forest Does Anyone Hear It? If We Don’t Or Can’t Know It Exists, Then It Doesn’t Retailers Need To Engage To Exist! Creative Business Consulting Group 15
  16. 16. CBCG Is Here To Help If You Need It Lynn Switanowski-Barrett is the Founder and President of Creative Business Consulting Group, (CBCG) a Boston based Retail Consulting firm. CBCG partners with retailers to create and implement profit improving sales, marketing and inventory management strategies. CBCG helps retailers understand the business opportunities created by today’s changing consumer trends and helps retailers to harness the power of new media and marketing tools to connect with today’s wired consumers. Lynn’s retail background spans over 25 years and includes senior executive positions at Fortune 500 apparel and footwear retailers before launching CBCG in 2004. Lynn speaks frequently at retail trade shows across North America and teaches retail marketing and branding at several colleges in the Boston area. Creative Business Consulting Group Follow Creative Business Consulting Group • We’d love to follow your progress as you engage and participate in the world of social media. Send us invites and we’ll join your networks right away! • Follow us if you want to, we’re always talking retail in one of these places! @RetailHelper Philadelphia Gift Show July 2010 Creative Business Consulting Group 16