Brand digital ... dms 9 15-11


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Digital marketing Course . Design and development of a social brand. digital design, crowdsourcing discussed.

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Brand digital ... dms 9 15-11

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Course Brand Digital … Social Branding Strategy Fall 2011 Lynchburg College School of Business and Economics Dr Ira Kaufman ©2011
  2. 2. What is your Brand?• Corporate brand• Social brand• Employer brand• Personal brand
  3. 3. The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience - London•
  4. 4. Strategic Branding• Defining Value – Clarify organizational values – Value Proposition Design• Designing Value – Articulate your identify – Building Social Brand thru Digital Design• Positioning • Customer Segmentation• Communicating Value – Determine Image and Personality (logo)
  5. 5. Creating Social Brand Set Priorities – Allocate 100 PointsTarget audiences Benefit to company Media – Increase goal – Increase awareness Prospects – Improve customer Past customers loyalty Partners – Attract new customers Employees – Improve social Govt/NGO brand Social communities – Develop thought leadership Thought leaders
  6. 6. Clarify Organizational ValuesKnow who you are and what thatmeans to• Your employees• Your consumers• Your potential customers• Your social communities
  7. 7. Value Proposition-1• Articulate in one sentence- 15-25 words describing why people should buy your companys products or service. • Who your customers are • What value you provide to them • Why they buy from you•
  8. 8. Value Proposition-2• Strong value propositions deliver tangible results like: • Increased revenues • Faster time to market • Decreased costs • Improved operational efficiency • Increased market share • Decreased employee turnover • Improved customer retention levels•
  9. 9. Value Proposition-3• "XYZ Corp is the exclusive provider of patent-pending project management software for paving contractors, saving U.S. contractors over $34M in 2005."
  10. 10. Articulate your identify• Be who you are, become what you want to be – Transparent – Honest – Consistent – Clear on your direction• Humanize your brand – What is its persona, beliefs, passions? – Is your brand aligned with personnel, online interactions
  11. 11. Building Social Brand thru Digital Design /
  12. 12. Crowd Sourcing•• Democratize creation• Focus organization responsiveness• Effective for Brand/ Product development – Marketing executives2008 – (62%) -- 2009 (75%) – Kia Optima SX, redesigned seat based on Internet chatter about seat comfort. – Ford requests ideas@ 4000 ideas since 4/10 (dog friendly SUV) . – Nissan invited Facebook fans to suggest names for a new interior package the Cube
  13. 13. New Gap Logo Hated by Many, Company Turns to Crowdsourcing• @superboxmonkey – “New Gap logo “looks as if it were done in Microsoft Word”• @spydergrrl – “Seen new Gap logo yet? I think it definitely captures essence of this generation, that is: “meh”
  14. 14. Online Collaboration- IBM JAMAccessing social communities to determinebrand, product, social agenda• eD7mC_mQ8&feature=player_embedded
  15. 15. Corporate Socially Responsible Communications• uses CSR communications to enlist millions to take “little actions” to contribute to a more sustainable environment.• employs digital activism to effect social and business change.• engages companies, like Timberland, to use their social community site for people to discuss a company’s social and environmental impact.• Conflict crisis mapping using SMS in Kenya
  16. 16. Customer Segmentation• Targeting /attracting social communities• Know whom you serve and why they care• Speak the message in their language• Monitor customer expectations, perceptions (price ,quality, value) to determine brand position
  17. 17. Digital Connects to Brand Coke Creates a New Brand CONVERSATION CLOUD FOR TOP TERMS MENTIONED ON FB COCA-COLA FAN PAGE (SEPTEMBER 2009)N = 1,276 posts**non-english language posts removedSource: Analysis of Facebook for Sept 1st – 30th 2009
  18. 18. Why Facebook users “like” a brand• 40% receive discounts and promotions• 39% show my support for the company• 36% to get a “freebie”• 34% to stay informed about the activities of the company• 33% to get updates on future productsExactTarget•
  19. 19. Social media users “unlike” a brand• 63% FB users would “unlike” a brand if postings become excessive, and in particular, if they are too promotional or repetitive.• 52% of Twitters users would stop following a brand if their tweets became repetitive or boring
  20. 20. Communicate Image and Personality• Look the part and be the part• 2011-Starbucks uses 19 million Facebook fans and 1.2 Twitter followers to Build brand loyalty -gain acceptance of new logo