Assess digital ... dms 9 7-11


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What is your Digital Footprint?
How do you manage your online reputation?
What is your personal Brand?
How do you strategize to change your digital presence ?

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Assess digital ... dms 9 7-11

  1. 1. Assess Digital …Developing your Digital Presence Digital Marketing Alive Course Fall 2011 Lynchburg College School of Business and Economics Dr Ira Kaufman ©2011
  2. 2. Digital Presence …Your Business/Personal Reality Businesses need to maintain a competitive position
  3. 3. What is your Reputation?• Online Reputation Management• Personal Brand• Digital Footprint
  4. 4. Online Reputation Management• Online promotional activity through – new content creation (blogs, websites) – involvement in the social networking – building social profiles• Suppressing negative mentions entirely, or pushing them lower on search engine results pages to decrease their visibility
  5. 5. Personal Brand• Online identity management – improving the quantity and quality of traffic to sites that have content related to a person• Reputation capital – value of all intangible assets: • business processes, patents • reputations for ethics and integrity, quality, safety, sustainability, security
  6. 6. Who is Juliet ? 6 Steps• Strategy• Define U• Express U• Develop U• Publish U• Distribute
  7. 7. Digital Footprint
  8. 8. What is a Digital Footprint?Traces left by someone’s activity in a digitalenvironment• Passive – “Data collected about an action without any client activation” (e.g., IP information collected by a web server)• Active – “Created when personal data is released deliberately by the user for the purpose of sharing information about oneself” 20 Aug 2009.
  9. 9. Assess your Digital Footprint•Google your name orcompany name•Print out the first twopages of results; Savethem for later•Spezify who you are•Create Google Alerts
  10. 10. Ira9201 – Tweets Past 2 years
  11. 11. Ira Kaufman Facebook 8/08– 9/11
  12. 12. Museum of Me• htm
  13. 13. Your Digital Footprint Analysis• What are proud of?• What are you surprised to see?• Is there anything you are embarrassed about?• What might you want to change or do in the future to ensure your footprint accurately represents the picture you want to convey?
  14. 14. Create a Digital Strategy• What do you expect to get out of social media?• What are your goals?• Who is your target market? – Are they online? – Do they use social media?• Is your brand clear?• What resources are you willing to invest? – time – money
  15. 15. Create Local Listings and Profiles
  16. 16. Claim Your Company• Claim your listing on Google Maps – maps-listing.html• Claim your listing on Google Places –• Claim your listing on Bing – – claim-listing
  17. 17. Prepare Social Profiles Consistency • Avatar or photo • Keywords • 140 characters • 100 words • Engaging
  18. 18. About Me•