Social Media Revolution 2010 - Synergy Session #1


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Social Media Synergy Group - Session #1
There is a social media revolution going on and you can join in or watch as your competitors do. For successful results in social media you need an integrated marketing strategy using social media. You need to change your mindset... Stop Thinking Traditional Campaigns and Start Thinking Valuable Conversations!!

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Social Media Revolution 2010 - Synergy Session #1

  1. 1. Social Media Revolution Are you in or out? Synergy Session #1 Presentation Ira Kaufman President Entwine Inc Patsy Stewart Director Social Media ©2010
  2. 2. Changes in the Marketplace • Globalization… Interdependence • Control of media; consumer is publisher • Conversations generate exposure, sales • Transparency –open source • Collaboration rules • People use technologies to get things that they need from each other, rather from corporations
  3. 3. Changes in our Thinking • Democracy • Death • Gift giving • Accessing advice - crowdsourcing • Disaster communications • Gathering news • People use technologies to get things that they need from each other, rather from corporations
  4. 4. Old 4Ps Marketing 1.0 Value Creator Customer 4Ps
  5. 5. Marketing 2.0 Value Builder User - Company - Employer Product (WEB2.0 Brand) Job Seeker - Partner Place (online, offline) Price ($, time, ease) 5Ps Promotion (Integrated Marketing) Participation (Conversations) Publisher Thought Leaders
  6. 6. Social Media Revolution •
  7. 7. Social Media Live Update •
  8. 8. Who’s Using Social Media • 88% Internet Users have used Social Media • 72% been using Social Media < 90 days • Demographics +10hrs/wk: 30-39yrs (45%), 50- 59 ys(39%) *Social Media Industry Report 2009 by Michael Stelzner • Facebook 300 million users • Twitter 52 million users • LinkedIn 48 million users
  9. 9. What Are The Results? • Generated Exposure 81% • Increased my Website Traffic 61% • Increased Search Engine Rankings 52% • Generated Qualified Leads 48% • Reduced Marketing Expenses 45% • Helped Me Close New Business 35% *Source is Social Media Industry Report 2009 by Michael Stelzner
  10. 10. Marketing Rules are Changing It was It’s now Pushing message to client Pulling client to the message One way message Interactive conversation Business generated content User generated content Interrupt client- direct immediate action Engage, build relationship Attention economy Attraction economy Hard to measure results Real time metrics Coveting information Sharing information Charging for entry – block entry Giving free ebooks, product
  11. 11. With these changes Challenge #1 - Mindset • If you are not current and responding, your competitive position is vulnerable • How can you expect to have the same the management approach and marketing efforts?
  12. 12. What has been your response? Challenge #2- Actions • What changes in marketing did you or your competitors make in 2009? • What are your experiences with social media? • What are your challenges and questions related to social media?
  13. 13. Integrated Media Marketing Campaign that made a difference
  14. 14. Powerful Social Media Strategy Obama has 380% more Obama has 403% more subscribers supporters than McCain than McCain & 905% more Obama: 2,379,102 supporters Viewers than McCain McCain: 620,359 supporters • “Race” Speech 3.8 MM YouTube • 4 MM Cable-3 channels Obama has 380% more Obama has 240 times more supporters than McCain followers than McCain Obama: Friends: 833,161 Obama: McCain: Friends: 217,811 @barackobama has 112,474 followers McCain: @JohnMcCain 4,603 followers
  15. 15. Integrated Media Marketing Strategy Five Steps • BASELINE (Assessment) • WHAT (Branding) • WHO (Strategic Positioning) • HOW (Marketing Mix) • ROI (Evaluation, Metrics)
  16. 16. Assessment • Develop Marketing Baseline – Marketing Research • Who are “you” in the marketplace • Competitive Analysis • Audit competitor’s communications and positioning
  17. 17. Competitive Analysis
  18. 18. Branding • Develop Value Proposition • Finding your Sweet Spot • Determine Voice and Personality (logo, tagline)
  19. 19. Develop Value Proposition • Articulate in one sentence- 10 words describing why people should buy your company's products or service. – Who your customers are – What you provide to them (value, benefit) – Why they buy from you • Strong value propositions deliver tangible results: – Increased revenues – Faster time to market – Decreased costs – Improved operational efficiency – Increased market share – Decreased employee turnover – Improved customer retention levels
  20. 20. Strategic Positioning • Management Buy-in • Target Markets • Database • Segments • Analyze customer buying habits
  21. 21. Marketing Mix • Develop Powerful Call to Action • Choose Tactics • Design Integrated Blueprint
  22. 22. Develop Powerful Call to Action • Build Value for target community • Give something (content) to customer to engage
  23. 23. Choose Tactics –Target specific markets and address objectives –4 Media components • Traditional media • Online environments • Social media • Public relations (events )
  24. 24. Integrated Media Marketing Synergize … Build on each other traditional online advertising marketing public relations social media BUZZ
  25. 25. Track – Evaluate- ROI • Webstats- Google Analytics – Demographics – Site activity and analysis • Track results/call to action – Tracking URLS • Evaluate – Benchmark-competition vs projections vs goals
  26. 26. Challenge #3 If you think and operate with new models, you will realize new results • The next three years businesses will Integrate Marketing Strategies to realize a powerful competitive edge • You are about to change how your company relates to its customers
  27. 27. Your Next Steps Challenge #4: What are your goals for 2010? Challenge #5: What are the resources needed to translate your goals into action? ©2010
  28. 28. About the Presenters Ira Kaufman Patsy Stewart President Director Social Media Entwine, Inc Entwine, Inc Ira challenges owners and senior executives to clarify their Patsy is responsible for designing and implementing goals and translate them into a consistent Brand and social media strategies as part of an Integrated Media Integrated Media Marketing Strategy. He combines 30 Marketing plan. She specializes in working with clients years of rich experiences with businesses and nonprofits to generate conversations that create relationships. to guide them to leverage the power of social media for Patsy is well known throughout Virginia as a speaker, marketing, recruitment and organizational development. trainer and thought leader in Social Media. She Ira collaborates with a team of experts to design manages a recruitment team that was recognized as interactive environments to create long term business one of the top 50 recruiters nationally using value by integrating traditional advertising, online Twitter/social media. Patsy is ranked by Grader as one marketing, public relations and social media. His strong of the Elite Twitter Users in SW Virginia. She is a values and sensitivity to organization innovation and contributor to local business publications and she change are the foundation of his work. Ira has a PhD in authored the ebook, "How to Grow Your Digital Marketing and serves as a consultant, public speaker, and Footprint". lecturer for companies and Senior Executive programs.