Elay cohen sales acceleration summit 2014


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Elay cohen sales acceleration summit 2014

  1. 1. #SalesSummit | @elaycohen
  2. 2. #SalesSummit | @elaycohen How Winning Sales Managers Inspire Sales Teams to Succeed
  3. 3. #SalesSummit | @elaycohen Elay Cohen Founder, CEO, and Author Salesforce.com executive for 8 years, “top executive” in 2011 Senior Vice President Sales Productivity for 5+ years Ran the teams that executed sales training, onboarding & deal support for 1000s of salespeople Partnered with sales managers to scale best practice sharing resulting in billions of dollars of revenue VP Product Marketing & Senior Director, PRM for 2+ years Created the 100M+ partner relationship product line Published - April 2014
  4. 4. #SalesSummit | @elaycohen We Created A Sales Productivity Machine From $500M to $3B Why were we so successful? What contributed to our success? What problems did we need to solve to grow? Revenue and rep productivity trend line
  5. 5. #SalesSummit | @elaycohen I became curious about how to apply the best practices to the sales profession Scale?Relevance? Metrics?
  6. 6. #SalesSummit | @elaycohen Mission: Elevate the Sales Profession sales·hood 'sales,hoǒd/ Noun 1. The state of sharing sales best practices.
2. A community where sales people mentor each other.
3. Sales team engagement by sales managers.
  7. 7. #SalesSummit | @elaycohen First Line Sales Managers Make It Happen First Line Sales Managers VALUES CADENCE LEARNING EXECUTION
  8. 8. #SalesSummit | @elaycohen Think Like A CEO and Act Like an Entrepreneur Own outcomes  Pipeline  Revenue  Customer success  Skills & development  Marketing programs
  9. 9. #SalesSummit | @elaycohen Sales Values Are Key to Alignment How would your sales teams describe your sales culture? We create a common language over night with our new sales values.
  10. 10. #SalesSummit | @elaycohen Monthly Sales Team Calendar Week 1: Kick Off & Forecast Increase predictability Week 2: Sales Huddle & Pipeline Improve sales skills Week 3: Sales Huddle & Contest Share best practices Week 4: Close & Celebrate Energize the team Winning Sales Managers Create Team Cadence
  11. 11. #SalesSummit | @elaycohen Balance Best Practice Execution with Inspection Focus rep on customer activity that matters Nurture best practice sharing across the team
  12. 12. #SalesSummit | @elaycohen Learning is Relevant, Ongoing & Immediately Usable World-class Onboarding Pre-work, boot camps & coaching Best Practice Sharing Crowdsource deal strategies, pitches & proposals Ongoing Learning Sales Huddles, 1:1s, mentors 1 2 3
  13. 13. #SalesSummit | @elaycohen We cracked the code Improve rep productivity Reduce sales rep ramp time Align marketing and sales Accelerate forward pipeline Forecast better SalesHood Accelerates Sales Performance Request to Join the SalesHood Platform
  14. 14. #SalesSummit | @elaycohen Thank You