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Tna Questionnaire

  1. 1. Information Technology Training Needs Analysis 1 September 2003 This short questionnaire has been designed to determine the training needs of Queen Mary staff in the use of IT. We need you to answer some questions about your use of computers. The information gathered will be used by Computing Services to ensure that all staff are offered the training required to provide a basis for the development of confidence and competence in the use of computers (as part of the college Human Resources Strategy and the Information and Communications Technology Strategy). The information will also help to build a case for all staff to have access to a computer and to the World Wide Web. You have been chosen at random to be sent the questionnaire. It is entirely confidential and it will not be possible to identify you from your reply. Your responses are very important to us; we can only offer the right training if we know what people need. The questionnaire should not take too long to complete. Once you have done so, please return it using the enclosed, pre-addressed reply envelope by Friday 3rd October. Thank you very much for your time. Please do not hesitate to contact one of us if you have any queries concerning this matter. Kind regards Emma Bicknell David Lexton Staff Development Advisor Training Officer 020 7882 3022 Computing Services
  2. 2. Section 1 – Computers at Work 1. How often do you use a computer at work? (please tick one) Never Daily Occasionally Other (please specify) 2. At work, do you: Please tick as many as apply Have exclusive use of a computer? Share a computer with others? Have access to computers in the College’s PC Labs? Have a College email account? Have no access to a computer? 3. If you use a computer at work, what are your most common activities, other than email and web browsing? Please rank a maximum of three, from 1 for most common to 3 for least common. Word Processing Producing Spreadsheets Producing Presentations Desktop Publishing Website Development Statistical Analysis Database Creation Other (please specify)_________________________________ Section 2 – Learning Needs This section is to gather information on your present skills in using computers and what you need to learn about. 4. Please tick in column A each of the following you know how to do. For those that you do not know how to do, please tick in column B those it would be useful for you to learn. A B General Computer Use Know how Need to know Set the computer’s date and time Set a screen saver on the computer Create a Windows startup disk Use computer software Switch between application windows Create a new folder Rename a file/folder Copy a file/folder Search for a file Back-up files and folders Print a file or document Word Processing Know how Need to know Format text Use paragraph formatting Use spell checking Create bulleted or numbered lists Insert headers and footers Insert page numbers Preview pages before printing Insert a table Create a mail merge Insert graphics Page 1
  3. 3. Spreadsheets Know how Need to know Enter data Use functions Create charts Format cells Presentations Know how Need to know Create a new presentation Use slide masters Insert text and graphics Databases Know how Need to know Create a table Design and run queries Design a form Create a report Internet Know how Need to know Send email Read email Send an attachment with an email Organise mail folders Create address books Browse the web Bookmark web pages Use search engines (e.g. google) Web site maintenance Know how Need to know Set up a web site Create a web page from scratch Insert links Insert graphics Create tables Upload pages to the web server Site testing and cleanup Statistics and statistical software Know how Need to know Enter data Perform frequency distributions Generate graphs and charts Generate descriptive statistics Label variables Save output files 5. Which of the following would you most like to learn about? (maximum of 3) More advanced aspects of word processing More advanced aspects of spreadsheets More advanced aspects of databases Illustration software (eg CorelDraw) Image manipulation software (eg Photoshop) Other (please specify) ________________________________ Page 2
  4. 4. Section 3 – About You 6. Which category best describes your job function (please tick): Academic Academic Related Clerical and Related Maintenance Manual/Ancillary MLSO/MLA Nurse Research Security Technician Other (please specify) ____________________________________________ 7. In which sector of the college do you work? Arts Central Services and Administration Engineering and Mathematical Science Law and Social Sciences Natural Sciences School of Medicine and Dentistry 8. Where are you located? Charterhouse Square Mile End West Smithfield Whitechapel Other (please specify) _________________________________ 9. Is your post (tick all that apply) Permanent Fixed term Temporary Full time Part time Teaching assistant 10. Do you think there are any obstacles to your learning about using computers? If so, please select a maximum of three from the following list: Lack of time Current course times prevent my attending A more suitable time would be __________ Current courses are not relevant to my work I am not aware of courses currently offered Lack of suitable computer equipment Lack of support from supervisor/manager/HOD Other (please specify)_______________________ 11. Which methods of learning do you like most? Please rank from 1 for most to 6 for least liked. Face-to-face training sessions delivered by a tutor One-to-one training from a department colleague Support and advice via telephone and/or email Paper workbooks to work through alone, with access to tutor if needed Electronic workbooks to work through alone, with access to tutor if needed Drop-in workshops to get help on specific topics Other (please specify) ________________________________________________ 12. What sort of accreditation of your computing skills would you be interested in? European Computer Driving Licence None A certificate of attendance at courses Other (please specify) __________________ 13. Please give details of any other IT training that would help you to do your job. Please add any other comments you wish to make. Continue on the next page if necessary. Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire Page 3