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You may have overheard plentiful details about Meta tags, in addition their dos and don’ts. If you are a newbie to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and no more idea on what is Meta Tags in On Page SEO, hopefully at present we will be able to shed some light on that stuff thru this presentation. Now, go ahead….

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Seo workshop – Meta Tags

  1. 1. By HemaAuthor: Hema
  2. 2. Author: Hema
  3. 3. What it Meantfor Defines specific facet of the contents of a Web page. Feed web browsers and search engine spiders focal points or details on a range of relevant page information. The info delivered in meta tag is utilized by search engines to index a webpage. So that someone searching for the relevant information the page involves will be able to locate it. Author: Hema
  4. 4. what itinvolvesTitleDescriptionKeywordRobotsContent TypeAuthor, etc.,Here we will discuss about Title, Description and keyword tag. Author: Hema
  5. 5. Title Tag – 63/70 chars The title tag is actually not a meta tag, although it is worth discussing in relation to them. The text you point in the title tag will be shown in the navigation bar of web browser when you view the web page. The text you utilize in the title tag is one of the leading factors in how a search engine may decide on to rank the web page. SEs will use the title tag for the title of your page in your listings. Author: Hema
  6. 6. Description Tag – 150/155 chars Once, it helps the webpage to rank favourably for the keywords that were enclosed within it, in addition to feed a considerate description in the SERPs. Now it plays only a tiny role. The meta description tag admits you to influence the description of your webpage in the SEs that support the tag. Google pays no attention to the description tag and in its place Google will robotically create its individual description for that page. It is valuable to use the description tag for web pages, since it provides you some degree of control with quite a few SEs. Author: Hema
  7. 7. Keyword Tag A keyword Tag contains a set of keywords that are descriptive and specific to the website or webpage. It is a place where you list the keywords and keyword phrases that you have targeted for that page. A way to highlight the terms you consider a webpage is significant for, on SEs. Author: Hema
  8. 8. How the Keyword Tag should be For instance, consider a page about Chinese food. Good keywords: chinese food, chinese noodles, chinese recipes, cook chinese food, chinese cooking recipes, chinese treats. Bad keywords: Food, good food, healthy, diet, recipes. The set of bad keywords are not worthy as they are missing the element that is most important to the subject - chinese. Be sure to make use of your keywords in your page. This way, people who are searching for chinese food recipes can find your page on the web. Author: Hema
  9. 9. Meta Tags - Structure<head><title>Title of the Webpage</title><meta name="description" content=“Description on what the Page is about" /><meta name="keywords" content=“keyword1, keyword2, keyword3,…" /><meta name="author" content="Hege Refsnes" /><meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8" /></head> Author: Hema
  10. 10. Where it Presents Author: Hema
  11. 11. How it Shows up Author: Hema
  12. 12. Are they Influencing SE RankingsToday Diminutive value to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Cannot promise a High Ranking in SERPs. Google does not give importance and Yahoo gives small importance. Bing actively supports the use of Meta Tags. Author: Hema
  13. 13. Then why we are intending to Create Meta Tags?ALTHOUGH SEARCH ENGINES HAS MOVED INTO OTHER AREASOF WEB PAGE TO RANK, META TAGS CAN STILL DELIVERCERTAIN BENEFITS.In the SEO Title is a key page Give you Intended tocommunity, still element that has extensive control providemeta tags are consistently shown over how your information to SEsregarded as a it can help with website is on what the pagemust-have for all ranking across all displayed. is about.web pages. major crawlers. Author: Hema
  14. 14. Things to RememberUse meta tags with care.Do not rope in words that are not existing on your pages. Sometimes synonyms mightalso work.Do not repeat keywords.Use the meta tags as per the condition they were envisioned, as the search engines arewell conscious that meta tags are an exceptional filter for spam sites.Both the title, description, and Keyword Tag should contain the page relevant businesskeywords you want to be position for.That is the relevant words or phrases that someone might use to search for yourproducts, services or information. Author: Hema
  15. 15. Make it as a Perfect gaining Factor • Place a compelling Marketing Description Message here incorporated with Page Tag – A perfect information and Page Targeted Keywords. sales pitch. • It is perfect place for SEO tricks to Keyword Tag - improve keyword ranking. Use it wisely as well as legitimately. If used wrongly it SEO bag of certainly affects your ranking. tricks. Author: Hema
  16. 16. Author: Hema